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BIOMASS POWER PLANT Jo-Carroll Energy, Inc. (NFP).

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1 BIOMASS POWER PLANT Jo-Carroll Energy, Inc. (NFP)


3 JO-CARROLL ENERGY, INC. (NFP) Electric, natural gas and broadband distribution cooperative Prides itself on maintaining a strong, strategic connection to the future Insure intimate relationship with its members Willing to study any and all opportunities that might reasonably enhance the quality of life of its members

4 JO-CARROLL ENERGY, INC. (NFP) Founded in 1939 with 60 members 26,000 electric and natural gas accounts 72 employees—100 megawatt electric load Has installed communications backbone to support SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) and AMI initiatives Organized Sand Prairie Wireless utilizing communications backbone to bring internet access to all within service territory as well as others—all members of the cooperative

5 JO-CARROLL ENERGY, INC. (NFP) Employs an exceptionally well-educated and appropriately experienced staff Requires forward-looking and somewhat adventurous attitude Very inclined to accepting and managing risk Board of Directors that maintains a long term perspective in oversight and direction of the company

6 BIOMASS POWER PLANT 80 MEGAWATT plant Evolved from the need for cost effective power for members for years to come Huge undertaking for a small cooperative Project has progressed as planned and is on time per original projections Not without continued risk

7 BIOMASS POWER PLANT Still awaiting Illinois EPA Air Permit Still in search of financing partner Huge undertaking for a small cooperative Project has progressed as planned and is on time per original projections Not without continued risk Will assist in keeping costs of power down

8 BIOMASS POWER PLANT Studies showed that the best way to mitigate potential long term rate volatility was to construct a biomass generation facility Also considering an optional natural gas peaking unit of up to 22 megawatts for possible blackstart and peaking needs Support of staff and Board of Directors for project led to hiring of consultants, etc.

9 KEY REASONS FOR PLANT Cost effective * coal fired generation is near impossible * lower capital cost than other options Environmentally significant and friendly * Clean wood is carbon neutral fuel * Additional emissions are minimal * Strong local support for biomass generation

10 KEY REASONS FOR PLANT Economic Development * 250-300 construction jobs created over three year period * 36 permanent workers * managed timber, switch grass, corn stover harvests creates multiple jobs Regulatory requirements * State and federal requirements for renewable energy generation * Greenhouse gas standards require diversity

11 Construction and Operations 60 acre construction site 2 miles north of Thomson on Highway 84 Additional option for 100 acres adjoining Adjoins Danisco plant which will purchase steam from the facility Upgrade of access road to 80,000 pound road as well as turn lanes on Highway 84 will lead to initial construction jobs

12 Construction and Operations Permits, etc. required and completed: * Threatened and Endangered Species Survey * Wetland Delineation * Archeological Study * Hydrology Study * Local Wood Study

13 Construction and Operations Still need to be done: * Midwest Independent Transmission Operator (MISO) Project documentation * National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) study Completing work on infrastructure plan and deliverability issues

14 FINANCIAL ISSUES Current project construction cost-- $290,150,000 Construction to begin in 2011 Startup target for late 2013 or early 2014 Tax credits/grants are available to partner as Jo-Carroll Energy is a not-for-profit, tax exempt corporation

15 REMAINING CRITICAL RISKS Air Permit approval is by no means assured Jo-Carroll Energy cannot finance project alone Ongoing confusion with federal and state regulatory agencies Serious harm done by recent USEPA “tailoring rule” publication Lack of finality of energy policy, “cap and trade” legislation

16 ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Construct 40 Megawatt plant instead Proceed with natural gas peaker generation unit alone Other possibilities as the governmental agencies adjust approach or legislative proposals and ideas change Other economic development projects arise as we always remain flexible


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