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Bud, Not Buddy Review 3rd Hour Mrs. Cavanaugh

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1 Bud, Not Buddy Review 3rd Hour Mrs. Cavanaugh


3 Characters The following people were involved in chapter 1:
Bud- protagonist Jerry- bud orphanage buddy Todd- bully The Amos's- buds foster home family

4 Chapter 1 Bud’s mother died when he was 6 years old, and he was sent to an orphanage to live the remainder of his life. They were in Flint, Michigan during the Great Depression in the 1930’s, when it all happened. He was sent to a foster home where he was later bullied by a older boy (his fake brother) named Todd. Todd was a Momma’s boy, and continuously picked on Bud.

5 Characters 2 The following characters were involved in chapter 2:
Todd- momma’s boy/ bully Ms. Amos- mother of Todd Bud- main character/ protagonist

6 Chapter 2 Todd and Bud had been fussing ever since Bud arrived at the Amos's home. It all happened in Todd’s room, where he shoved a Ticonderoga Pencil up Bud’s nose all the way to the ‘R’ while Bud was asleep. Todd later pretended to have a asthma attack, when his mom entered the room. Because of the incident Ms. Amos said that she didn’t want Bud inside the home, so she locked him in the shed.


8 Chapter 3-4 By: Taylor & Nicholas

9 Chapter 3 "Bud Is Locked Up In The Amoses Shed"

10 The Characters in Chapter 3….
Bud Todd Mr. Amos Mrs. Amos

11 What happen in Chapter 3…..
In chapter 3 Bud was locked in the Amoses shed for fighting Todd.Todd and Bud started fighting because Todd shoved a pencil in Bud’s nose. The Amoses blamed Bud for the fight Todd and Bud was sent to the shed.

12 Where It Took Place & When Did It Happen……
In chapter 3 the setting of the chapter was in the Amoses shed. Through out the chapter it took place in the shed. When Bud was lock in the shed it was during the day. But the creepy things started happening through out the middle of the night.

13 Why Bud Was Sent To The Shed….
Bud was sent to the shed because him and Todd got in a fight with Bud. When Bud and Todd caught fighting Mrs. Amos blamed Bud for everything. So Mr. Amos sent Bud to the shed.

14 How Was Bud Sent To The Shed…..
Bud was sent to the shed by Mr. Amos after Bud said sorry to the Amoses Mr. Amos lead him to the shed.

15 Chapter 4 "Bud Gets Revenge"

16 The Characters In Chapter 4….
Todd Bud

17 What Happen In Chapter 4….
Bud got his revenge on Todd. He also hid Mr. Amos shotgun. After he did that he wet Todd bed because he knows Mrs. Amos didn’t like bedwetters.

18 Where It Took Place & When Did It Happen…..
The chapter mainly took place up Amoses house where Bud gets revenge on Todd. It happen after Bud escape from the shed when he got surround by hornets.

19 Why Does Bud Gets Revenge….
Bud gets revenge on Todd because Todd blamed the fight that they had early. That’s why Bud gets sent to the shed.

20 How Did Gets Revenge….. Buds gets revenge on Todd by wetting Todd’s bed with some warm water making Todd’s mama think that Todd wet on his self because Todd’s mama hate bedwetters.

21 Chapters 5-6 of Bud, Not Buddy
By: Reijuene and Ashley

22 The Description of Chapter 5
In chapter 5, Bud was on the lam so he gaited to the library, but it turned out that the library was close. He started to look into his suitcase because he thought that the Amoses messed with his suitcase. While looking in his suitcase, he found a picture of his mom. The picture showed that she was pouting while sitting on a horse, when she was little. He really missed her a lot.

23 The Description of Chapter 6
In chapter 6, Bud gaited to the mission so he could get some food to eat. He ended up arriving to late, and the mission was getting ready to close. The man that was getting ready to close up the mission told Bud to leave. Bud ended up eating because a family had pretended he was Clarence, so he could eat.

24 Where & when did chapters 5-6 happen?
It happened during the great depression at night. Chapter 6: It happened during the great depression at daytime.

25 Chapter 7-8 Dustin & Mustafa

26 Chapter 7 Chapter 7 was based in Flint, Michigan, at a library.
Bud and a librarian were the main characters in Chapter 7.

27 Chapter 7(cont.) Bud wanted to meet Miss Hill, but she got married and moved to Chicago. This happened after Bud met his “pretend” family. They accepted him into the “family” to let him eat food so he doesn’t starve.

28 Chapter 7(cont.) This all happened after Bud escaped from the Amoses and had no where to go to for shelter. Bud wanted to find a place he could stay, but Miss Hill moved to Chicago, Illinois.

29 Chapter 8 Bud slept outside of the library and then Bugs jumped on Bud and asked if it was Bud. Bugs and Bud got reunited and agreed to go west and jump a train.

30 Chapter 8(cont.) Chapter 8 was based in a “Hooperville” (Hooverville) just right out of Flint, Michigan. The people that were in this chapter were Deza Malone, Bud, Bugs, and a woman who kept Bud’s suitcase.

31 Chapter 8(cont.) Chapter 8 happened by Bud letting the woman keeping his suitcase while he ate and then washed the dishes with Deza Malone. This all happened after Bud and Bugs decided to hop a train to go west.

32 Bud, Not Buddy chapter 9-10 By Jameson & Eric

33 Who, when, where, how, why Who- Bud, librarian Where-Flint
When- during the Great depression How- Bud misses the train

34 Summarizing chapter 9!!! Bud decides to find his father who he thinks is Herman E. Calloway He visits the Library and finds out it takes 24 hours to get to Grand Rapids where he believes his father is.

35 Summarizing chapter 10!!! While on the lam bud makes his way to Grand Rapids he finds himself on a dirt road that is Owosso, Michigan. Every time he sees a car he ducks into the bushes in fear of being brought back to flint. Fairly close to Grand Rapids an older man in a car sees Bud and baits Bud with food. He offers to help Bud and when Bud gets into the car he thinks the man is a vampire and drives off into his car.

36 Who, what, when, why ,how? Who-Bud, Mr. Lewis
When-during the Great Depression What- Bud takes the mans car Why- he thought he was a vampire How-the man let Bud into his car and bud drove off.

37 The End (hopefully not for Buddy)

38 Chapters 11 & 12 By: Tia and Jessica

39 All Aboard Bud misses the train to Chicago. Now he decides to be on the lam to Chicago, can you believe it, how crazy is he. First stop Grand Rapids!! On his way he meets a guy named Lefty Lewis.

40 Oh So Early Lefty stopped because he saw a Bud walking down the street early in the morning. He said that bud was super crazy for walking in the country this early in the morning, while during racism and the Great Depression.

41 Is It True???? Bud really thinks that Lefty is a vampire so he decides to lock him out of his own car. Lefty finally tells bud that he is delivering the blood the hospital.

42 Yummy In My Tummy Afterwards Bud fell to sleep and woke and Lefty’s daughter’s house. Lefty’s daughter, Mrs. Sleet cooked him breakfeast along with her two children, Scott and Kim. There Bud had his first piece of sausage.

43 Are U the Father??????? On their way Grand Rapids they were stopped by the cops. Bud was nervous he attempted to leave but he couldn’t move. Lefty also sent a telegram to Mr. Calloway and they were on their way. Bud went unto the stage telling Mr.Calloway that he was his father and everybody thought he was crazy!!

44 Ticonderoga Todd Amos was evil. He shoved a pencil up Bud’s nose and then beat him up. Mrs. Amos hated bedwetters and hated Bud. Mr. Amos locked him in the shed with the “vampire bats”. He was a pushover. BUD HATED THE AMOS FAMILY!

45 “Lets wash some dishes”
Deza Malone was Bud’s so called “girlfriend”. They met at the Flint “Hooverville”. They washed dishes together and she kept touching his hand. She asked Bud if he had ever kissed a girl and he hadn’t, so she kissed him!!

46 “Come out them bushes boy!”
“Lefty” Lewis was the man who picked up bud on the side of the road on his way to Grand Rapids. He gave Bud a baloney sandwich and an apple. He did this in trade for Bud showing his face. When he offered Bud a ride, Bud accepted. Bud got in his car and saw that he had human blood in a crate. Bud thought he was a vampire too. Bud freaked out and jumped to the driver’s side. He took off and then almost crashed the car. Lefty caught up with him finally and took him back to Flint. Bud stayed with him and his daughter for one night and then Lefty took him to Grand Rapids. “Come out them bushes boy!”

47 BUGS BUNNY! Bugs was Bud’s best friend in the ‘home’
He got his name because one time, he had a roach in his ear. He couldn’t get it out and they had to take him to the hospital. They got the roach out but the name stuck. Him and Bud were really close but bugs got on the train without Bud. BUGS BUNNY!

48 By: Madie & Amanda :]

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