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Video Highlights Danger Of Texting While Driving Dt8 Dt8 Grace Crivello.

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1 Video Highlights Danger Of Texting While Driving Dt8 Dt8 Grace Crivello Tyeshia Garrettson Darren LeCroix Chelsea Pope 1

2 “Putting the brakes on the distracted driving epidemic will require both dedication and creative thinking, and the FCC is committed to doing its part to address this growing crisis” ( Chairman Julius Genachowski, Federal Communications Commission Testimony To Senate Commerce Committee, November 4, 2009). Distracted Driving Is Dangerous!!! Driving While Texting (DWT) Leads To Injury And Loss Of Life 2

3 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported……. According To AAA……. Most People Who Text And Drive Are Between The Ages Of 16- 25 or they are usually people with high demanding jobs. “Distracted Driving endangers life and property and the current levels of injury and loss are unacceptable” (FCC). 3

4 The FCC Is Highly Involved In Trying To Bring Distracted Driving To An End Virtual Management Inc. The FCC created a website dedicated to help the effort and share information about distracted driving. In addition to the website that was dedicated to share information…. Video Highlights Danger Of Texting While Driving 4

5 Current Policy Responses Federal Department of Transportation Executive Order 1 Oct 2009 No-texting enforcement zones State Bans on All Hand Held Electronic Devices Tiered System 5

6 Governmental Policy Actors Federal Level Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Executive Order State Level Legislatures High Profile Incidents Federalism 6

7 Major Non Governmental Actors 7

8 Major Non Government Actors Involved AAA foundation for traffic safety Focus Driven Non-profit national safety council Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety The Alliance of Auto Manufactures 8

9 9

10 AAA Conducted by AAA demonstrates that texting and driving is significantly high among teenagers and young-middle aged adults. Heads Up Driving Week By 2013 the AAA wants to have texting and driving banned in all 50 states. 10

11 Non-Profit National Safety Council (NSC) uses statistical data and research to display the dangers of texting and driving to the public. at least 1.6 million crashes are caused by drivers using cell phones and texting seeks to inform not only the public but government officials to demonstrate the need for policy and further improvement on the issue 11

12 Focus Driven an advocacy group that focuses on support to person who has been victims of family member of victims of cell phone distractions( launched by NSC) created numerous websites to inform the public of the risks of texting and driving. Focus Driven hopes to prevent the loss of life and injuries that can result promote public policy on the ban but personal responsibility. 12

13 Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety encourages each state to adopt programs, policies, states and federal laws to protect lives on the road. petitioned to urge the government to put forth federal regulations that ban texting and driving 13

14 The Alliance of Auto Manufactures recognizes that if a driver is texting they cannot operate a vehicle safely and will create an unsafe environment for other drivers supports a federal ban on texting while driving and supports a proactive addressing of the issue. The alliance also wants to continue to opportunities in the advancement and enhancement of safety on the road. 14

15 Effectiveness Legislation Federal State People's Perceptions of their driving skills Personal Space Overconfidence Missouri Study 15

16 Alternatives to Improve Effectiveness Education Driver's Education Public Service Announcements State Sponsored Education Targeted Populations Federal Employees Commercial Drivers New Drivers Young Professionals 16

17 Policy Recommendations Legislation State Driven Universal Consensus Education Switch Focus Link with Legislation Government Intervention Multipronged Approach 17

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