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Public Transit Division 2013-15 Discretionary Grant Programs.

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1 Public Transit Division 2013-15 Discretionary Grant Programs

2 Public Transit Investment Goals  Increase mobility  Increase modal connectivity  Mitigate congestion  Improve air quality  Increase economic vitality  Conserve energy  Improve sustainability  Improve health and livability  Improve efficiency  Increase accessibility  Ensure equity  Sustain service

3 Estimated Available Funding 2013-2015 Older Adults & Individuals with Disabilities - $24.4 M  $23 M – Transportation for Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities  $1.4 M – New Freedom for Individuals with Disabilities General Public Transportation - $7.6 M  $1.6 M – Jobs Access and Reverse Commute  $4 M – Mass Transit Vehicle Replacement  $1.7 M - Intercity passenger bus service  $.3 M - transit planning projects $32 M Total Biennial Discretionary Funding

4 Sept – Nov 2012: Regional Application Workshops Sept – Dec 2012: Local Process Dec 31: Applications Due to PTD Jan – Feb 2013: RTC Review March 2013: Recommendations Announced April 2013: Agreements created & routed to applicants May-June 2013: Agreements Returned & Executed July 2013: Projects Begin 2013-2015 Timeline

5 2013-2015 Program No Changes to Local Process, Coordinated Plan Requirement, or Statewide Program Priorities New RTC Review – Adds value from region/state perspective – Helps PTD effectively fund projects – Increased technical assistance – ACT involvement in Flex Funds

6 Typical Projects and Improvements Transit Vehicle Replacements & Enhancements Transit Operations Vehicle & Facility Preventive Maintenance Passenger Shelters & Amenities Facilities, Signs, Security and Equipment Mobility Management – Travel Training IT, Dispatch & Travel Information Activities

7 Understand Grant Program Eligibility & Requirements For Older Adults and Persons w/ Disabilities Program: – Consult with STF Agency regarding priorities, timeline and additional requirements – Complete and submit the application For JARC and NF – Consult with STF Agency re: the Coordinated Plan and application due date (in time for review) – Complete and submit the application Applicant Responsibilities

8 Review or update the Coordinated Plan, if necessary Manage the local application process (not JARC and NF) Conduct the local public comment opportunity Review applications with committee Decide how to finance projects selected for funding (not JARC and NF) Submit to PTD Receive grants and develop process to distribute fund (agreements, etc.) as appropriate STF Agency Responsibilities

9 Regional Transit Coordinator Responsibilities Review each application for eligibility and completeness Review applicant’s management capacity Ensure projects are included in a coordinated plan Assist STF Agency to meet program requirements Provide technical assistance

10 Parting thoughts…

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