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Sustainable Development and International Forest Processes.

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1 Sustainable Development and International Forest Processes

2 1983 Brundtland Commission 1992 RIO UNCED 1995 - 2000 IPF / IFF Agenda 21 Rio Declaration Forest Principles 1972 UNCHE Stockholm 2000 – 200? UNFF UN Commission on Sustainable Development Convention on Biological Diversity 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 1992 United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification 1994 GTZ IWP – International Forest Policy Overview 1987 Brundtland Report

3 UN Forest Policy Dialogue zIntergovernmental Panel on Forests (1995-97) zIntergovernmental Forum on Forests (1997-2000) zUnited Nations Forum on Forests (2000-200?)

4 IPF/IFF proposals for action What are they? zinternational agreement zcountry-level action zcross-sectoral zmeant to address national priorities

5 IPF/IFF proposals for action Areas covered include: zCombating deforestation and degradation zTraditional forest knowledge zForest health and productivity zProtection of unique forest types zFinancial resources and capacity-building zInternational trade zMonitoring and reporting progress on sfm

6 Collaborative Partnership on Forests zEstablished in April 2001 zInformal and voluntary arrangement to yEnhance cooperation on forest issues yHelp countries to implement sfm

7 Collaborative Partnership on Forests Key joint initiatives zSourcebook on funding sfm zTask force on streamlining forest reporting zWeb site:

8 The Millennium Goals zEradicate extreme poverty and hunger zAchieve universal primary education zPromote gender equality and empower women zReduce child mortality zImprove maternal health zCombat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases zEnsure environmental sustainability zDevelop a global partnership for development

9 International forest dialogue Criteria and indicators processes:  Extent of forest resources  Forest biological diversity  Forest health & vitality  Productive functions  Protective functions  Socio-economic benefits  Legal, policy & institutional framework Current issues:  International cooperation & trade  Law enforcement  Impacts of HIV/AIDS on the sector  Armed conflicts & civil strife FRAMEWORK FOR SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT AND NATIONAL FOREST PROGRAMMES

10 National forest development National forest programmes in the context of international forest processes Issues Financing sfm Poverty reduction Integrated land use Land tenure and rights Law Enforcement Benefit sharing FCCC CCD CBD CITES Agreements ITTA FAO ITTO World Bank NFP Facility UNEP UNDP WTO Institutions NGOs UNCED 1992 IPF ( 1995-1997) IFF (1997-2000) UNFF (2000-present) Policy Dialogue in UN

11 National forest programmes defined zInternational agreement at IPF yGeneric term yWide range of approaches yCountry specific yCross-sectoral

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