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Managing Knowledge in the Digital Firm (I)

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1 Managing Knowledge in the Digital Firm (I)
Soetam Rizky Managing Knowledge in the Digital Firm (I)

2 Dimensions of Knowledge
Data: Flow of captured events or transactions Information: Data organized into categories of understanding Knowledge: Concepts, experience, and insight that provide a framework for creating, evaluating, and using information. Can be tacit (undocumented) or explicit (documented) Wisdom: The collective and individual experience of applying knowledge to the solution of problem; knowing when, where, and how to apply knowledge

3 Knowledge is a Firm Asset
Intangible asset Requires organizational resources Value increases as more people share it

4 Knowledge Forms Tacit or explicit
Know-how, craft, and skill Knowing how to follow procedures; why things happen

5 Before we continue……. What your tacit knowledge ? Are you really competitive enough or just so-so ?

6 Knowledge Location Cognitive event
Sticky, situated, contextual Social and individual bases of knowledge

7 Organizational learning
Adjusting business processes and patterns of decision making to reflect knowledge gained through information and experience gathered

8 Quick Summary Knowledge as asset: Intangible, resource, value
Knowledge dimension : Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom Knowledge forms: Tacit/explicit, Know-how, craft, skill Knowledge location: Cognitive, social/individual, sticky

9 Knowledge Management Value Chain
Building organizational and management capital: collaboration, communities of practice, and office environments Knowledge acquisition Knowledge storage Knowledge dissemination Knowledge application

10 Before we continue……. Are you knowledgeable ?

11 Structured Knowledge System
Knowledge repository for formal, structured text documents and reports or presentations Also known as content management system Require appropriate database schema and tagging of documents Examples: Database of case reports of consulting firms; tax law accounting databases of accounting firms

12 Integrated Knowledge Management System

13 Knowledge Network Systems
Online directory of corporate experts, solutions developed by in-house experts, best practices, FAQs Document and organize “tacit” knowledge Also known as expertise location and management systems

14 Knowledge Network Systems
Knowledge exchange services Community of practice support Autoproofing capabilities

15 Quick Summary Structured Knowledge System: Formal, Content Focus
Organization’s Knowledge Collaboration : Acquisition, Storage, Dissemination, Application Structured Knowledge System: Online, Tacit, Expertise Structured Knowledge System: Exchange, Practice, Autoproof

16 Problem of Distributed Knowledge
Public ? Imprisoned Knowledge ? Goal obtained ? More expertise ?

17 Enterprise knowledge portals
Access to external sources of information Access to internal knowledge resources Capabilities for , chat, discussion groups, videoconferencing

18 Learning Management System
Provides tools for the management, delivery, tracking, and assessment of various types of employee learning and training Integrates systems from human resources, accounting, sales in order to identify and quantify business impact of employee learning programs

19 Quick Summary Better Knowledge  Collaborative organization
Knowledge in organization : Assets, Resources, Values, Tacit, Expertise Better Knowledge  Collaborative organization Knowledge Portal  Helpful yet Hard to do Management Challenges and Opprotunities  Creating LMS

20 Questions / Comments ?

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