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Human Resource Development & Management. HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT What do you under stand by HRD&M ? It deals with the approaches, resulted due to.

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1 Human Resource Development & Management

2 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT What do you under stand by HRD&M ? It deals with the approaches, resulted due to the effects of the changing world of work - like implication of globalisation, technology changes, work force diversity, labour shortages, changing skill requirements, continuous improvement initiative, the contingent work force, the decentralised work sites, and employee involvement

3 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT Aspiration for intrinsic motivation( that comes from within ) and empowerment of workers are essential for assuring sustained results Similarly, the concept ‘Kaizen’, that means continuous improvement, functions well if it is accompanied with human resource effort, because human factor is an important feature in the improvement of quality and productivity Most of the specialists agree that organizational success is by involving and empowering employees at all level. The philosophy is in agreement with the Deming’s principles:-

4 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT Deming’s philosophy:-  Institute training on the job  Break down barriers between departments to build teamwork  Drive out fear in the workplace  Eliminate quotas on the shop floor  Create conditions that allow employees to have pride in their workmanship and abolish annual reviews and merit ratings  Institute a program of education and self- improvement

5 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT What are the attributes of TQM?  TQM has far reaching implications for the management of human resource. It emphasises self control, autonomy, and creativity among employees and  It calls for greater active cooperation rather than just compliance  Empowering employees - authorising members at their work stations to take appropriate decisions at their level for improvement of process

6 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT Attributes of TQM  Also, initiative of employees in decision making is equally important in the service industry as the customer’s perception of quality often changes while interacting with the employee on one-to one basis, like  Quality in an airline is represented not by the GM or pilot but by counter personnel and flight attendants  Therefore, operations of a system is people’s dependant, and no system will work with disinterested or poorly trained employees  Hence TQM coordinates the system through inter/intra comm. in departments and  Introduces Lean system approach in organization

7 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT  Training is conducted when there is a requirement  Each elevation in responsibility requires enhancement of skill level through training  Besides, all sorts of trainings, the organisations must focus on training programs of Problem solving techniques, Problem analysis, Statistical process control, and quality measurement

8 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT Quality Training Curricula: Most of the multi-national companies includes following topics in their quality training programme:  Quality awareness  Quality measurement  Process management and defect prevention  Team building and quality circle training  Focus on customers and markets  Statistic and statistical methods  Taguchi methods

9 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT Managerial training includes:-  Effective interactive skills  Problem solving process  The quality improvement process; additionally  Strategic importance of quality  The cost of poor quality  Their role in influencing the quality of products and services Quality training is found to be of greatest impact when its practices are coupled with measurement and reward system

10 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT SELECTION What is the premise of selection for a job?  To employ right man for the right job  Job analysis or specifications of job  Compare the qualification with the nature of job with additional requirements, such as, attitude, values, personality type, analytical ability  In quality conscious environments, the hired person needs sharp problem solving techniques to produce quantitative results

11 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL How to design an effective performance appraisal system? Conversely to the common practices in vogue, and Deming propagation about performance appraisal Evaluation will be most effective when focused on the objectives of the company Thereby meaning that, appraisal should be based on the out come to the objectives, which are determined through quality work and customer’s satisfaction

12 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT COMPENSATION SYSTEM A good incentive and reward system should not be designed on individual’s performance Because it instigates internal competition Rather, it should promote group’s effectiveness, lateral communication and responsibility for the entire process, culminating on the out come of customer’s satisfaction, and company’s reflection to total commitment to promote quality in her system

13 HR DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT TOTAL QUALITY ORIENTED HRM To implement TQM through out the organisation, it is imperative that good management practices are followed within the processes of the function itself This means continuous improvement as a way of department life Experts recommend following principles of TQM to work in HR department: a. Quality work the first time b. Focus on the customers c. Strategic holistic approach to improvement as a way of life d. Mutual respect and teamwork

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