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2  Cash Receipts ◦ ALWAYS ISSUE A CASH RECEIPT WHEN YOU RECEIVE MONEY. ◦ See attachment #1 for an example ◦ Make sure it is filled out in its entirety  Date, Amount, Name of person giving you money  Reason for receipt, club name, currency used  Sign it. ◦ Give original to person giving you the money ◦ Keep yellow and pink ◦ Always count money in presence of person giving you the money  This will prevent any misunderstandings at a later date. ◦ Do not accept post-dated checks ◦ Do not alter cash receipts. If you make an error-write void on receipt and keep all three copies in CR book. ◦ Only HCISD cash receipt books are permitted to be used for receipting purposes. Additional cash receipt books may be purchased from the campus bookkeeper for $7.25 2

3  Deposits: See attachment #3 for example ◦ Complete in its entirety  Date, Deposited by, person making deposit, acknowledgment of deposit, amount of deposit, receipt numbers that make up deposit  Sign it  List all checks that make up deposit (you can do this on an excel spreadsheet) ◦ Submit the yellow copy of your cash receipts together with monies received ◦ The secretary will count the money in front of you. ◦ Do not leave until you get a receipt from the secretary. ◦ This will prevent any misunderstandings at a later date. ◦ All deposits must be turned in by the cut-off time established by your campus – this is especially important prior to the Holidays. ◦ Deposits should be made daily. If you are not ready to make a deposit, please give the money to the Secretary for safekeeping in the campus safe until both of you are ready to count and deposit it. ◦ Absolutely no money shall be left undeposited over the weekend or Holidays. 3

4  Requesting checks: ◦ See attachment #2 A check will be issued once a check request form is complete. ◦ Complete in its entirety  Payee-Who is check for  Date  Amount  Brief description/purpose of check  Name of Club  Sponsor’s signature  Treasurer or student representative’s signature  Check number (once issued)  If your club does not have elected officers, then you as a sponsor can appoint a student in your organization to sign off  Attach supporting documentation to pay order form: ◦ Vendor’s original invoice ◦ Cash register tape will suffice. ◦ Do not pay sales taxes on your purchases. Always obtain a sales tax exemption certificate prior to purchase.(attachment #4) ◦ Copy of club minutes denoting the members’ approval of the transaction.  Your campus secretary is responsible for paying the vendors. You as a sponsor cannot pay the vendors directly. 4

5  Please complete Fund Raising Application Form( see attachment #5) prior to beginning any fundraising activities  Principal must approve form before you begin your fundraising activities.  Principal will determine how many fundraising events you will have. ◦ Each club is allowed two tax free days during the course of one year. You can sell items without charging sales taxes.  Upon completion of fund raising activity, you must complete the Financial Recap at the bottom of the fundraising application form.  Our internal auditor will be focusing on the proper completion of this form during the upcoming year and relying on it to reconcile gross sales and expenses to monies deposited and fundraising bills paid.  There should be a purpose for the fundraiser (ex. What will monies be used for?), a fundraiser should not be done just because it’s always been done. 5

6 6 Fundraising – cont. The students who are involved in the fundraiser should benefit from the funds raised. There should not be excessive balances remaining at the end of the year unless the monies raised are part of a long-term fundraising project.

7  The following records should be kept for all organizations: ◦ Receipt books issued to you ◦ Sponsor’s deposit slip books ◦ Sponsor’s check request slip  You should also keep a record of the following items: ◦ All of your deposits ◦ Listing of checks received ◦ Keep a running balance of you account ◦ Your ledger detailing your transactions  At the end of each month, the secretary/bookkeeper will give you a spreadsheet of your club’s activity, please reconcile your balance with that of the bookkeeper/secretary. Very Important that you do this!  Make sure you both agree.  This will prevent any misunderstandings at a later date. 7

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