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Michele Munkhaugen and Michelle Mendoza 3 rd period.

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1 Michele Munkhaugen and Michelle Mendoza 3 rd period

2  Sex-linked- carried on the x chromosome  Caused by mutations specially deletions and some duplications  The mutations are called dystrophinopathies.


4  Fatigue  Mental retardation ( possible)  Muscle weakness and deformities a. beings in the legs and pelvis but also occurs less severely in the arms neck and other areas of the body b. difficulty with motor skills c. rapidly worsening weakness d. abnormal heart muscle  Ability to walk my be lost at age twelve  Early death normally early 20s

5 Electro cardio gram of patient with Duchene muscular dystrophy Normal electro cardio gram

6  This disease can be found on the Xp21 chromosome.  It is the largest gene identified in humans  The defective gene is located on the chromosome that is responsible for the production of dystrophin, which helps in normal muscle function


8  There is no known cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Treatment aims to control symptoms to maximize quality of life.  Activity is encouraged such as physical therapy and orthopedic appliances. Wheelchairs may improve mobility.  Prevention- genetic counseling is advised if there is a family history of the disorder. You can use genetic studies during pregnancy to see if your baby has the disease.


10  Greg Smith is “America’s Strength Coach”  Mattie J.T. Stepanek he was a three term national ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

11  Duchenne muscular dystrophy was first described by the French neurologist Guillaume Benjamin Amand Duchenne in the 1860s.

12  dmdbmd-what.html dmdbmd-what.html  source=USER_PREF&search=duchenne&search Type source=USER_PREF&search=duchenne&search Type    The Ferrel family

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