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S.P.I.E.S. Social Physical Intellectual Emotional Spiritual.

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1 S.P.I.E.S. Social Physical Intellectual Emotional Spiritual

2 Social Development Learning to interact with others and to express oneself to others in a positive manner

3 Physical Development Growth of the body both inside and out; the increasing ability to control and coordinate body movements. Physical wellness

4 Intellectual Development
Learning to think, remember, understand, reason, and use language

5 Emotional Development
Learning to recognize and express one’s feeling in a positive manner Establish one’s identity as a unique person

6 Spiritual Development
Gradually learning to base one’s behavior on personal belief of right and wrong.

7 Social Development 1 – Become alert and try to focus on face or voice
7 - Smiles 11 – Enjoys baths 16 – Responds with total body to faces they recognize 18 – Begins to smile, fixes on mothers face in response to her smile 23 – Wants someone near them when awake, will stay awake longer if someone interacts with them 24 – At the end of this period, the baby can “stare a person down” 28 - Will recognize their mother 29 – Grasp and clasp people, will adjust their body to the body of the person holding them.

8 Physical Development 2 – Can hold eyes in a fixed position
5 – Puts thumb in mouth 9 – When on tummy lies in a frog-like position 10 – When on tummy will lift head briefly and turn head to clear nose from bed 17 – Begins to hold erect when in sitting position 21 – Hands are predominantly closed with a clutching or scratching motion 22 – Grips an object if hand strikes it accidently

9 Intellectual Development
3 – Interested in sounds 8 – Begin to watch their hands and feet 12 – Stare indefinitely at their surroundings such as crib mobiles 15 – Can follow objects from one side of their vision to another 20 – Responds to voices 26 – Beginning to wait for expected reward - feeding 27 – Combine sensation such as touching and looking

10 Emotional Development
4 – Baby will show distress, excitement, and delight 14 – Begins to develop a repertoire of emotional crying and cooing signals that can be understood by parents 19 – Can quiet themselves with sucking

11 Spiritual Development
6 – Predictable reinforcement relationship is being learned 13 – Trust is beginning to develop as parents meet the needs of their infant

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