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24/7 Physician Access for Employees and their Families LOWERING COST IMPROVING HEALTH Phone Webcam Email.

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1 24/7 Physician Access for Employees and their Families LOWERING COST IMPROVING HEALTH Phone Webcam Email

2 Established in 2008 1.2 million members served by 350 physicians No venture capital/no debt Proven track record Serving employers, health plans, affiliates Technology -- ground-breaking, efficient, innovative Headquartered in Dallas, Texas About Us The powerful telemedicine platform that has gained the confidence of over 1.2 million Americans nationwide. AmeriDoc’s mission is to deliver quality, on-demand healthcare access securely and efficiently with the highest level of patient satisfaction to improve patient health and reduce cost. Mission Statement 02

3 AmeriDoc has a solution for rising health costs, longer wait times and a shortage of physicians 32 million citizens will gain access to coverage by 2019, increasing the proportion of the population with coverage to 94%. 32 MILLION CITIZENS 94% The convergence of the physician shortage and new requirements of the healthcare reform require payers and providers to consider alternative methods of delivering care. The current shortage of primary care physicians will worsen as the nation’s population grows and ages. 04 Average wait times average 1+ Hours Primary Care Physician appointments take up to three weeks to schedule. National Averages ER visits average $1,318 PCP Visits Average $165 Urgent Care Average $155

4 Diagnostic Consultation Diagnostic Consultations Informational Consultations Informational Consultation Phone Consultation Video Consultation Informational Consultation: The convenience of on-demand access to physicians for general advice and recommendations. Diagnostic Consultation: Anytime access to physicians via live video or phone for in-depth, personal consultations, including prescription requests or refills. AmeriDoc provides access to over 350 US Based and Licensed Network Physician in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam. Credentialed US Based and Licensed Continuing Education Phone Consultation Video Consultation At the Core of the Service is the AmeriDoc Physician Network 05

5 06 Telemetry Health Network Clinical Portal Patient Portal Membership Secure HIPAA compliant platform Always open 24/7/365 Cloud accessibility Built in cloud health records Easy to use Our Secure & User-friendly phone and video consultation platform AmeriDoc is delivering telemedicine of the future Our bi-directional platform allows for both member and practitioner initiated events, lowering cost of care by improving patient outcomes. Employer

6 07 Technologically Advanced Reporting Tracks the Effectiveness of the Program AmeriDoc’s reporting system provides results of programs in a real-time environment. Our Cloud-based Platform Tracks… Utilization to report program ROI Group billing Member eligibility Cloud based access Real time reporting Single and group enrollment modules File management File upload module Marketing collateral organizer

7 Available Member Services 08 Cloud Health Records Patient Advocacy Lab Testing Counseling & Therapy Chronic Disease Behavioral HealthDermatology The key to increasing utilization is ensuring product adoption through effective member engagement. Upcoming Member Services

8 AmeriDoc’s Lab-in-a-Box Provides Convenient Blood Testing Registered medical professionals follow up with every patient to ensure satisfaction. AmeriDoc offers an industry exclusive: Lab-in-a-Box. Tests include cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, thyroid, prostate, and additional screening. Patient can have a follow up consultation with a doctor to discuss lab results and health improvement strategy. 09

9 10 AmeriDoc’s Physicians, Registered Medical Professionals and Technology Platform Combine to Deliver Superior Customer Service Current staffing levels can accommodate a 70% increase in call volume without adversely affecting these statistics. 70%

10 AmeriDoc will craft a program that fits the employers needs Responsibilities: AmeriDoc to Provide: Telemedicine platform for secure video and telephone medical consultations Cloud based health records Registered Medical Professionals with professional health care training to provide member assistance and coordinate medical consultations Employer to Provide: Promotion of service to achieve utilization objectives *coverage includes employee and dependents under 26 years of age Proposal: 11

11 12 Return on Investment Cost: Savings/ROI: *Calculated on employee consultations only and assumes a 3x productivity multiple (employee and dependents)

12 13 ROI Increases as Utilization of AmeriDoc Expands Custom fulfillment by mail or electronically Email blasts Conference calls Posters in hallways (public areas) Signs on front of doors Educating and communicating with employees on the quality of care, convenience and cost savings with AmeriDoc improves ROI Shift Behavior Increase Savings

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