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The lovely Bones By Alice Sebold

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1 The lovely Bones By Alice Sebold

2 Presented by Johnny Martinez, Yamilet Perez, Jhann Almonte, Lilia Mendez, Marc Henry Louis, Wilson Tavera, and Alex Jimenez

3 Alice Sebold She was born in Madison, Wisconsin
She grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and graduated from Great Valley High School in Malvern, Pennsylvania in 1980. She was raped in the end of her freshman year, while walking home through a off park campus. The Lovely Bones a bestselling novel about a 14-year-old who is raped, murdered and dismembered. The main character tells her story from her personalized version of Heaven.

4 Introduction The novel Lovely Bones is written by Alice Sebold. This novel told by a fourteen year old girl, who was raped and murdered. The story takes place in the neighborhood, where the tragedy occurred and turns it into literature.

5 Main Points Rape Murder Heaven Afterlife

6 Main characters Susie Salmon- raped and murdered.
Mr. Harvey- rapist and murderer. Lindsey Salmon- Susie's younger sister, she found out who killed her sister. Susie's dad- he had an idea of who killed her daughter, but didn’t had any proof.

7 Raped Rapper: Mr. Harvey.
Hiding place: Place where he capture Susie attention and precedes to rape her and kill her. Bottle of coke: what he offers her to tried to relax her. Situation: Mr. Harvey and Susie Fought , he press his lips against her and she tried to take him off from the top of her body. Finally, He rapper ad killed her.

8 Murder Knife Saved his book of sonnets, and the knife
Body inside waxy orange sack Took remains to a sink hole 8 miles from the neighborhood Put her (Susie's body) in a metal safe Paid the owner of the sinkhole $20 Kept her Pennsylvania keystone

9 Afterlife After Susie Salmon die she went to heaven but not a regular heaven. She went to a magical place where she can do and be what ever she want. This place was a recreation of her high school the school that she was suppose to go after graduate from middle school and play ground it was like personal heaven because that was what she want at that time of her life. This place was locate between earth and heaven. In here she can see other people and talk but they were living they personal heaven too. From here she can see her family and friend struggles Here she meet Nikki SooHoo the who would help on her way to accept her death because she would not accepted because here she didn’t have the love of her family and her lover ray that guy who was supposed to give her first kiss. She stay in this temporal place until she accept her death.

10 Heaven Did everything She didn’t get to do.
Made Friends whom she could relate to. Figured out how life could have been for her. There where soccer posts Building looked like she was in the suburban northeast high schools.

11 Conclusion The novel ends with Susie showing Lindsey's newborn daughter then tracking away to a newer house where a man has finally found Susie’s old charm bracelet. This little girl's grown up by now. His wife says almost not quite , Susie's narrative voice rejoins . I wish you all a long and happy life...

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