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Chapter 23 Lesson 1-2 Illegal Drugs.

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1 Chapter 23 Lesson 1-2 Illegal Drugs

2 How do Drugs affect your health?
Physically? |Mentally?| Socially? Talk with you neighbor and answer these questions.....

3 Factors that influence teens
Peer pressure Family members Role models media messages perceptions of drug behavior Misleading information

4 Substance Abuse- includes the use of illegal substances as well as the misuse of leagal
Substance Abuse- any unnecessary or improper use of chemical substances for non-medical purpose Illegal Drugs- chemical substances that people of any age may not lawfully manufacture, possess,buy, or sell. Illicit drug use- use or sale of any substance that is illegal

5 Drugs take a heavy Toll In addition to physical risks to a person's health,substance abuse can damage all aspects of your life. Individual friends and family Society- costs the US economy 180 billion per year.

6 Lesson 2-Marijuana,Inhalants,and Steroids
A plant whose leaves,buds, and flowers are smoked for their intoxicating effects Contains over 421 different chemicals Hash is a stronger form of marijuana |Teens who use marijuana are 17xs more likely to use cocaine!!|

7 What are the consequences to Marijuana use?
Marijuana has more cancer causing agents than tobacco smoke! Raises the levels of DOPAMINE High and CRASH Paranoia 10-22%of drivers involved in car crashes were on drugs

8 Health risks of Marijuana
Hallucinations Impaired short term memory, reaction time, concentration Lung irritation Heart and lung damage Weakened immune system Increased appetite Birth defects

9 INHALANTS Double-click to enter text

10 Inhalants: Substances whose fumes are sniffed or inhaled to give effect.
depress the central nervous system glassy stare slurred speech lack of coordination permanent loss of brain cells cardiac arrest, respiratory failure even death

11 Steroid use Steroid use is ILLEGAL and can cause many severe health problems.

12 Consequences Anabolic steroids- refer to the muscle building
Androgenic steroids- refer to increased male characteristics Consequences Abnormal muscle growth high blood pressure, heart rate infertility liver and kidney tumors and cancer mood swings,depression,paranoia

13 Psychoactive Drugs Chemicals that affect the central nervous system
Some of these drugs have medicinal use 4 main groups are stimulants,depressants,hallucinogen,and narcotics

14 Club Drugs and Stimulants
Designer Drugs- synthetic drugs meant to imitate the effect of other drugs Can be several hundred times stronger than the drug intended. Ecstasy- MDMA both a stimulant and hallucinogen. Alters thought and perceptions including vision,smell, taste, hearing.

15 Stimulants A. Cocaine- rapidly acting extremely addicting stimulant.
Cocaine is a white powdery substance that comes from the cocoa bush. Users experience a surge of self confidence followed by a huge let down. Regular use can cause depression, fatigue, paranoia and addiction. Can cause malnutrition and cardiac problems

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17 Crack- more dangerous form of cocaine.
Form of processed morphine. Called rock or freebase. Reaches the brain in seconds Once in the blood causes the heart and blood pressure to soar to dangerous levels Death may occur from cardiac or respiratory failure. Mixing with alcohol can be deadly. Can cause liver failure

18 Meth- a stimulant that speeds up the central nervous system
white odorless powder that easily dissolves in liquid. provides a short term euphoria,but often causes paranoia, depression, and delusions. causes DEATH Made in labs with no medical use

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20 Amphetamines- highly addictive
Amphetamines- highly addictive.Used to stay alert, to improve athletic performance, or lose weight. Regular use can result in irregular heartbeat, paranoia, aggressive behavior, and heart failure. Also known as speed

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