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Developmental Assets Search Institute.

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1 Developmental Assets Search Institute

2 Big question in parenting
What do children and young people need to succeed in school, in work, as future parents, as community members, or in life as a whole ?

3 What are developmental Assets?
building blocks of healthy development that all of us have the power to bring into the lives of children and teenagers Search Institute has identified 40 of these building blocks (assets)

4 These assets are Powerful
The more assets young people have, the less likely they are to engage in high-risk behaviors (using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other illicit drugs)


6 Protecting youth from high risk behaviour

7 Promoting Positive Attitudes and Behavious
Developmental assets play a significant role in students’ academic achievement higher current asset levels, the higher their current GPA more assets students reported, the higher GPA 3 yrs. later. more important than demographic factors (gender, family composition, socioeconomic status, or race/ethnicity)


9 Promoting Positive Attitudes and Behavious

10 40 Developmental Assets (Externals)
Supports Family support Positive family communication Other adult relationships Caring neighborhood Caring school climate Parent involvement in schooling

11 40 Developmental Assets (Externals)
Empowerment Community value young people Given useful roles in community Given opportunity to serve 1 hr. or more a week Feel safe at home, school, and in neighborhood.

12 40 Developmental Assets (Externals)
Boundaries and Expectations Family has clear rules and consequences School has clear rules and consequences Neighborhood monitor young people behaviors Good adults role models Best friend models responsible behavior High expectations from parents and teachers

13 40 Developmental Assets (Externals)
Constructive use of time Engage in creative activities 3 or more hours / week Spend 3 or more hours /week in community relationships Spend 1 or more hours /week in a religious community Spend 2 or less nights/week hang outs

14 40 Developmental Assets (Internals)
Commitment in learning has motivation to do well in school actively engaged in learning do homework at least 1 hr./week proud and care about his school read for pleasure 3 or more hours/week

15 40 Developmental Assets (Internals)
Positive character traits Caring and helping other people Equality and social justice (e.g. reducing poverty) Integrity (stand up for his principles and beliefs) Honesty (tell the truth when it is not easy) Responsibility (accepts and take personal responsibility) Self discipline (restraint of desires and urges)

16 40 Developmental Assets (Internals)
Social competencies Know how to plan ahead and make choices Has empathy, sensitivity and friendship skills Comfortable with people of other cultural/racial background Able to resist negative peer pressure Able to resolve conflicts non-violently

17 40 Developmental Assets (Internals)
Positive Self Identity “ I have a choice” “ I feel good about myself” “ My life has a purpose” “ I have a great future”

18 Level of Assets in American Youth
Among 150,000 6th to 12th grade youth in 202 communities across USA , 2003 Grade Grade Gender 6th th Female 19.9 7th th Male 8th th 17.8 9th 17.7

19 Gap in assets among youth
While there is no magic number of assets young people should have, but the data indicates that 31 is a worthy benchmark for experiencing their positive effects most strongly.

20 Where do I start? Building strong families Involving in school
Maximizing the benefits of a faith community

21 Where do I start? There is one asset that links to 20-25 assets
Faith Community

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