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Copyright © 2008 Camera Shots.

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1 Copyright © 2008 Camera Shots

2 Copyright © 2008 Movies are made by recording lots of pictures (like photos) onto camera film. Each of these is called a frame (like a picture frame). When you pause a film you are looking at a frame. When frames are shown one after the other we can see the movement (moving image).

3 Copyright © 2008 Each section of the film that the camera records is called a shot. If the camera has to change position, it will need to start a new shot. When the camera changes from one shot to another we call this a cut.

4 Copyright © 2008 The Establishing Shot

5 Copyright © 2008 The Wide-Shot

6 Copyright © 2008 The High Angle Shot

7 Copyright © 2008 The Low Angle Shot

8 Copyright © 2008 The Medium Shot

9 Copyright © 2008 The Close-Up Shot

10 Copyright © 2008 The low angle shot

11 Copyright © 2008 The high angled shot

12 Copyright © 2008 The close up A close-up from Planet of the Apes. This character’s emotions are clearly seen through the use of close-up. A close-up from Corpse Bride allows the audience to feel more intimately involved with the main character. How?

13 Copyright © 2008 Extreme or Big Close ups

14 Copyright © 2008 Selective Focus

15 Copyright © 2008 Camera Movement

16 Copyright © 2008 The camera can zoom in or out on something i.e. zoom in from long shot to close up. If the camera zooms, then just the lens rather than the camera moves.

17 Copyright © 2008 The camera is on a pivot or tripod. The camera remains still but from this point it can be tipped up or down and turned left or right.

18 Copyright © 2008 When it moves left or right it is called a pan. When it moves up and down it’s called a tilt.

19 Copyright © 2008 However the camera does not just stay still. Cameras are often put on a dolly. (A platform on wheels). This allows the camera to track (move alongside) the action.

20 Copyright © 2008 Title sequence The title sequence is so called because the film shows the title of the film with a sequence of images. James Bond films are famous for their title sequences because they contrast the rest of the film. The theme music is very important and is often a song with the same title as the film. They often use graphics or animation too.

21 Copyright © 2008



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