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“CITUS ET CERTUS” 435th Air Base Wing Kym Tran 435 MSS/DPCS-B DSN: 480-2697 CPMC 2007 Hours of Work & Premium Pay.

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1 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 435th Air Base Wing Kym Tran 435 MSS/DPCS-B DSN: 480-2697 CPMC 2007 Hours of Work & Premium Pay

2 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 2 Laws & Regulations 5 U.S.C., Chapters 33, 55, & 61 5 C.F.R., § 532, 550, 551, & 610 AFI 36-807, Weekly and Daily Scheduling of Work and Holiday Observances (21 Jun 99) Local Operating Procedures

3 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 3 Hours of Work Administrative Workweek Tour of Duty Core Hours Lunch Periods Alternative Work Schedules Compressed Flexible Credit Hours

4 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 4 Work Schedules Administrative Workweek 7 Consecutive days beginning 0001 Sunday and ending 2400 Saturday Tour of Duty Days and hours employee is scheduled to work May consider employee’s needs Regular, AWS, Special, Uncommon Give 1 week notice before changing a work schedule

5 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 5 Alternative Work Schedules Compressed – work less than 10 days in PP Flexible Flexitour – what it is not Flexitour – what is approved for KMC May use Credit Hours in conjunction with Flex Core Hours – time period in which all employees must be at work Flexible Hours – hours in which an employee may select his or her arrival & departure times or earn credit hours

6 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 6 Credit Hours Additional time worked at an employee’s request Only available with an approved flexible schedule Restrictions may be placed on when the hours are earned or taken Require supervisor’s approval Maximum balance – 24 hours What happens to the balance?

7 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 7 Lunch Period Not mandated by law Check Labor agreement & local policies 30-60 minutes (except with AWS) Unpaid and free from duties Cannot be skipped to leave early 20-minute paid lunch period in rare circumstances

8 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 8 Breaks Not mandated by law Check Labor agreement & local policies Paid period, normally less than 15 minutes Employee cannot leave the organization Cannot be combined with lunch or used to leave early

9 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 9 Excused Absences/Assignments Training In-/out processing Shipping HHG* CPF/EEO visits Awards presentations Special Emphasis Luncheons Base clean-up day

10 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 10 Excused Absences/Assignments Civilian Physical Fitness Program Purpose Participation & Accountability Eligibility Which employees? Which activities? Health & Fitness Assessment Duty time for On-Base Facilities On-the-Job Injury

11 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 11 Premium Pay Overtime Not for Training Holiday Pay Sunday Premium Night Differential Travel Pay

12 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 12 Premium Pay - Overtime Hours ordered, approved, and worked in excess of 8 hours/day or 40 hours/week Leave and other paid absences count as hours of work Approved in advance on AF Form 428 OT Caps: biweekly rate exceeds GS-15, step 10- equivalent pay 2 Laws: Title 5 (“Exempt”) & FLSA (“Non-E”) FLSA only – “suffer & permit”

13 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 13 Premium Pay - Overtime OVERTIME RATE Up to GS-10, step 1 equivalent: 1.5 x basic hourly rate Employees exceeding the basic pay for GS-10, step 1, the overtime hourly rate is the greater of— the hourly rate of basic pay for GS-10, step 1, multiplied by 1.5, OR the employee’s hourly rate of basic pay

14 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 14 Premium Pay - Overtime Compensatory Time – time off in lieu of overtime pay Must be used within 26 pay periods or it is paid out (“earned” rate) 1 hour of Comp Time for each hour of OT worked When may Agency direct OT be paid out in comp time?

15 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 15 Premium Pay - Holidays 10 Federal Holidays “In lieu of” holiday Full-time employee entitlement: Required pay status day before or after holiday Is granted an “in lieu of” holiday Part-time employee entitlement: Pay for hours scheduled to work that day No “in-lieu of” holiday

16 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 16 If employee works on holiday - Minimum 2 hours of premium pay Premium holiday pay rate = 2 x basic pay rate Approved in advance on AF Form 428 Must pay if worked – not entitled to “in lieu of” holiday Overtime holiday pay Only in excess of 8 hours/day or 40 hours/week Premium Pay - Holidays

17 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 17 Sunday Premium Payable to full-time employees only Up to 8 hours of regularly scheduled work that begins or ends on a Sunday 25% of basic rate of pay for non-overtime work May be paid in addition to night pay or holiday pay Only paid for the Sundays actually worked – not for leave, comp time, or credit hours

18 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 18 Premium Pay - Night Differential GS, GG, & NSPS Night Pay Differential Must be regularly scheduled Paid only for hours worked between 1800-0600 Paid for on holidays and leave IF employee uses less than 8 hours of leave in the PP

19 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 19 Premium Pay - Night Differential WG Night Shift Differential Paid for the entire shift IF the majority of hours fall during the differential periods 1500 – 2400 = 7.5% 2300 – 0800 = 10% Paid during holidays & leave

20 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 20 Travel – Hours of Work or Comp Time? Schedule travel during normal duty hours whenever possible Local Operating Procedures

21 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 21 Travel – Hours of Work or Comp Time? Hours of Work (regular & overtime pay) Title 5, Exempt: 5 U.S.C. 5542(b)(2) and 5 CFR 550.112(g ) When outside employee’s duty hours, one of four conditions must be met: Involves performing work while traveling Is incident to travel Is carried out under arduous conditions Results from event outside administrative control of Executive branch of government

22 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 22 Travel – Hours of Work or Comp Time? Hours of Work (regular & overtime pay) FLSA, Non-Exempt: When agency requires employee to – Travel during working hours Work during travel Travel on 1-day assignment away from duty station Travel on overnight assignment away from the official duty station during hours on non-workdays that correspond to the employee's regular working hours In either case (Exempt or Non-Exempt), Agency may not adjust administrative workweek solely to avoid paying out as hours of work

23 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 23 Federal Workforce Flexibility Act of 2004 Effective on or after 28 January 2005 Federal Wage System (WG, WL, WS) excluded SES and SES-equivalents are excluded New form of Compensatory Time off for time in duty status CB – Travel Comp Earned CF – Travel Comp Used Travel – Hours of Work or Comp Time?

24 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 24 Only paid for official travel during time which is otherwise not compensable Holidays (outside duty hours only) Non-duty hours of administrative workweek Travel – Hours of Work or Comp Time?

25 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 25 Time in travel status only Exclude meal periods (lunch, dinner, etc.) Exclude long layovers in which employee is “free” Exclude drive to airport from home (minus normal drive from home to work time) Include drive to airport from TDY location Include time required to report to airport (i.e., domestic & international flights check-in requirement time as mandated by airline) Travel – Hours of Work or Comp Time?

26 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 26 Use or lose in 26 PP Forfeited upon: Upon voluntary transfer to another agency; Upon movement to a non-covered position; or Upon separation from the Federal Government Exceptions - Military Service or On-the-Job Injury Travel – Hours of Work or Comp Time?

27 “CITUS ET CERTUS” 27 Premium Pay Limitations Maximum Earnings Limitation An employee may not earn more in a PP (basic pay + premium pay) than the basic rate of a GS-15, step 10 Includes Comp Time earnings


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