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American Revolution Causes 1776-1781 US Colonists v. Great Britain.

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1 American Revolution Causes 1776-1781 US Colonists v. Great Britain

2 American Colonists Until 1763, The English had allowed the US colonies to self govern on local matter. This was called “ SALUTARY NEGLECT” Then they change their mind!!!!!!!....

3 1763 1, British (with Am. Colonists) defeat the French in the French & Indian War. 2. Britain now control most of North East America. 3. Colonists feel free to move west into areas that the French once controlled.

4 Proclamation of 1763 Britain ordered colonists NOT to expand west….. Colonists were angry!!!

5 The Colonist grow angrier….. The American Revolution has economic, political & social causes…..

6 Economic Causes of the Rev. War 1. Mercantilism: England believed the colonies were only good to provide raw materials and goods for them. 2. Britain increases taxes on colonists Ex. STAMP ACT= tax on ALL printed materials. EX. Townshend Acts= tax on imported goods. Results: Angry colonists!


8 Political Causes Colonist resented they were not treated as equal British citizens. “ No taxation without representation”

9 Social Causes 1. Colonist firm belief in natural rights: life, liberty & property. 2. Colonists had created an “American culture” even though they were British subjects. Most white colonists had voting privileges in the colonies (90%)

10 Boston Massacre British soldiers fire into a crowd of colonists. Crispus Attucks becomes the 1 st American to die in Revolution.

11 Boston Tea Party Colonist destroy 2 shipments of Tea in Boston harbor to PROTEST the Tea Act which taxed tea. Britain responded by shutting down the harbor further angering colonists.

12 Declaration of Independence….. Telling King George just how we feel…. Thomas Jefferson wrote the official notice to King George of England that colonies were declaring themselves free of British rule.

13 Declaration of Independence Purpose: 1. Announce to the world we are a new nation: US 2. Explain the reason we are breaking from England.

14 Declaration Of Independence.= 3 parts 1. Ideas of govt. 2. List of complaints against King George of England. 3. Formal declaration of freedom.

15 Ded of Independence Ideas on Govt. 1. People have natural rights of LIFE< LIBERTY & Pursuit of Happiness. 2. Govt. get power from “consent of governed” … from the People. 3. If a Govt. fails the people, people have the right to Alter or abolish it!!!!

16 Getting Organized Sons of Liberty= Patriots Daughters of Liberty= Patriots First Continental Congress= organize protested to British 2 nd Continental Congress….Organizes WAR against British….

17 Key Players 1. Ben Frankiln 2. Thomas Jefferson 3. Samuel Adams 4. Patrick Henry

18 King George just doesn’t get it….

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