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Mobile Data Management (MDM) July 24, 2013 Lance M. Calisch.

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1 Mobile Data Management (MDM) July 24, 2013 Lance M. Calisch

2 Agenda Introduction Overview Status Next Steps Questions

3 Introduction Today, Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) extends your Outlook client to mobile phones and tablets EAS provides access to Email, Calendaring, and Contacts

4 Introduction Smartphones and tablets have become the tools of choice for today's workers. What will tomorrow bring? Google glasses? iWatch? How do we provide and protect corporate data in a mobile world?

5 Overview Mobile Data/Device Management (MDM) is a policy based software toolset that enables management of multiple mobile devices from a central location.

6 Overview Policy based – a rule set that manages devices/data Policies are pushed to the device from a central administrative server Data/Device Policies

7 Data Policy Examples Encrypt data Separately manage personal/corporate data Allow/disallow surfing the WEB Allow/disallow Facebook, Twitter, etc. Allow/disallow downloading apps

8 Device Policy Examples Require strong password Require password reset Allow/disallow camera Allow/disallow setting changes Allow/disallow based on location (geo fencing)

9 Doesn’t ActiveSync Provide That? Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) does meet the OCIO Security Standard EAS provides a limited set of policies for protecting access to data and devices. Customers require more

10 Status The selected MDM is AirWatch AirWatch is a robust enterprise class MDM Airwatch is in the Gartner magic quadrant

11 Key Benefits Cloud based Multi-tenant Integrated with Active Directory Central State App Store Agency App Store iOS, Android, and Windows 8

12 What’s Next? Contract negotiation under way Installation and Configuration Pilot/Test group Training for CTS and Customers

13 Questions?

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