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Carrie’s War.

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1 Carrie’s War


3 Chapter 1 The first chapter introduces us to the story. How does it do this? Chapter 2 Where were Carrie and Nick to live? What sort of shop was attached to the house What do we learn about Mr Evans before he comes into the story personally?

4 Sentences Statements Questions? Exclamations! Commands

5 Commands What is a command? You are going to school. Say this sentence as: A statement A question An exclamation A command

6 Which words would you expect to see at the beginning of a command?
Don’t Keep Listen Make sure Never Go Get Complete the commands What others can you think of?

7 Task 1. Group task 2. Individual task
In groups look again at Aunty Lou’s explanations and instructions to the children in chapter 2. Gather them all together and make a list of all the “rules” you find. 2. Individual task Write up a List of Rules for Evacuees that could be pinned to the bedroom door. Use information from the book. You could also add one or two of your own .

8 Read to the middle of page 34.
Task Read to the middle of page 34. Write Carrie and Nicks post card home to their mother, written on that first evening. Will they be 100% honest or will they want to give her a certain impression?

9 Chapter Close Reading How does Miss Evans react to Mr. Evans? Why did she think of him more as a father than a brother? Although Nick seems childish in some ways, he understands grown-ups quite well. How can you tell this from the way he reacts to Mr Evan’s threat to beat him? Mr Evans makes out that he is very religious but he can be very unkind, nasty and deceitful times. Give some examples of this. Where was the children’s father? Where was their mother? Their mother visited them one day. How did the visit go?

10 Proverbs What is a proverb? What do these proverbs actually mean? What advice are they giving? A stitch in time saves nine The early bird catches the worm Homework Do some research Five proverbs and their literal meanings (what do they actually mean)

11 Chapter 4 Who was Mrs Gotobed? What was the name of her house? What scared nick and Carrie on their way for the goose? Who was it?

12 Descriptions of Place Read the description of Hepzibah’s kitchen on pages and answer the following questions: Why does the first line of chapter five sound familiar? Why might it be considered an unsatisfactory sentence? There are four comparisons which are used to show how comforting Hepzibah’s kitchen is. What are they? Quote your favourite. Look again at paragraph one on page 53. Sum up, in one or two adjectives of your own, what Hepzibah’s kitchen looked like. Which details prove you are correct?

13 Describe a place you know well
A place I know well is… What is the general impression of the place? What does it smell like? Are there any sounds What are they like? What can you see? Describe the things you can see What do you do there? How does the place make you feel?

14 Now use your notes to write about this place.
This will be a piece for your folio and you will complete it in class. Remember: alliteration, simile onomatopoeia, personification Use these figures of speech in your writing.

15 Chapter 5 What impression do you get of Hepzibah in this chapter? ( what sort of person do you think she is?) 2. Which evacuee is living at Druid’s Bottom? What does he like about the house? What object is kept in a box on the desk in the library? What strange story did Hepzibah tell about this object? How did Carrie and Nick feel about this house when they compared it with the Evans’s.

16 Chapters 6, 7 and 8 Mr Evans did not like Hepzibah. What did Carrie he want Carrie do to and how did she feel about that? Describe Mrs Gotobed the first time Carrie aw her. What did she ask Carrie to tell Mr Evans? What had Auntie Lou done which made Mr Evans angry? Hepzibah explained some of the reasons why Mr Evans was so hard and mean and why he did not get on with his sister, Mrs Gotobed. What did she say? Who was major Cass Harper?

17 Chapters 9,10,11 and 12 What dreadful thing did Mr Johnny do? What made him do it? When Mrs Gotobed died, Carrie felt obliged to give her message to Mr Evans. How did he take it? What did Albert think Mr Evans did when he came on a visit? What word came from their mother?

18 Group Discussion Questions to discuss Was Mr Evans really an ogre? What were his bad points/ Is there anything to say in his favour? What was it about Hepzibar that made it possible for people to believe that she was a witch? In what ways was Mrs Gotobed’s life unusual? Why is Albert Sandwich likeable? What do you dislike about him? Re-read Why did the author bring Frederick into the novel? What kind of person did Carrie’s mother seem to be? How did Nick and Carrie feel about her at the beginning (p.38-40) and at the end ( ). Why? How do you react to Aunty Lou? Do you like her and feel sorry for her of do you feel exasperated by her as Carrie sometimes does? Why?

19 Character Study of Mr Evans
We first hear About Mr Evans on page 24. Who tells us about him? What does he say? What word is used to describe Mr Evans? (31) What does he look like? What does he do for a living? Describe an incident between Nick and MR Evans (35) How does Mr Evans react to Carrie and Nick’s mother? (39) Describe the relationship between Mr Evans and His older sister Dilys.(45) Why does Mr Evans ask Carrie to keep her eyes open at Druids Bottom? (67) What do we find out from Hepzibah about Mr Evan’s past? What does Mr Evans do for Carrie and Nick when they leave that is his way of trying to be nice? Read pages 118,123 and 147. Do you think Mr Evans stole Mrs Gotobed’s will? Give reasons. What happens to Mr Evans at the end? (156) List the good and bad things about Mr Evans. Use page 124 and any other references you want to. Do you like Mr Evans? Why? What sort of character has the author created?

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