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Hamilton County Veterans’ Treatment Court Structure, Process, and Purpose.

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1 Hamilton County Veterans’ Treatment Court Structure, Process, and Purpose

2 Purpose and Foundation Honor Veterans Service to our Country Integrate Treatment System and Criminal Justice System Reduce recidivism through a holistic approach to the individual. Improve public safety. Build a foundation for future success and support beyond the Court.

3 Theory of a Specialized Docket Treatment Based – Requires active engagement in treatment. Highly Supervised – Includes treatment team reviewing progress and problems weekly / dedicated Probation Officer Increased Interaction with Judge – Participants report progress to Judge directly 1 to 4 times per month. Non-Traditional Use of Sanctions and Rewards – Designed to facilitate engagement in treatment. Non-Traditional Problem Solving – Treatment team members work together to assist participants with a coordinated effort in a non-adversarial atmosphere. Use of an integrated clinical treatment plan.

4 Identify Community Services VA Services – VA Hospital – Per Diem Services – Domiciliary – HUD / Subsidized Housing – Veteran Benefits Admin. Community Services – Mental Health System – Sub. Abuse Tx – Vet Center – County Re-Entry Programs – Housing and Recovery Services – County Re-Entry / Employment Services – AA/NA

5 Treatment Team / Partners Judge Ethna Cooper Probation Officer Prosecutor Defense Attorney (Public Defender) Program Coordinator Pre-Trial / Jail Services VJO – Clinical Liaison from VA Volunteer Peer Mentoring Coordinator

6 Legal Criteria for Admission Felony 3, 4, 5 level, non-violent, offense with prosecutorial consent Plea of Guilty to the offense as charged. No history of serious or repetitive violence (reviewed by VTC Prosecutor and VTC Team) Specialized Docket Tracts: Intervention in Lieu, Community Control Intervention can occur at multiple points of case processing including Pre- Plea, Post-Sentencing, Violation of Probation Exclusions: NGRI, Incompetent to Stand Trial, any history of sex offenses, offenses involving the use or threatened use of weapons (significant history of weapon offenses), persistent offending unrelated to trauma or other mental health diagnosis.

7 Other Admission Criteria Diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or other trauma, mental illness and/or substance abuse. Must be appropriate and amenable to treatment Cognitive ability to understand and voluntarily participate in treatment plan. Other than a dishonorable discharge. Voluntary acceptance of the program requirements. Plea of Guilty to Charges (Intervention in Lieu of Conviction)

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