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Do Now: Predict what will next in the French Revolution

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1 Do Now: Predict what will next in the French Revolution
The Reign of Terror Do Now: Predict what will next in the French Revolution

2 The Reign of Terror

3 I. Monarchy Abolished A. The French Republic - National Convention
1. Suffrage to all male citizens 2. Voted to abolish monarchy 3. Declared France a republic Jacobins – Radical extreme left group that wants the end of the Monarchy Three Leaders- Robperrie, Danton, Marat.

4 I. Monarchy Abolished B. Death of the King and Queen
1. Louis XVI put on trial as a traitor 2. January 21, King is beheaded Why Kill the King? End one Regime and start a new. So that they old government can not come back in power. Ie Saddam Hussein.

5 II. The Convention Defends the Republic
Problems: 1. Country at war at all sides with Europe 2. Vendee Region - priest led peasant rebellion against the government 3. Sans-Culottes demanded relief from food shortages and inflation Counter Revolution – A revolution that wants to abolish the government that is in power because of a revolution. Ie – Insurgents.

6 Sans-culottes

7 Sans-culottes depicted by a British Cartoonist

8 The Republic Defended Committees were set up to organize the wartime effort Committee of Public Safety – created to carry out the duties of government Main task was to save the revolution at home and abroad They would later have totalitarian powers Georges Danton

9 II. The Convention Defends the Republic
B. Committee of Public Safety 1. 12 member committee almost had absolute power 2. Prepared France for all out war between rebels in the country and Europe Counter Revolution – A revolution to revolt against the government that was installed by a revolution. Marie Antoinette was the first victim of the reign of terror.

10 Marie Antoinette of to trial.


12 II. The Convention Defends the Republic
C. Robespierre 1. Leader of the Committee of Public Safety 2. “The Incorruptible” 3. “Terror is only justice prompt, severe and inflexible” 4. “Liberty cannot be secured unless criminals lose their heads.”

13 Maximilien Robespierre

14 New Name Meaning Time Period Vendemaire Vintage September 22 – October 21 Brumaire Fog October 22 – November 20 Frimaire Frost November 21 – December 20 Nivose Snow December 21 – January 19 Pluviose Rain January 20 – February 18 Ventose Wind February 19 – March 20 Germinal Budding March 21 – April 19 Floreal Flowers April 20 – May 19 Prairial Meadow May 20 – June 18 Messidor Harvest June 19 – July 18 Thermidor Heat July 19 – August 17 Fructidor Fruit August 18 – September 21

15 Festival of the Supreme Being

16 II. The Convention Defends the Republic
D. The Reign of Terror 1. 40,000 people were killed 2. Guillotine became a symbol of horror 3. Reign of Terror consumed its own - July 1794 Robespierre was arrested and executed

17 III. Reaction and the Directory
1. Moderates gain control 2. Constitution of 1795 a. set up a 5 man Directory and a 2 house legislature b. held power from

18 III. Reaction and the Directory
B. Problems with the Directory 1. Dictatorial 2. War with Austria and Great Britain 3. Corruption 4. Renewed revival of royalist feelings

19 The Arrest of Robespierre


21 The Fall of Robespierre
Replaced the worship of “Reason” with the “Cult of the Supreme Being” Based on Rousseau’s vision of morality and civic religion When more suspicions were proclaimed by Robespierre the Convention began to shout back July 17 – 9th of Thermidor – Robespierre was arrested – and executed

22 End of the Terror Winter of 1794 Robespierre began to attack the enrages – extreme Sans-culottes Robespierre also turned against other republicans in the Convention – Jacques Danton Robespierre accused these men of profiting from the revolution and disloyalty to moral virtue All threatened his position Law of 22 Prairial – tribunal can convict subjects without substantial evidence

23 IV. Results of the Revolution
Social Reform 1. Abolished slavery 2. Religious toleration 3. Social systems that helped veterans, poor, and widows Nationalism Pride in one’s country La Marseillaise - national anthem

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