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Welcome to the HYCOA Solution

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1 Welcome to the HYCOA Solution

2 Quality Today Insures Tomorrow
HYCOA began as the engineering and manufacturing arm of Ritter Engineering HYCOA manufactured hydraulic and lube systems for the industrial market, primarily steel and auto industries Development and Patenting of our “zero leak” transfer valve established HYCOA as a leader in the market HYCOA formed as separate company in 1990 Expanded capabilities in Filtration, Lube and Hydraulic system design, ISO modules and SAE Flanges

3 Product Overview

4 Transfer Valves Patented shoe seal provides “zero leak” performance
Zero frictional drag on change-over Exceptionally low pressure drops Valve sizes from 1 ½” to 10” Positive mechanical lockdown “Will Fit” replacements for Kraissl and HILCO. Fabricated steel construction - Carbon & Stainless Steel TwinPak valve for cooler/heat exchanger applications Primary Supplier to General Electric and Siemens-Westinghouse

5 Filtration Capabilities
ASME Code Simplex & Duplex ASME Code Series HiFlow Design Utilizes “V” Series microglass elements Flows to 3000 GPM Carbon and Stainless Steel Standard and Engineered Designs Available “V” Series Elements Absolute Rated Dual Microglass Rated per ISO 16889 Heavy Duty Construction 150 PSI Collapse Rating Coreless Elements Available

6 Compact Duplex Filters
HLP Duplex Filter Carbon & Stainless Steel Construction Utilizes Patented “Zero Leak” Transfer Valve Absolute Rated Microglass “Spin-on” Filter Elements Operating Pressure – 150 PSI HLD Duplex Filter Carbon & Stainless Steel Construction Utilizes Patented “Zero Leak” Transfer Valve Low Starting Pressure Drop / API Approved Absolute Rated Microglass “V” Series Elements Operating Pressure to 750 PSI ASME Code & Stamp Construction Available

7 Industrial Filter Series
Construction in Carbon & Stainless Steel ASME Code Stamp Available Rugged Industrial Construction Utilizes Industrial “C” Series Paper & “S” Series Synthetic Elements Special Designs Available “S” Series Elements “C” Series Elements Nominal Rated Synthetic Media Nominal Rated Cellulose Media Rugged Construction ETP Steel Jacket & Caps Media Pleated over Screen 100 PSI Collapse Rating Double Box Packaging Double Box Packaging Absolute rated “V” Series is available in this configuration

8 Stationary & Portable Filter Systems
All Welded Compact Design Standard Sizes - 5, 10 & 20 GPM Design Versatility for adding vessels in parallel or series Utilizes wide range of filter elements  “C” Series  “S” Series  “V” Series  “W” Series Water Absorbent Special Engineered Designs Available

9 Liquid Bag Housings Replacement Filter Bags
Standard Product Line Available Construction in Carbon Steel, 304 SS & 316 SS FNPT or RF Flange Connections 304 SS & 316 SS Basket Inserts Available Adjustable Support Legs Standard Two-Part Epoxy on Carbon Steel Replacement Filter Bags Rugged Construction Wide array of media fibers and finishes Wide selection of micron ratings Variety of top ring styles Mesh Strainer Basket Inserts Available

10 Additional Filtration Products
HHD & HMD High Pressure Duplex Filters HHD (5000 PSI Rated) & HMD (3000 PSI Rated) Integral balance line and bleed valves Visual or electrical pressure indicators Variety of media and filtration efficiencies Simple Low-Torque operation National Stocking Distributor

11 Engineered Systems Hydraulic Systems Recirculating Oil Systems
Air/Oil Lubrication Systems System Designs to Specification & Application Electrical Panels and Proportional Electronics

12 Special Products Diversion Valves SAE Flanges ISO Modules Manifolds
Eliminates “System Shock” & Water Hammer Smooth Protection for unloading Centrifugal Pumps Valve requires no external actuator SAE Flanges SAE 4 Bolt Flanges Socket-weld, Butt-weld, NPT and SAE Pipe and Tube Connections ISO Modules Manifolds Large Inventory of Carbon and Stainless Steel Multi-Port Hydraulic Valves shut-off (P-T-A-B & x-y) Simplifies valve stand design & reduces leak potential NFPA and non NFPA patterns available DO3, DO5, DO8 models from stock


14 Diverter / Transfer Valves
Comparison Tapered Plug Type (Kraissl & Hayward) Linked Ball Valves (Fairey & Indufil) Straight Plug Valves (Nugent) Floating Steel Pad (HILCO) Resilient Sealing Shoe (HYCOA)

15 Tapered Plug Type


17 Linked Ball Valves

18 Linked Ball Valves

19 Straight Plug Valves

20 Floating Steel Pad HILCO


22 Resilient Sealing Shoe


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