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UAlbany’s web payment and refund system

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1 UAlbany’s web payment and refund system
How to use EPay UAlbany’s web payment and refund system

EPay is a secure way to pay accrued charges on a students account. Funds can be transferred from a designated credit card, checking and/or savings account. Students Sign in here! Any University at Albany student with a valid Net ID and password who has incurred charges to their student account is encouraged to take advantage of this new payment and refund method. This site is available during the hours of 6AM-10PM EST, Sunday-Saturday. Authorized Users sign in here!

3 Now you can… 1. Quick View your account status
2. Use E-pay, in conjunction with MyUAlbany, to determine how much you owe 3.Review an electronic copy of your latest e-bill 4. Make an online payment or e-deposit 5.Set up an “E-Refund” directly to your bank 6.Authorize another user on your account

4 1. QUICK VIEW Students may view each action item at the top of the page or opt for a “Quick View” of all activity. IMPORTANT MESSAGES: Announcements will include up-to-date information from the Office of Student Accounts about a student’s EBILL and account activity! Quick view also provides a breakdown of “Recent Payments and Credits” made to an account. Do not pay the current Account Balance as shown here, it does not include Anticipated Aid. “Always” pay the amount due on the most recent EBILL received.

5 2. Using My UAlbany MyUAlbany’s Account Summary is the most up-to-date summary of charges assessed on a student’s account in real time. It outlines most recent payments, itemized Financial Aid received, Anticipated Aid detail, and Payment due. To view your My UAlbany account, please go to

6 View MyUAlbany for a detailed breakdown of Anticipated Aid.
3. EBILLS EBILLS are a snapshot of charges at the point invoices are generated. Paper invoices will not be sent throughout the semester. Check your UA account (ending in “”) regularly to know when your EBILL is ready to be viewed. If changes are made to a student’s account after an EBILL has been generated, those changes will be reflected on the next EBILL. Always pay this amount!

7 Pay Amount that Appears here!
4. PAYMENTS How do I pay a bill on EPAY? Students and/or authorized users may select the “Payments” tab to make a payment using their Credit Card, Checking, and/or Savings Account. Follow options 1-3 to complete each payment transaction. Please remember to always print confirmations of all payments made. Pay Amount that Appears here!

EDEPOSITS NEWS FLASH: STUDENTS MAY NOW PAY THEIR HOUSING DEPOSITS ON-LINE!!! To make a Housing Deposit, use the drop down arrow to select the Fall or Spring semester.

9 5. EREFUNDS There is no need to wait for a refund check to arrive in the mail! Why? Students may receive their refund directly into their personal checking or savings account by using the “Refund Account Setup” tab. Students may also set up a refund account under the “Payment Profile” tab. PLEASE NOTE: Credit Cards cannot be set up or used as a refund account. Students may also use the “Refund History” tab to view electronic refunds received in previous semesters.

10 6. Authorized Users Do you have a parent or designee that assists you with paying your invoices? Students may authorize a parent or designee to use this site by selecting the “Authorized Users” tab. Simply add their address and select the type of access you will like them to have. Each designee will receive a user name and password for future use.

11 In “My Profiles” Students:
May create and save their Personal Profile. Please use your UAlbany ending in “”. May create and save a “Payment Profile”. Each “Payment Profile” stores your payment information for future use. May set-up a Refund Account.

Questions??? Contact us at: Use this link to familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions of this site.

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