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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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1 The Electromagnetic Spectrum

2 Electromagnetic Spectrum
Definition: It is a range of all types of electromagnetic radiation Nickname: EMS

3 But what is radiation? Radiation is: Energy that travels throughout space (even around us) Video

4 Wavelength Electromagnetic Radiation can have different wavelengths
Wavelengths tell us what type of radiation (energy) it is Short wavelengths have the most energy, and as the wave length get longer, the energy decreases

5 Wavelength Short wavelengths Lots of energy
Examples: Gamma rays and x-rays Long Wavelengths Less energy Examples: Radio and Microwaves

6 Wavelengths Light waves provide us with visible light
Visible light is colors that we can see

7 Electromagnetic Spectrum and Space
The electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) helps scientists study far away places in the universe and their movement in relation to the Earth

8 Electromagnetic Spectrum and Space
Most stars emit light rays (visible light) which allows us to measure light years Radio waves help us explore space (radio telescope)

9 Electromagnetic Spectrum and Space
Microwaves help us determine how far away galaxies are. Cosmic Microwave Radiation found in the universe helps support the Big Bang Theory

10 Electromagnetic Spectrum and Space
EMS also helps us identify what elements stars are made of Each element on the periodic table absorbs light at different wavelengths creating a “fingerprint” on the EMS Black lines show us the fingerprint Example of a “fingerprint” for Hydrogen


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