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Jackie Gianunzio CDEMS Support Specialist Intro to CDEMS.

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1 Jackie Gianunzio CDEMS Support Specialist Intro to CDEMS

2 CDEMS Highlights Overview Data Entry Reports: using the data Start Up! Support Resources

3 About CDEMS Chronic Disease Electronic Management System Developed by WA Diabetes Prevention & Control Program - 1999 Used by community health centers, primary care practices, rural clinics, hospitals, IPA’s nationwide

4 CDEMS User Map  Ontario, Canada  Haiti  Mayiladuthurai, India  Nigeria, South Africa  Trinidad/Tobago, South Africa 6/2010

5 Flexible & customizable Free! Transition HIT tool Clinic-owned registry; no required reporting Optional electronic lab interface & aggregate reporting modules Features

6 What is CDEMS? A registry focused on chronic disease health care A progress note for planned care A case management tool w/alerts & reminders An evidence-based tool for organized, standard approach to care Population-based reports

7 Chronic Condition Tracks Diabetes Asthma Depression Cardiovascular HIV Cancer Obesity Chronic Pain Adult Preventive Services

8 Informed, Activated Patient Productive Interactions Prepared, Proactive Practice Team Delivery System Design Decision Support Clinical Information Systems Self- Management Support Health System Resources and Policies Community Health Care Organization Improved Outcomes “Part of the Chronic Care Model”

9 Paper-based Progress Note

10 Self-Management Tool

11 Flexible Reporting Measure clinic-wide & provider performance Population-based queries identify who’s overdue or missing treatment Evaluate impact of quality improvement initiatives Document outcomes for reimbursement

12 Technical Specs Microsoft Access database Access versions 97, 2000/2002/2003, 2007/2010 Install on single PC or network Works on Mac w/Windows interface Open source-code

13 Data Entry Program Reports Program Electronic Lab Interface (optional) Program Structure Data file (cdem_dta.mdb) your patient data your CDEMS setup

14 Data Entry Highlights Print Entry Edit

15 Single Data Entry Screen

16 Conditions & Measures Tickler Alert Settings Pick Lists/Validation Rules Progress Note Style & Layout Lab Graphs Registry Customizations

17 Use your registry data! Population-based analysis - identify patients needing care - reports by provider, clinic, clinic group Identify areas for improvement (gaps in care) Measure success of QI efforts Collaborative, state & federal agency, grants reporting Documenation for quality certifications, pay-for- performance reimbursements

18 Types of Reports 1.Progress Note 2.Summary Reports (statistical) 3.Intervention Lists (patient lists) 4.Custom Queries

19 CDEMS Reports 1. Identify report time period 2. Select a clinic 3. Choose a report

20 Sample DM Summary Report

21 Excel graphs from run chart data

22 Sample DM Intervention Report Patients missing foot checks Patients without visit Patients with HbA1c> 7 Patients with HbA1c< 7 Patients with foot checks Patients with current visit

23 Registry Start Up 1.Download CDEMS files at 2.Set up clinic 3.Customize PCP/ethnicity/insurance dropdown lists, measures, ticklers 4.Enter (import) patient demographics 5.Record patient health information

24 Self-Support Resources - User Guides - User Forum - Shared Resources e-mail list National CDEMS User Support teleconferences

25 Fee-Based Support Web Training Data Entry & Reports webinars Tech Support On Demand Assistance with start-up, data imports, customizations, special reports/queries, troubleshooting technical issues, lab interfaces, data cleanup Jackie Gianunzio CDEMS Support Specialist ~ 916-817-1401

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