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FAME Fine Arts Mini Experience Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh Mars by Gustave Holst.

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1 FAME Fine Arts Mini Experience Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh Mars by Gustave Holst

2 Fine Arts Music Art Literature Dance

3 Art is made up of lines, color, light & shadow, and texture

4 Melody rhythm harmony dynamics Music consists of:

5 Introduction The artist, Vincent van Gogh, painted one of the most famous paintings ever done of a night sky. His idea of the sky is very different from those of other artist’s. It is called Starry Night. Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing outside on a beautiful night. Look up and think about what the sky might look like. Is this van Gogh night sky what you imagined? This painting has lots going on in it. Why do you think van Gogh chose the name Starry Night? Look at Vincent’s sky. You see stars in it. What else do we see in this sky? (Moon) What else is in the sky besides the moon and stars? (Planets) Our composer, Gustave Holst, was fascinated with the study of the planets in the heavens. We call the study of the planets, Astronomy. Vincent communicated his interest in the subject of night skies by painting pictures of them. If you were a composer like Holst, you could communicate your interest in the planets by writing music about them. Holst wrote a separate piece of music for seven of the planets. He didn’t write one for Earth or Pluto. The one we’ll focus on today is his piece called, Mars.

6 Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh Since Van Gogh was so poor, you may remember his last name with a rhyme: “Van Gogh didn’t have any dough!” 1853-1890 Born in the Netherlands Eldest of six brothers and sisters Exhibited strange behavior Bounced from job to job At age 27, Van Gogh began painting A friend, Paul Gauguin, moved in with his for a time. When their friendship ended, it left Vincent so sad that he cut off a portion of his ear Vincent was in/out of the mental institution One day, he took his easel, paints and gun out to a field and shot himself. He died two days later at the age of 37. He left 1700 paintings from his ten-year career

7 Starry Night Vincent’s greatest work. Starry Night shows only a small village sleeping, dwarfed by the vibrating brilliance moving above it. This portrayal is other- worldly, full of strange, exciting images: the orange moon crescent becomes a sun ringed in golden light, the hills of the horizon line are outlined in black to emphasize their movement, the dark color of the waving, reaching fingers of the trees reach for the heavens. COLOR and LINES are emphasized in this lesson. TEXTURE is also evident. Vincent used bold, swift swipes that imparts a palette knife effect.

8 Color Let’s think about what kinds of colors van Gogh used. Are the colors that van Gogh used next to each other on the color wheel or opposite each other? (Opposite) Artists know that if they want to help a painting look exciting, use colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. These colors are called COMPLEMENTARY colors. Colors that are next to each other or close to each other on the color wheel are called ANALOGOUS colors. Lines and texture is also prominent in Starry Night. Did van Gogh use small strokes?

9 Van Gogh’s self- portrait of his hurt ear

10 Light

11 His bedroom

12 One point perspective

13 Famous for his sunflower paintings

14 Famous for his boots (he signed this one!)

15 The Planets - Mars By Gustave Holst 1874-1934 Born in England Sickly child, plagued by asthma and neuritis that affected the nerves in his right arm Practiced the piano daily and composed his first piece at the age of 12 Played the trombone for college money Married in 1901 to Isobel He taught school for the rest of his life, composing on the weekends and during the month of August It took two years to write THE PLANETS He died in 1934 from complications of surgery for an ulcer THE PLANETS made him famous but he rejected most titles and honors for his work as thought financial security might taint his artistic freedom

16 Mars By Gustave Holst Dynamics were featured Mars Mars was “new” music, radically different than any other existing English music Interested in astrology so he wanted to compose a piece of music that has the character of each planet Mars is the bringer of war! It must have been a lot of fun to have Mr. Holst as a music teacher. When he decided that he wanted the gining group to sing softer and softer till there was no sound, he tried something unusual that we will try as you leave class at the end of this lesson. I will pretend to be the composer, Holst, and direct you to do a fade-out We are going to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We will start in a regular singing voice that we use in the classroom but I will direct you to get softer and softer1 Conclusion: Both Gustave Holst and Vincent van Gogh were interested in the heavens. They didn’t make any money at their art but they wanted to express themselves, communicate their ideas and feelings.

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