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Washtenaw County Office of Community Development 2008-2009 Urban County Needs Assessment Public Hearing December 18th, 2007 Library Learning Resource Center.

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1 Washtenaw County Office of Community Development 2008-2009 Urban County Needs Assessment Public Hearing December 18th, 2007 Library Learning Resource Center 4135 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645

2 Purpose of Public Hearing  To provide information to the public about how the Urban County HUD funding can be used  To discuss how it has been used in prior years  To collect feedback from the public about the housing and community development needs of the Urban County  To inform the public about the process of the development of the 2008-09 Annual Action Plan

3 What is the Annual Action Plan?  HUD requires Washtenaw County to submit an Annual Action Plan covering the fiscal year of July 1 – June 30 [target: May 2008]  Describes the financial resources expected to be available in the coming year, including Federal and non-Federal resources  Includes a description of the activities that will be undertaken to meet the objectives of the Five- Year Consolidated Plan (2008-2013)  Washtenaw County is now planning for Year 1 of the Consolidated Plan


5 Urban County Funding The Urban County is the governing body for the following HUD programs:  CDBG: Community Development Block Grant  HOME: HOME Investment Partnership Program  ADDI: American Dream Down Payment Initiative

6 Urban County Jurisdictions

7 Urban County Vision The Washtenaw Urban County community is committed to creating housing and economic opportunities to provide a suitable living environment, principally for our low- to moderate-income residents.

8 Urban County Governance  Entitlement Community- 100% of HOME & CDBG funding  Decisions: Urban County Executive Committee  Public Meetings:  4 th Tuesday of each month  Find on County calendar:  Executive Committee  A function of Cooperation Agreement;  Comprised of the chief elected official of all participating jurisdictions and the Chairperson of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners; and/or  Members may appoint a designee to represent them


10 CDBG Program  Title I of the Housing & Community Development Act of 1974  Annual grants to metropolitan cities and Urban Counties to “develop viable urban communities”  Flexible program that supports a variety of projects that support lower-income neighborhoods and/or residents

11 CDBG Eligible Activities  Property acquisition  Property disposition  Public facilities/improvements  Public Services (15% cap)  Relocation  Rehabilitation  Construction of housing  Removal of Architectural Barriers  Code Enforcement  Economic Development activities  Micro-enterprise assistance  Homeownership assistance  Planning and capacity building  Program administration costs (20% cap)

12 HOME Program  National Affordable Housing Act of 1990  Annual grants to states and local governments to expand the supply of decent, affordable housing for lower-income families  Encourages local public-private partnerships  Flexible program that promotes community– driven approaches to affordable housing  Objectives:  Decent affordable housing  Build nonprofit capacity  Public-private partnerships

13 HOME Eligible Activities  Homebuyer Activities  Acquisition/Rehabilitation or Construction/Resale  Down Payment Assistance  Homeowner Rehabilitation  Community Housing Development Organization Support  Operating Funding  Technical Assistance  Rental Housing  New Construction  Rental Acquisition/Rehabilitation  Tenant-Based Rental Assistance







20 HOME/ADDI Funding: 2001- Present Homeownership Assistance  Acquisition- land and/or property  Rehabilitation/ New Construction  Resale/DPA Down Payment Assistance Community Housing Development Orgs  Operating Support  Technical Assistance Grants Rental Rehabilitation  Acquisition  Rehabilitation  Special needs housing




24 CDBG Funding: 2003- Present Owner-occupied Housing Rehabilitation Multi-Family Rehabilitation- Accessibility Planning  Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice  Healthy Food Access Focus Groups Public/Human Services Public Facilities/Infrastructure (>51% LMI Areas)  Sidewalks/Non-motorized trails  Park Improvements  Community, Recreation and Senior Centers




28 HUD Performance Measurement  All projects funded must meet new HUD Objectives & Outcomes & serve low- and moderate-income households  HUD Objectives:  Decent Housing  Suitable Living Environment  Creating Economic Opportunities  HUD Outcomes:  Sustainability  Availability/Accessibility  Affordability

29 Urban County Housing Goals  To improve the quality, management, and supply of existing rental property available to low- and moderate-income households  To increase homeowner rehabilitation opportunities for low- and moderate-income households  To increase homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income households

30 Urban County Community Development Goals  To promote community & neighborhood stability through the improvement of existing or the construction of new community facilities, parks, & green spaces in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.  To promote the safety & health of residents by providing and/or improving infrastructure & other public facility needs in low- and moderate- income areas.

31 Urban County Public Services Goals  To promote housing & community stability by addressing identified gaps in public/human services.  To promote access to mainstream resources, improve safety and livability, reduce isolation, encourage employment, and support special populations & the homeless.  To promote community inclusion and accessibility to public transportation, fair housing choice, and economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income households.

32 Urban County Other Goals  To encourage the development of jobs and economic opportunities for low- and moderate- income populations.  To create community plans that address identified community & housing development needs.


34 Opportunities for Engagement  Monthly Urban County Meetings  Submit Public Comment for Annual Plan  Volunteer on Nonprofit Board  Annual Days of Caring/ Ypsilanti Pride

35 2008-09 Annual Plan Timeline  December 18, 2007: Needs Assessment Public Hearing  Feb. 8, 2008: Release of Annual RFPs  February 18, 2008: Pre-bidders Conferences  March 10, 2008: Bids due  March 25, 2008: Draft Action Plan to Urban County  April 7, 2008: Release of draft Action Plan  April 7- May 7, 2008: Public Comment Period  April 16, 2008: Draft Action Plan to Board of Commissioners  May 12, 2008: Send final Action Plan to HUD


37 Contact Information Damon E. Thompson Interim Community Development Director (734) 622-9005 Jennifer Hall Housing Program Coordinator (734) 622-9006

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