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Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 1 Certificate of Origin Markup Language (COML) CrimsonLogic Presented by Suresh Kumar Kantholy Trade and Logistics.

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1 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 1 Certificate of Origin Markup Language (COML) CrimsonLogic Presented by Suresh Kumar Kantholy Trade and Logistics 24 June 2004 All rights reserved. ‘CrimsonLogic’ and the Shell Device are trade marks of CrimsonLogicPte Ltd. All information contained in this presentation is disclosed to you on the basis of a prospective business relationship and is proprietary to CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd and may not be used, disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of CrimsonLogic.

2 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 2Agenda Certificate of Origin (CoO) Overview – What is CoO? – Type of CoO CoO Business Process – Workflow – Roles and Responsibility – Core Components COML Methodology – Conceptual Model – Spreadsheet Model – Schemas – Implementation Model Difficulties Faced

3 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 3 Certificate of Origin (CoO) Overview

4 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 4 What is CoO? A document, required by foreign governments, declaring that goods in a particular international shipment are of a certain origin A signed statement as to the country of origin of the exported products for a particular shipment

5 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 5 Type of CoO Non-preferential CO –Used to distinguish foreign products from domestic products for the purpose of applying several other trade policy instruments, such as anti-dumping and countervailing duties safeguard measures origin marking requirements discriminatory quantitative restrictions or tariff quotas rules on government procurement

6 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 6 Type of CoO Preferential CO –Employed in preferential trading arrangements (PTAs) and in the context of generalized systems of preferences (GSP) –Prevents trade deflection — to avoid products from non-preference receiving countries from being transshipped through a low-tariff PTA or GSP partner to a high-tariff one

7 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 7 CoO Business Process

8 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 8Workflow

9 9 Roles and Responsibility Authorized Organization (AO) –A government agency / approved association of businessmen to protect and promote business interests in the region. –An agreed entity that issues signatory certificates to organizations participating in this authorization system. –Validates all the CO information provided by Exporter against the supporting documents like Bill of Lading, Invoice, etc.,

10 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 10 Roles and Responsibility Banks (Inland) –Banks play important role in Letter of credit negotiations. Letter of credit is a letter addressed by a bank, at the insurance and responsibility of a buyer of merchandise, to a seller, authorizing him to draw drafts to a stipulated amount under specified terms and undertaking conditionally or unconditionally to provide eventual payment for drafts.

11 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 11 Roles and Responsibility Embassy (Inland) –An official office of the ambassador of the foreign country, serves as the primary channel of communication between the two governments, negotiates treaties, and promotes economic and cultural exchange between home country and host country. –Legalized CO documents. In real, some countries in the Middle East require Embassy endorsement, to restrict goods imported from the certain countries for political or other reasons.

12 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 12 Roles and Responsibility Insurance Firm –Insurance firms are financial institution that funds their investment activities from the sale of securities or insurance. –In some countries, insurance firms likely to verify the goods value based on the shipment listed in Certificate of origin, & may evaluate the insurance value quoted by the seller.

13 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 13 Core Component Application Reference –Identifies the document during and after the stage of application Issuance Country –Source of which the CoO is being certified Prepared By Party –Person in-charge of filling-up the CoO information Buyer Party –Person import/purchases goods through the international purchase and supply chain Seller Party –Person that exports; originator or wholesaler of exported goods

14 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 14 Core Component Signatory Party –Authorized declarant who sign on CoO Certificate of Origin Line –Describes the "commercial" information about the consignment between the Buyer and the Seller Consignment Transport –Arrangement under which items are delivered by a consignor to a consignee to be resold or used and paid for by the consignee AO Endorser Party –Body appointed by the government of a country who has the right to certify a CoO Document Routing –Specifies information related to the conveyance of CoO

15 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 15 Core Component Supporting Document –Documents to support the verification process during endorsement by AO Embassy Endorser Party –Embassy Officer who legalized CoO Insurance Endorser Party –Provide insurance to the shipment

16 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 16 COML Methodology

17 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 17 Conceptual Model

18 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 18 Spreadsheet Model

19 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 19Schemas

20 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 20 Implementation Model

21 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 21 Difficulties Faced

22 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 22 Difficulties Faced UBLish v1.0 – UBLish does not include the document type for COApplication and COApplicationResponse Digital Signature?

23 Copyright 2004 Private & Confidential 23 Thank You

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