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Getting the most from the Coaching System Support Network.

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1 Getting the most from the Coaching System Support Network

2 What was the problem? How big was the problem? Was the problem the same everywhere? What does it look like? How does it work? What’s the solution? What has it achieved? How can you get the most from it?

3 Once upon a time... GB – led strategies or projects 49 CSPs

4 Happily ever after... 49 CSPs GB – led strategies or projects

5 What is the Coaching System Support Network? “A network that supports local coaches within governing body and local coaching systems. These systems will deliver a sustained increase in the number of appropriately qualified and skilled coaches, to meet the needs of identified participants at all stages of the player pathway” Right coach, right place, right time

6 The partners...National level SkillsActive NSA Sport England & CSPN YST & HE/FE sports coach UK

7 CSP PCPSSPNGBLA The partners...local level


9 Four key principles All work is needs-led Need is jointly agreed Resources and programmes aligned Common processes agreed

10 Initial priorities Developing a local Network Gap Analysis informs Coaching Strategy Educate Key Partners informs devt of Local Coaching Groups Identifying Coaching Need partly informed through Partner Roles Survey Funding Information informed through Key Partners

11 Key components Coach Regulate Recruit Qualify Employ / Deploy Manage Develop Retain

12 Progress so far..... 24 GB / CSSN engagement papers GB intelligence from 49 CSSNs

13 Top down – from the sports Identify benefits of GB engagement with the network What coaching strategies are in place? What are the GB priorities for coaching? What’s the Regional / County staffing structure? Identify detailed support needs for recruitment, development, retention etc

14 Bottom Up – from the CSPs Identify GBs engaged at a sub regional level Identify GBs that sit on local CSSNs Provide detailed information including - numbers of active coaches - data management systems - communication processes - local bursary information - Minimum Standards for Deployment

15 What has it achieved? Some examples from across the regions!

16 Derbyshire Sport The Derbyshire Coach Mark is a licensing scheme designed to ensure coaches working within a school environment do so to a required standard.

17 Active Dorset Supporting School Sports Partnerships The need for more Coach Managers in Dorset across all SSPs The need for a Coach Mark system Coaches working in schools handbook

18 Cheshire & Warrington Sports Partnership Induction guidance: Got together with NGB reps, SSP reps and LA reps, and decided on an 8-page induction booklet for coaches Now four LAs and five SSPs have signed up to it; domino effect

19 East Midlands Partnership Development Managers are using the local coach data management system to identify and recruit suitable coaches for the SSCP. Data management systems are also providing intelligence on CPD requirements and allowing the CSSN to deliver the appropriate courses.

20 North East North East Coach Finder School Sports Coaching Programme two regional conferences

21 South East Region Identification of local NGB need across the region Improvement of all communication channels Identification of ways to deliver NGB targets NGB need/objectives being fed from a national to local level Informing national objectives from a local level Informing the Coaching South East action plan Coaching South East steering group with CDMs identifying solutions to common issues Coaching Development Managers using intelligence from other counties to check whether challenges/issues are similar across borders and to link up NGBs

22 HE Good Practice Herefordshire & Worcestershire and University of Worcestershire Coach Sharing Group – initially this was established for academics at the University but has been expanded to welcome all coaches. It is the inspiration behind a planned conference. The group invites speakers to facilitate discussions – subjects include: Game based Coaching Match Analysis Psychology Physiotherapy Students Placements – simply this work is about ensuring University students have the original minimum operating standards in order to be deployed in frontline coaching programmes.

23 Other HE Good Practice South East Research Topics Dorset HE Case Study

24 Discussion / Reflection What are your major priorities in improving coaching in your area / organisation? How can the Coaching System Support Network help you with this? What are you going to do about it?

25 Contact Details Mobile: 07930 370 973

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