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Senior Hunger in Colorado: An Aging Population, a Growing Need.

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1 Senior Hunger in Colorado: An Aging Population, a Growing Need

2 Hunger Free Colorado Hunger Free Colorado is the state’s leading anti-hunger organization leveraging the power of collaboration, system change, policy change and social change to end hunger in Colorado No Kid Hungry Campaign Hunger Free Hotline PEAK Train the Trainer Application Assistance/Volunteer Programs Older Adult Nutrition Programs

3 Senior Hunger in Colorado An issue defined by: The need in Colorado The gaps in services The opportunities to solve this issue The partnerships required

4 Senior Population 2010 Population Statistics for Coloradans Total 60+ Populations: 818,905  Male: 45.9% Female: 54.1% 61% of older adults are not aware of programs they may qualify for Less than 10% of qualifying Colorado seniors are enrolled in SNAP

5 The Need in Colorado


7 Economic Insecurity Majority of retired workers over age 65 rely on social security, averaging only $13,788 per year in income 18% of all seniors are food insecure 28% of disabled seniors are food insecure Largest expense is health care

8 How We Measure Food Security : All people having access at all times to enough food for an active healthy life. Conditions of Food Insecurity Concerns of having enough food for the household Inability to acquire enough food for the household Disrupted eating habits: Reduced amounts of food, missed meals, and/or no money or resources to acquire food Food Insecurity : Reports of 3 or more insecure conditions over a year time span. Very Low Food Insecurity : Reports of 4 or more insecure conditions within a year time span.

9 A Snapshot of Food Insecurity Vast majority of food insecure seniors are not homebound

10 A Snapshot of Food Insecurity Yet expenditures for these populations are almost equal




14 The Current Services Delivered Meals: for homebound seniors Congregate Meals: for mobile seniors able to go to a community meal Commodities Supplemental Food Program (CSFP): all eligible seniors, income dependent Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): all eligible seniors, income dependent

15 The Opportunities Increase SNAP participation through: Outbound calling/Service Provider’s Application assistance at senior centers Minimizing service barriers by creating delivery options (SNAP will not pay grocery delivery fees for seniors and disabled) Educating at all levels

16 Qualifications Specific to Seniors/Disabled Higher Income Guidelines Deductions for Monthly Medical Expenses over $35.00… NO CAP Additional Shelter Deduction Phone Interviews 12 month Redeterminations

17 Benefit Amounts Single: Maximum benefit is $200 and average is $120. Couple: Maximum benefit is $367. Elderly/ disabled who share food but want a separate case, may qualify at 165% of Gross Income. Biggest complaint: participant is getting only the minimum amount of $16.00!

18 Would you pass up $16 you saw on the street? That equals $192.00 a year!!

19 $16 can buy… Staples like coffee, flour, sugar, rice, dried beans and peas, pasta, peanut butter, prunes, oatmeal, and cereal. Also, canned foods like fruits, vegetables, soups, tuna, and salmon are affordable and can be easily stored. The benefits can be saved from month to month, and used for store specials!

20 Questions Will receiving benefits take away from a family who may need it more? The SNAP Program is an entitlement program. In other words, everyone who applies and who is determined to be eligible will get SNAP benefits. There is not a limited amount of benefits available. This is a federally funded program, paid from by your taxes!

21 Questions Do I have to adopt my Grandchildren who live with me, in order to sign us up for SNAP? You do not have to adopt any children in your household in order to apply for SNAP benefits. As long as no other family member is claiming them on another case, you can apply for benefits for yourself and the children. You must have access to their SS#’s and birth certificates or photo I. D.’s.

22 Questions Will you still be able to receive meals-on- wheels? Households can receive SNAP and still get meals-on-wheels. In fact, households who are currently paying cash for their meals can save money because SNAP can be used to purchase the meals.

23 Health & Nutrition? OR Nutrition & Health? Majority of persons who maintain a healthy diet, have all around better health Onset of disease, can many times, be delayed by proper nutrition and diet 91% of older adults have at least one chronic condition, diet can help control disease, as well as increase quality of life, and independent living!

24 Economic Benefits For example: Every $5 in new SNAP benefits generates $9.20 in total community spending. That’s $97,200,000.00 in Colorado alone! Every additional dollar’s worth of SNAP benefits generates 17 to 47 cents of new retail spending. On average, $1 billion of retail food demand by SNAP recipients generates 3,300 farm jobs.

25 Economic Benefits SNAP recipients are able to spend more on food at local retailers than eligible non- participants because they have additional assistance with their food budget.

26 The Opportunities Raise awareness of existing programs SNAP; CSFP; TEFAP Outreach to medical providers focused on senior population Outreach to senior service providers Outreach to all senior individuals who might not know they qualify!

27 Hunger Free Hotline Confidential Personal Screening * Bi-lingual Clients Receive Customized Referrals * Federal programs * Age Specific Programs * Charitable Food Organizations SNAP Application Information & Assistance Toll-Free Number FREE OUTREACH PACKAGES

28 Spread the word… Sign someone up! Imagine how SNAP benefits could help a person who is eligible for the program. Help those in need around you by sharing the information you learned today! You can be the first step in helping others or yourself.

29 There’s a Place for You at the Table Contact Hunger Free Colorado Donita L. Rafferty MPH Older Adult Nutrition Associate 303-228-7966 Thank you!

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