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BACAS NG Burial And Cremation Administration System (Next Generation)

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1 BACAS NG Burial And Cremation Administration System (Next Generation)

2 Burial And Cremation Administration System (Next Generation)
This demonstration takes approximately 15 minutes It gives you a flavour of BACAS NG but only shows the briefest glimpse of the facilities available. At the bottom of each page are three buttons. These allow you to move a page back or forward or to the menu screen. To end the demonstration press ‘Esc’ on your keyboard.

3 Use the menu to move directly to a topic or view the full presentation
Overview Memorials and Assoc. Services ICT Requirements Disposal of Cremated Remains Icon Toolbar Reports and Links to Other Systems Appointment Diary Maps and Plans Burial / Cremation Numbering Remote Enquiry and Booking Enquiry and Information The Future and Summary Grave and Burial Processing Contact © Clear Skies Software

4 Overview BACAS is not just a burial or a cremation system, it is a system for the administration of the disposal of people who have died. BACAS is a generic system and can easily be customised to your requirements BACAS produces whatever paperwork you require © Clear Skies Software

5 Bacas provides the following main functions
Burial Administration Cremation Administration Appointment Diary Grave Administration Memorial Management Associated Services Administration Report Production Invoicing Remote Funeral Director Bookings Mapping © Clear Skies Software

6 ICT Requirements BACAS was developed for ‘Windows’
and can be run in any of the following environments : Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT SP5 or greater Windows 98 SP2 or greater BACAS requires Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005 (single user installations use SQL Server Express 2005 ) © Clear Skies Software

7 Icon Bar At the side of the screen is the icon bar.
Various functions can be initiated by clicking on a button. The buttons are logically grouped. Functions relating to people and Funeral Directors Cremation Functions Booking Diary Finance Generate Cremation and Burial numbers Interment Functions Mapping Memorial Functions Printing, , data export and mail merge Drop down list and form styles System configuration functions © Clear Skies Software

8 Appointment Diary Consists of:
- An icon bar for accessing various system functions - A table containing times, deceased name, comments, funeral director © Clear Skies Software

9 Keyboard entry is kept to a minimum
Double click on the time column displays the bookings screen that allow you to enter details of the burial or cremation. Funeral Directors can be selected from a drop down list or from the Funeral Directors details screen. Drop down lists for other items (i.e. Date of Death, Common death location etc.) ensure that input is easy and consistent. © Clear Skies Software

10 Bacas asks for what it needs
For a cremation it will ask for details about the person, the service, disposal of cremated remains and medical information. © Clear Skies Software

11 Bacas asks for what it needs
For a burial it will ask for information about the person, the service and the grave. It has intelligence and tries to ask the question pertinent to what you are doing. © Clear Skies Software

12 Fast Booking Facilities
Bacas uses times, preset by you But you can use other times by either moving the appointment or by changing the time on the booking screen The initial information screen allows you to quickly enter new booking details when a Funeral Director phones. © Clear Skies Software

13 The system allows you to easily navigate the diary.
Navigating the Diary The system allows you to easily navigate the diary. The diary list allows you to select the diary page you require. A date picker lets you comfortably select a date You can also change the view of the diary. © Clear Skies Software

14 To show all of the bookings in a month.
Navigating the Diary To show all of the bookings in a month. © Clear Skies Software

15 To show a week’s bookings for a specific diary page
Navigating the Diary To show a week’s bookings for a specific diary page © Clear Skies Software

16 To show multiple locations for a specific day
Navigating the Diary To show multiple locations for a specific day © Clear Skies Software

17 Burial and Cremation Numbering
The next two buttons allow you to generate the burial and cremation numbers. You can generate numbers for all registers or for individual registers The numbers are automatically generated in date/time order Several locations can be amalgamated into the same register Daily reports can also be generated from this process In addition, if a booking is cancelled or moved, the register number can be easily modified by using the wind back facility © Clear Skies Software

18 Enquiry and Information Modification
BACAS provides facilities for enquiry and information alteration. You can use as little or as much information as you have available to enquire on a person who has died or a grave owner or an applicant. © Clear Skies Software

19 Enquiry and Information Modification
You can either ask for more detail on the person you have selected or amend details from the list generated by your selection © Clear Skies Software

20 Grave and Burial Processing
After the Burial information has been entered you can enquire or alter grave or burial details by the following selection criteria : By Exclusive Rights By Deceased Name By Computer Reference By Location By Grave Reference By Owner © Clear Skies Software

21 Grave and Burial Processing
Any grave can be selected The grave screen gives all the information on who is buried in the grave, plus the owners (Including history) and memorials, in addition you can exhume people and produce letters, grants and reports. © Clear Skies Software

22 Memorials and Associated Services
BACAS has powerful functions that allow you to setup a range of memorials and other services associated with burial and cremation. These include: Book of Remembrance, memorial cards etc. Plaques of all types Headstones, kerbs, tablets etc. Seats, Roses, Sanctums etc. Memorial Assessment Grave maintenance Options (i.e. 5 years exclusive rights extensions) and much more … © Clear Skies Software

23 Memorials and Associated Services
Memorials and Services associated with caring for the bereaved can be viewed in three ways. 1. By the person, who has purchased the memorial or service 2. By memorials or services associated with someone, who has died 3. By location © Clear Skies Software

24 Memorials and Associated Services
Complete details and history of a memorial or service can be recorded, quite often, without using the keyboard. In most cases the information has already been entered (i.e. Memorial Applicant is also Cremation applicant) or can be selected from a list. © Clear Skies Software

25 Memorial Risk Assessment
BACAS provides tools to record details about memorial safety. You can use a palm PC in your cemetery. BACAS allows information to be down loaded to the Palm PC so that the risk assessment can be automatically recorded as the assessment is being undertaken. The recorded information can then be re-loaded to BACAS. © Clear Skies Software

26 Disposal of Cremated Remains
BACAS provides facilities to record the details of disposal and manage the storage of outstanding cremated remains. Bacas can: Produce a view of all outstanding cremated remains Produce letters, that can be sent to Funeral Directors or Cremation Applicants Produce reports of outstanding cremated remains Search for and update cremated remains details Include cremated remains from elsewhere © Clear Skies Software

27 Disposal of Cremated Remains
The cremation screen gives information about the disposal © Clear Skies Software

28 Disposal of Cremated Remains
The following information can be entered: Type of disposal Location of cremated remains Date of disposal Who collected or where sent Permanent remarks can be entered detailing the precise location of the cremated remains. Temporary remarks can be entered giving details for the person disposing of the cremated remains. © Clear Skies Software

29 Reports and Links to Other Systems
BACAS produces an ever growing and wide variety of reports. The reports can be divided into several categories. Daily reports (mainly cremation) Registers Memorial and associated services reports Letters, envelopes and labels Management Reports Adhoc reports Maps and plans © Clear Skies Software

30 Daily Reports Chapel List Cremation Card Chapel Attendant List
Floral Tribute Part C Form F Scotland And more … © Clear Skies Software

31 Release of Cremated Remains.
Daily Reports Digging Slips, Operator Work Sheet, Release of Cremated Remains. © Clear Skies Software

32 BACAS provides a range of registers.
Cremation Burial Grave Grave Index Cremated Remains from elsewhere © Clear Skies Software

33 Memorials and Associated Services Reports
Attention list Pending list Renewal letter list Renewal list Assessment Questionnaires © Clear Skies Software

34 Temporary Deposit letters
Letters and Envelopes Covering letters Information letters Memorial letters Temporary Deposit letters Envelopes © Clear Skies Software

35 Funeral Director Income
Management Reporting Funeral Director Income Burial Statistics Grave Purchases Grave Purchase Summary General Statistics Cremated Remains Collected Cremations by Funeral Director Monthly Burial Statistics Federation Annual report © Clear Skies Software

36 Accounting Interface Report
Adhoc Reports Accounting Interface Report Invoice Grave Grant Grave transfer Document Memorial Permit Enquiry sheet © Clear Skies Software

37 BACAS also provides links to popular word processors and spreadsheets.
Links to Other Systems BACAS also provides links to popular word processors and spreadsheets. You can extract information from BACAS to merge into a letter that you may wish to send to all the cremation applicants of the last six months or to a spreadsheet for analysis or to generate graphs and charts. © Clear Skies Software

38 Maps and Plans Overhead photographs Plans Pictures
BACAS provides links to other systems. The list is ever growing and includes mapping the results of which are shown here and links to spreadsheets, word processors and other systems that are relevant to your needs. © Clear Skies Software

39 Remote Enquiry and Booking
BACAS provides the facility for Funeral Directors to make bookings using a touch-tone telephone. BACAS also provides online register enquiry facilities via the internet. The ‘Internet/Intranet’ technology is being expanded to allow Funeral Directors to make remote bookings securely over the internet © Clear Skies Software

40 The Future BACAS continues to grow!
By building on the firm foundations already established by incorporating in the views of the people, who use the system and by taking advantage of emerging technologies. In the next years the ‘Internet/Intranet’ facilities will be broadened and additional modules for Pets and Birth, Death and Marriage registers will become available. In addition digitizing technologies will be enhanced to allow computer storage of crematorium and cemetery documents (i.e. Application papers). © Clear Skies Software

41 Booking of Burials and Cremations
Bacas provides: Booking of Burials and Cremations Recording of Burial and Cremation Records A wide range of Reports Extensive Search Facilities Memorial Management Mapping Remote Enquiry and Booking Facilities A Path to the future through our annual service programme © Clear Skies Software

42 For more information on the BACAS system please contact us
Clear Skies Software Ltd. Chace Farm Telephone: The Warren Ashtead Surrey KT21 2SH © Clear Skies Software

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