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Health & Hunger Matters A Look at Rotary’s Health & Hunger Efforts Worldwide.

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1 Health & Hunger Matters A Look at Rotary’s Health & Hunger Efforts Worldwide

2 A Global Perspective Around the world people face a variety of health and hunger challenges. Be it a diabetes awareness program or a project to protect a community from malaria, Rotarians are working to improve public health and stop hunger.

3 Major Health Challenges Each year: Three million people die from AIDS 300 million people contract malaria Childbirth kills over half a million women in developing countries Over two million children die from easily preventable or treatable diseases

4 Major Hunger Challenges In the world today: 852 million people are undernourished 300 million children will go to bed hungry 25,000 people will die due to chronic malnutrition Malnourished people typically lose five to 10 percent of their lifetime incomes

5 Related Challenges Health and hunger challenges are often connected. Chronic malnourishment weakens the immune system and makes people vulnerable to disease. Many diseases caused by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation cause people to become malnourished. Disease and hunger rob families of loved ones and communities of valuable resources – weakening their economies and impeding development.

6 Rotarian Health Projects Increase public access to safe and affordable healthcare. Reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. Improve sanitation and access to safe drinking water. Prevent, treat, and raise awareness about critical community health concerns.

7 Rotarian Hunger Projects Raise awareness about hunger. Break the cycle of chronic hunger. Provide sustainable access to food. Create social safety nets. Promote gender equality and empower women.

8 Health & Hunger Resources Tools to Support Rotarian Health & Hunger Projects

9 Health & Hunger Resource Group Appointed annually by the RI president, the Health & Hunger Resource Group is a network of Rotarian volunteers who support and encourage Rotary club and district participation in health and hunger activities worldwide.

10 Resource Group Structure A general & assistant general coordinator promote global health and hunger efforts 6 area coordinators support regional health and hunger efforts in Asia, the South Pacific & Southern Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America 39 zone coordinators help support & encourage district health and hunger activities Each district appoints a coordinator to help facilitate Rotarian and club health and hunger projects

11 Work with the Resource Group Contact your district or zone coordinator for health and hunger resources & project ideas Share project successes with district coordinator, zone coordinator, or Rotary International Appoint a club health and hunger project coordinator to work with your district coordinator Learn more about the Health and Hunger Resource Group at:

12 Contact the Resource Group Resource group contact information may be found in Rotary’s Official Directory or by contacting: Rotary International (PD210) 1560 Sherman Avenue Evanston, IL 60201 USA E-mail: Tel: (847) 424-5343 Fax: (847) 866-6116

13 Important Dates 7 April – World Health DayWorld Health Day 16 October – World Food DayWorld Food Day 1 December – World AIDS DayWorld AIDS Day

14 Other Rotary Resources Visit the RI Web site: Communities in Action: A Guide to Effective Projects (605A) Communities in Action: A Guide to Effective Projects (605A) A Menu of Service Opportunities (605B) A Menu of Service Opportunities (605B) Community Assessment Tools (605C) Community Assessment Tools (605C) World Community Service Projects Exchange Database World Community Service Projects Exchange Database Community Projects Database

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