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1.Students will abide by the 3 R’s: Respect for yourself, Respect for your classmates, and Respect for your teacher. Please raise your hand to speak.

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2 1.Students will abide by the 3 R’s: Respect for yourself, Respect for your classmates, and Respect for your teacher. Please raise your hand to speak. 2.Students will be seated in their desks with materials out BEFORE the last “bing” of the bell. 3.Name-calling, swearing, and inappropriate classroom behavior will not be tolerated! 4.You MUST show all work in this course. Simply writing down an answer will not do. Failure to show your work will ear you a grade of ZERO on the assignment. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS, here!

3 3-ring, 2” hard-covered binder 5 dividers –1 = “Warm-Ups”; 2 = “Notes”; 3 = “HW & Tasks”; 4 = “Quizzes”; and 5 = “Miscellaneous.” PENCILS! (I do not allow pens) Scientific (or graphing) Calculator Highlighters/Markers, Ruler, and Compass Plenty of notebook paper Textbook & your Note-Taking Guide (everyday!!) Note! You must have a separate binder for this class. Do not attempt to keep other classes’ materials in your Geometry notebook.

4 Random facts about ME! They are located underneath the date on the board. I change them every other day. Pay close attention to them (you may want to keep them written down in your notebook) because they sometimes appear as bonus questions on your chapter tests!!!

5 Log onto to get your make-up work. Contrary to the Agenda Book’s 5-day policy, I strongly encourage you to take only TWO days for each day you are absent to make up any missed assignments for my class. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in make-up work to the teacher within the prescribed time period. If you miss a TEST, you must arrange transportation to make up the test during your lunch/PAWS period or after school at 2:15, ON THE DAY YOU RETURN!

6 If you need to borrow anything from me during the class period – a pencil, eraser, or calculator – you must give me a shoe to keep behind my desk! PENCIL = RIGHT SHOE CALCULATOR = LEFT SHOE ERASER = RIGHT SHOE You get your shoe back when you return, to me, the item(s) you borrowed.

7 Homework will be assigned daily (even on Friday’s) and should be completed daily for success in this course. Homework, assignments, and tasks will be checked and/or collected throughout a unit, or at the end of a unit. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!! QUIZZES will be given periodically. Any material covered in class notes, textbook, tasks, or HW problems is considered “fair game” for a quiz. If you miss a quiz, you cannot make it up. I will use your test grade for the chapter in its place. POP QUIZZES can be given any other day during the week as deemed appropriate by the teacher.

8 These will be on the board when you walk in the door every day. They will consist of three to eight problems that you must copy down and attempt (copy problem & show work!) They must be dated & numbered, and should be kept in a running sequence on the same page, front and back. (Let’s help save the trees!) Some days I will work the problems and other days you will turn them in for a grade, so it is in your best interest to work them every day. You will ONLY have 5 minutes to complete these, and you must do so quietly.

9 TESTS 40% BENCHMARK TESTS 5% QUIZZES 20% DAILY GRADES/Tasks 15% FINAL EXAM (FR) 5% FINAL EXAM (MC) 15% I send home Progress Reports every 3 Weeks, and they must be signed and returned!


11 You are allowed 3 “Whatever” passes per semester. (No rewards for not using them. Sorry!) 1.You must fill out YOUR agenda w/ the date, time, and location, then I’ll sign it. 2.I will also do the same in MY Agenda Book.

12 Bring me a recent picture of yourself for my Wall of Fame, and you’ll get 5 bonus points on one chapter test. You may bring your picture during any chapter, but this is a one-time deal!

13 Make an ‘A’ on any TEST, and you’ll be a Thompson’s Touchdown. Your name and a STAR goes up on the poster for each ‘A’ that you make. The top 3-5 students with the most STARS at the end of the semester receive a really cool prize!!

14 In an effort to improve your basic computational skills (+, -, x, and ) a.k.a. “mental math”, I will not allow you to use calculators at certain times throughout the semester..

15 I am available for help every morning before school from 6:50 – 7:05 AM, and not a second earlier! =) I am available Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday afternoons until 2:45 PM (or later). There is no need to make an appointment with me in the mornings, just drop by if you have questions…PLEASE!! If you want to come in the afternoon, please let me know in advance so I can rearrange meetings/appts. if necessary.

16 If you or your parent/guardian ever have a question or concern, please feel free to e-mail me... Or call the school (770) 476-5206, and leave me a message.


18 Students are to be seated in their desks BEFORE the tardy bell rings. Those students who are not will be counted tardy. Three (3) Tardies = Department Detention Four (4) Tardies = Department Detention Five (5) Tardies = Department Detention Six (6) Tardies = Referral NOTE!! I check homework the second students arrive in the classroom. If a student is late to class because of an unexcused tardy, he/she will receive a “0” for the assignment, even if the student has completed it.

19 Notes will be monitored (and collected), along with your textbook/notebook, several times during the semester Dividers should be titled in this order: 1. Warm-Ups 2. Class Notes 3. Homework/ WS’s 4. Quizzes

20 There will be six chapter tests 1 st semester covering Chapters 1 – 6, and six chapter tests covering Chapters 7-13 2 nd semester. (Chps. 12 & 13 are combined) In addition to the chapter tests, students will have the following: Pre-Test 9-Weeks Test (Chps. 1 – 3) 18-Weeks/Post Test (entire semester) EOCT Final Exam (FR & MC)

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