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Politics in the Gilded Age

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1 Politics in the Gilded Age
Chapter 7 section 3

2 The Gilded Age What does this mean? Who came up with this phrase?

3 The Emergence of Political Machines
What is a political machine? How did a political machine work? Who was the boss?

4 What was the role of the Political Boss?
Really, what did a Political Boss do?

5 Immigrants and the Machine
What was the connection between Political machines and immigrants?

6 Municipal Graft and Scandal
What is fraud? What is graft? What is a kickback?

7 The Tweed Ring Who was William “Boss” Tweed? What was Tammany Hall? Who was Thomas Nast?




11 How was “Boss” Tweed found?


13 Civil Service Replaces Patronage
Patronage is giving jobs to people who helped you to get elected. This is referred to as the “Spoil’s System” Civil Service jobs are jobs with the government People thought these jobs should be given on “merit” not on just who you know.

14 Hayes, Garfield & Arthur
Rutherford B. Hayes, Republican President Hired independents to serve under him Investigated the nation’s custom houses Fired two top officials in New York Made people mad, they became known as the Stalwarts Election of 1880 Stalwarts vs. the Reformers

15 Election of 1880 Republicans cannot decide on a candidate so they elect an independent – James Garfield, Ohio for Presidential candidate and Chester A. Arthur as Vice President. Garfield ended up giving most of his jobs through patronage (but not all of them).

16 Garfield’s Death July 2, 1881 shot in D.C. and dies September 19
Shot by Charles Guiteau, a Stalwart who had not been given a job by Garfield Arthur becomes president and turns out to be a reformer. His first act as President is to ask Congress to pass a Civil Service law.

17 Pendleton Civil Service Act
1883 began Civil Service jobs based on merit system.

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