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FLL Coaches Workshop 2014 Carey Smith Objective: Help you be a successful coach Topics –Coaches Resources –Calendar/Schedule Recommendations –Core Values.

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1 FLL Coaches Workshop 2014 Carey Smith Objective: Help you be a successful coach Topics –Coaches Resources –Calendar/Schedule Recommendations –Core Values –Project Tips –Robot Building & Programming meetings –Programming Workshops –T-Shirts Ask Questions

2 FLL Coaches Resources Helpful links at FLL national website – nge/teamresources nge/teamresources – nge/teamresources#Preparation nge/teamresources#Preparation Coaches Handbook Wood table instructions Folding foam-bard table instructions Recommended Book: “Winning Designs!”, James Trobaugh You can also put 2x4’s on the ground.

3 Calendar/Schedule Recommendations You determine how often and how long to meet. My teams: –Robot programming once per week for 1.5 hours –Project research & presentation once per week for 1.5 hours –Many teams more often Consider multiple ideas for the robot, depending on the missions you choose. Don’t settle on 1 design in the first 2 weeks. Consider multiple ideas for the project. July –Team members attend basic or advanced robot programming workshops, depending on their experience August: –Put together the “Field Set-Up” kit (Mission models) –Try to guess what some of the missions will be –Start project research September & October –Challenge rules released Encourage team to think of more than one way to do each mission they are considering –Serious programming –Serious work on the project

4 Core Values are the Cornerstones of the FLL Program Friendly competition and mutual gain are not separate goals, and that helping one another is the foundation of teamwork. ▲ We are a team –I have the kids work in pairs on each mission –Can have snacks or traditions to build teamwork ▲ We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors –The kids make the decisions –The kids do the programming Encourage every kid to help program a mission –The kids write their presentation –The coach can teach building techniques (Can share the book) –The coach can show how the sensors work –The coach can encourage think of multiple ways of doing a mission –The coach can help them find resources for their project

5 FLL Core Values, Page 2 ▲ We know our coaches and mentors don’t have all the answers; we learn together ▲ We honor the spirit of friendly competition ▲ What we discover is more important than what we win –The goal is to learn science & programming, not to win –Less than half the teams win awards, so don’t measure success by woinning an award. But enjoy it if you do win. ▲ We share our experiences with others –Find a way to present your project solution to others

6 FLL Core Values, Page 3 ▲ We display Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® in everything we do –Gracious Professionalism: Treat everyone with respect Teammates, Competitors, FLL officials Remember, everyone is a volunteer Being overly focused on winning or arguing with the referees can disqualify your team –Coopertition: Help other teams when you can Get together for a friendly competition with others teams At a tournament, help another team, if it is struggling or needs a part. ▲ We have FUN!

7 Core Values, Page 3

8 FLL Tournaments A.Robot competition: 1 practice round + 3 official rounds B.Robot design judging: right after one of the 1 st two rounds C.Project Presentation Judging D.Core Values Judging Attend a practice tournament –PVEF Camarillo, Oct. 25 –Mesa Union, Nov. 2 Attend a qualifying tournament –PVEF Camarillo, Nov. 15 –La Reina (T.O.), Nov. 23

9 2014 FLL Project Theme: WORLD CLASS Challenge What is the future of learning? FIRST® LEGO® League teams will find the answers. In the 2014 FLL WORLD CLASS ℠ Challenge, over 230,000 children ages 9 to 16* from over 70 countries will redesign how we gather knowledge and skills in the 21st century. Teams will teach adults about the ways that kids need and want to learn. Details Coming August 26, 2014

10 Project Research Ideas Each year, the teams research a topic Then, the come up with an innovative solution Talk to an expert –Do a field trip Ideas on presentation styles: “Inventioneers Video” Background: Research education ideas that are already in use Can consider how to teach a particular subject, such as math or science Or consider a school wide approach –Traditional schools –Alternative (magnet schools) –Charter schools –Private schools Or consider how to use technology –As a teaching supplement –Hybrid class (part-online) –Flipped class Kids need to come up with their own ideas.

11 Tips for Running Robot Building/Programming Work in groups of 2 or 3 Judges want to know your strategy –Take time in Sept. to talk about the missions. –Decide on your top priorities –Discuss multiple ways of doing each mission, before choosing one When some missions are polished, consider adding a 2 nd mission to an already accomplished mission You won’t be able to do all the missions Encourage everyone to help program some mission –Don’t let 1or 2 do all the programming –“What we learn is more important…” Encourage your most experience to try a difficult mission Use a sensor in at least one mission Discuss a core value at each meeting

12 Programming Workshops The 1st workshop covers installing the software and programming the robot to move forward, backward, turn, and how to use a motorized arm. The 2nd workshop covers how to use the sensors and some common strategies. Both are primarily hands on, so bring a robot & a laptop with the software, if possible. Coaches: June 3 & 10, 7:00-845 pm Carey Smith’s House, 388-3865 5234 Meadowridge Ct., 93012 Kids: July 19 & 26. Details are TBD. Need to register & have adult supervision for each team. I could use several coaches and/or mentors to help individuals.

13 Links to Build Basic Robots Domabot: 011/8/20/domabot-classroom- robot-design.html 011/8/20/domabot-classroom- robot-design.html Tribot—Sometimes requested for the advanced day camp, but not a design you would use in competition. esources.php esources.php S2MOB4VQq8 S2MOB4VQq8

14 You Can Download the EV3 Software For NXT robots, you can use the NXT software or the EV3 software For the EV3 robots, you need to use the EV3 software Can be downloaded for free at: us/mindstorms/downloads/software/ddsoftwaredownload/

15 T-Shirt Designs Are Due Sept. 12 Good designs are simple and made using vector graphics. Use one or 2 images, if possible. Unacceptable Designs: Bit-maps. No individual names. You can decorated them later with fabric markers, etc. Good designs

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