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+ The UC Davis Guardian Professions Program A new opportunity for students seeking an advanced degree May 23, 2013.

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1 + The UC Davis Guardian Professions Program A new opportunity for students seeking an advanced degree May 23, 2013

2 + Technical Details Call-in number is (702) 489- 0003 and access code is 981- 943-663. To submit live questions, click on the “Questions” panel, type your question, and click “Send” Presentation materials and audio will be posted at

3 + Today’s Presenters Sylvia Sensiper, MA, PhD, Guardian Professions Program Arnette Bates, EOP/Guardian Scholars Program Director Valeri Garcia, Guardian Scholars Program Advisor

4 + Is there an Educational Dead end for Foster youth? The statistics are often cited and discouraging. Although 70 percent of foster youth express an interest in college, only 50 percent graduate from high school, 20 percent enroll in college and only 2 percent graduate from college.* *Statistics from the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections and the California Foster Youth Education Task Force.

5 + The Numbers are Beginning to Change In 1998, Cal State Fullerton began to affect those figures with the creation of the first Guardian Scholars Program. In 2013, programs for former foster youth exist at most campuses of the University of California and California State University system, and at many community colleges.

6 + Former foster youth in California’s higher education systems According to our informal survey,* there are approximately 1,500 students enrolled at California State Universities and at University of California campuses. There are also support programs at 15 community colleges. There are no exact figures on the number of students at these institutions, but estimates are as high as 8,000-10,000. *In Spring of 2013, we contacted Directors of the various support programs at colleges and universities throughout the state to determine the number of students. Our numbers also include information gathered by the John Burton Foundation.

7 + The Guardian Scholars Program at UC Davis Founded in with 10 students in 2008. The Program has graduated approximately 50 students. A number of these students have gone on to graduate school in Law, Counseling, Public Health, Health Administration, Hydrology and Education/Teaching. Today there are over 100 undergraduates in the GSP.

8 + The Guardian Teachers Program In 2011, with the help of the Stuart Foundation, UC Davis began providing a new opportunity to former foster youth, the Guardian Teachers Program (GTP), a support program for graduate students enrolled in the School of Education teaching credential program. The goal: to train former foster youth to be teachers in California’s K-12 educational system. For foster children and youth, a teacher is often the person who makes a difference in their lives.

9 + The Guardian Professions Program In 2013, again with the help of the Stuart Foundation, we are expanding our graduate school opportunities. The Guardian Professions Program will support former foster youth who want to pursue an advanced degree in any of our 94 graduate programs or a professional degree in law, medicine, public health, or business. We are actively seeking students to apply for Fall 2014.

10 + What is the UC Davis Guardian Professions Program?

11 + Overall Vision We are in the development stage of the program. What we can offer: 1. Education to develop student understanding of why one might pursue a graduate degree. 2. Recruitment and help during the application process. 3. Support during a students enrollment in a graduate degree or professional school program.

12 + Educating undergraduates about Advanced Degree possibilities Developing a pipeline of former foster youth who wish to enroll in graduate school requires: 1. Educating youth and those who care for them about the reasons for pursuing an advanced degree. 2. Educating youth and those who care for them about the specific programs and degrees and the opportunities and careers that are made possible by additional study.

13 + Reasons for Pursuing an Advanced Degree Increasing one’s earning power over time. Adding breadth and depth to your academic background. Specializing in a particular area or interest. Gaining critical research techniques and writing skills germane to your career. Expanding your knowledge. Positioning yourself for career advancement and job satisfaction. Having a job you love. Increasing job mobility, responsibility and job security. Freedom to make your own decisions. -From the Council of Graduate Schools and Association of American Universities and the McNair Scholars Program

14 + 94 Different Graduate Programs at UC Davis Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Graduate Programs Arts and Humanities Graduate Programs Biological and Life Sciences Graduate Programs Education Graduate Programs Engineering Graduate Programs Health Sciences Graduate Programs Physical Sciences and Mathematics Graduate Programs Social Sciences Graduate Programs And…

15 + Professional Schools Nursing School Graduate School of Management School of Law School of Medicine School of Veterinary Medicine

16 + Recruitment and Application Actively recruit students who have demonstrated an interest and curiosity about advanced studies. Help students understand the application process. Provide information about graduate admission tests such as the GRE for graduate study, the LSAT for entry to law school, and the CBEST, a basic skills test needed to earn a teaching credential. Invite students for campus tours and classroom visits. Advise students on speaking about their research interests and career goals with faculty. Ensure students get the help they need to submit successful applications.

17 + Supportive Services A caring and supportive community Academic advising Personal and life skills training and support Navigation of campus resources Assistance with financial and housing matters Career counseling and post-graduation preparation Mentoring and Personal Counseling Leadership opportunities

18 + The First Guardian Professions Program Cohort Application in Fall 2013 for enrollment in Fall 2014

19 + Recruitment for 2014 is underway Developing an initial pool of potential applicants: 1. Contacting Directors of Supportive programs at UCs and CSUs throughout the state. 2. Posting on sites like Camellia Network. 3. Disseminating information through the John Burton Foundation. Asking students to tell us about their aspirations: 1. Survey with basic information and a section where they can tell us about their career goals.

20 + Potential Applicants Connecting students with faculty and admissions staff. Ensuring students get the right information. Inviting students for campus visits. Offering financial assistance for travel and tests. Connecting students to graduate admissions information in the appropriate area of study.

21 + Other projects in the works… Creating a curriculum to help students develop an interest in graduate work or continuing on into a professional career. We will pilot this curriculum at UC Davis in Fall 2013. Producing self-guided power point presentations that feature a particular area of study: degrees in the health field and in the ‘helping professions’, and the teacher credential program for working in K-12. Developing collaborations with other campuses. Ensuring campus support programs know about this opportunity for former foster youth. Developing an informational brochure and poster about the program. Reaching out to all stake-holders who care about foster youth and their futures.

22 + UC Davis Guardian Professions Program Survey at: For more information: Sylvia Sensiper, MA, PhD 530-757-8984

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