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Line A basic element, but essential.

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1 Line A basic element, but essential

2 Definition Line - a mark made by a moving point
“taking a dot for a walk” Two connected points Narrow elongated mark Can you think of other definitions?

3 Movement One of the Principles of Art and Design
A way to guide the viewers eye through a piece of artwork Use elements to create a “path”

4 Line Characteristics Direction Type Style

5 Line Direction Orientation of the line Horizontal Vertical
Diagonal (The most visually powerful)

6 Line Type The form a line takes: straight curvy zig-zag

7 Line Style “Artsy” variations of a line dotted dashed double line
extra thick or super thin

8 Line used in artworks Piet Mondrian

9 Alexander Calder

10 Wassily Kandinsky

11 Where is the movement in this picture?

12 How do these lines make you feel?

13 How do these lines make you feel?

14 How do these lines make you feel?

15 Student Art using line

16 Line Drawings Contour Drawings
a single line drawing that defines any surface edges think coloring books...

17 Contour Drawing “Rules”
Use one line to draw everything You cannot lift your pencil No detail or shading, just lines!

18 Examples of contour drawings

19 Contour Drawings Blind Contour Drawing
you are not allowed to look at your paper until you are done with the drawing Modified Contour Drawing you look back and forth from paper to subject continuously as you draw

20 Blind Contours

21 Modified Contours

22 Cross Contour Drawings
Contour drawings that show the form of an object as well as it’s shape. If a surface curves toward you, you draw it’s cross contoured curved. If it is flat, like a cube, straight lines are used. You can pick up your pencil when drawing cross contours.

23 Cross Contours - objective

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