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Ancient Greece 1. 2 Geography  Greece is located in southeastern Europe  The main part of Greece is a peninsula (land surrounded by water on three.

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1 Ancient Greece 1

2 2

3 Geography  Greece is located in southeastern Europe  The main part of Greece is a peninsula (land surrounded by water on three sides) and the rest of it is made up of islands.  Greece juts out into the Mediterranean Sea. The Sea between Greece and the Persian Empire (present day Turkey) is called the Aegean Sea. 3

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5 City-States: Because Greece has a very moutainous geography, it was NOT one unified empire. Instead, Greece was divided into independent (separate) city-states and experienced cultural diversity. Each city-state had its own government and laws. The two most famous city-states were: 5

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7 Athens  The first democracy in the world  Direct Democracy- citizens (Greek men) voted and participated in all decisions of their government  Believed in education  Focused on trade, interaction and culture Known for its philosophers and writers (Draw a picture in empty box below)

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9 Sparta  A military society where men spent almost all of their lives as soldiers.  Spartans had slaves called helots who farmed so the Spartans could focus on the military Very isolated (Draw a picture in box below) 9

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11 Socrates -Developed socratic method (a question & answer technique to find the truth) - Accused of corrputing young ppl by encouraging them doubt their elders and the gods 11

12 Aristotle student of Plato Created a system of logic 12

13 Plato student of Socrates wrote "The Republic" describing an ideal gov. 13

14 14 Empire under Alexander the Great

15 Please read, highlight and complete the packet “Alexander the Great” 15

16 Please read, highlight and complete the packet “The Roman Republic” 16

17 Ancient Rome and the Roman Republic 17

18 What present day continent and country was Ancient Rome located on? 18

19 19

20 Geography Rome began as a small city- state on the Tiber River in Italy Why did all ancient civilizations settle near rivers? Italy is a peninsula that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea 20

21 21 The two main mountain ranges are the Alps (in the north) and the Apennine Mts. (run through the center)

22 Politics 22 In 509 B.C. Rome established a Republic (A form of government in which citizens choose their leaders) Citizenship was not granted to slaves or foreigners and women had no right to vote

23 Politics (cont’d) Twelve Tables: Written set of laws that stated the rules of behavior for members of Roman society. These laws created stability and order since they were displayed in public for all to see 23

24 The Romans developed important legal ideas such “innocent until proven guilty” and the use of evidence in court 24

25 25

26 Creating an Empire: The Romans had a very strong army and by 264 BC had conquered the entire Italian peninsula and moved on to conquer North Africa, Spain, and Greece. (See map on pg. 648) 26

27 27

28 Julius Caesar  Julius Caesar ended the Roman Republic and turned the government into an empire ruled by emperors  Under Caesar, Rome conquered new lands in Europe and around the Mediterranean.  A group of senators were worried about Caesar’s growing power and killed him in 44 B.C. 28

29 The Roman Empire lasted almost 500 years. 29

30 Pax Romana (Roman Peace)  200 years of peace and prosperity  The Romans promoted unity by offering citizenship to all peoples  They also united their empire by building a large network of roads  Silk Roads= Cultural Diffusion= Spread of goods and ideas  Christianity spreads  Blended Greek culture into a Greco-Roman civilization 30

31 Ancient Rome: Architectural Accomplishments Used Today

32 Concrete Lime and volcanic sand Extremely strong and durable

33 Roman Pantheon

34 Roads Used primarily for trade and travel

35 Extremely well made and long lasting (don’t get stuck in the mud!) Crowned-(higher in center for water run-off)

36 ThenNow

37 Arches First to use the arch in a variety of structures Able to support and strengthen large, heavy buildings Arch of Titus

38 ThenNow

39 Domes Allowed for construction of vaulted ceilings and large covered public spaces

40 ThenNow

41 Amphitheaters Open air venue with ascending seating used for entertainment Used for entertainment: gladiator combats, chariot races, animal slayings, or executions

42 Then Now

43 Aqueducts Used to conduct a water stream across hollows or valleys

44 Supplied drinking water, baths, fountains Used water was emptied into sewers to remove waste material

45 Then Now

46 Your Task: Pretend you are traveling in Ancient Rome. Create a post card to send home to a friend describing what you have seen and done. – Side 1: Pictures! – Side 2: Write a minimum of 10 sentences describing what you have seen and done in Ancient Rome  Be sure to reference at least THREE Roman achievements we discussed today in DETAIL


48 The fall of Rome 48

49 The decline of the Roman Empire:  Civil wars were frequent which caused: o outside invaders to attack the empire frequently (because they knew it was weakened) o trade to decline o the economy to get worse  In an attempt to govern the vast empire more effectively, the Roman Empire was split into two by Emperor Diocletian. 49

50 50

51 51 Western Empire Capital: Rome Collapsed in the A.D. 400’s Eastern Empire (Byzantine Empire) Capital: Constantinople  key location for trade because it was at a crossroads of Europe and Asia  cultural diffusion! *The Byzantines preserved (saved) Greek and Roman culture Survived for another 1,000 years

52 Please read, highlight and complete the packet “The Rise and Fall of the Byzantine Empire.” 52

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