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Free and Open Access Resources. Objectives To gain an overview of the broad range of free resources available in various subject areas To identify resources.

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1 Free and Open Access Resources

2 Objectives To gain an overview of the broad range of free resources available in various subject areas To identify resources which may be useful to us in the future

3 Resources available at no cost Many high-quality, free resources available online List of some open access resources at List of some free resources at (at least some content available at no cost)

4 Types of resource available Current awareness services –abstracts –bibliographic databases –tables of contents (ToCs) –current awareness gateways Full-text online journals and databases Information gateways/portals/lists of links

5 Free biomedical resources American Medical Association:10 journals Bentham Science: all 25 journals from Jan 2000–June 2002 (offer only for 2003) BMJ Publishing: 23 journals ExtraMed: over 300 journals from developing countries FreeBooks4Doctors!: 550+ medical text books BioMed Central: 18 biology, 52 medicine

6 Links to help and information about the resource can be found here You can register (for free) and sign up for regular updates from these links Journals available are listed in A- Z listing or by subject You can input simple searches here

7 Biomedical resources continued… Free Medical Journals Site: nearly 1000 journals + alerting service HighWire: ~500 thousand full-text articles INASP Health Links: gateway to selected Web sites HINARI: 2000+ biomedical and related social science publications

8 You can choose English, French or Spanish language Information about HINARI is given here Information about the resources within HINARI is given here Information about registering and eligibility is found here

9 Resources in chemistry Chemistry Preprint Server: Web archive of research articles Molecules: free journal on synthetic and natural product chemistry Analytical Chemistry Web Resources: databases, encyclopaedias, journals, etc

10 Information about new links is found here Links to Science Search Engines Links to the different resources which are available

11 Resources in maths Mathematics Preprint server: Web archive for research articles in mathematics Project Euclid: 19 journals covering theoretical and applied maths and statistics

12 Login, help, etc also available here List of journals on Euclid Link to information about Euclid Link to ‘Help’ information

13 Resources in agriculture Food and Fertilizer Technology Centre: 100s of technical publications on tropical agriculture (focus on low-cost technology AGRIS: portal to 3 million bibliographic references, some full text AGRICOLA: bibliographic database for agriculture and allied disciplines

14 Link to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Information about AGRICOLA Browsing, keyword searches and advanced searches available List of journals indexed on the AGRICOLA citation database

15 Resources in biosciences Biogate: portal linking to 1000 resources American Society for Microbiology: 11 journals PubMedCentral: archive of journal literature for all life sciences Environmental Protection Agency: research publications, technical docs, models, data, software Journal of Insect Science: papers in all aspects of the biology of insects

16 Links to resources on specific subjects ‘Advanced searching’ and ‘Help’ can be found here Simple searches can be entered here

17 Resources in physics ePrint archive: world-reknown electronic archive and distribution server for research papers eJournals Delivery Service: will email articles from 197 journals from Academic Press, the American Physical Society, the Institute of Physics, World Scientific CERN: over 500 thousand bibliographic records, including over 200 thousand full text documents

18 Simple searches can be entered here ‘Search Tips’ are accessible from this link You can personalise the resource through these links

19 Resources in social sciences + humanities Electronic Society for Social Scientists: publishes journals including the Review of Economic Theory Multilingual Matters: covers tourism, transport, etc Berkeley Electronic Press: 10 journals including economics and politics

20 Information about ELSSS and what it is trying to achieve is available This links to there journal ‘The Review of Economic Theory’

21 Resources in IT, library and information sciences Association for Information Systems: 2 journals INASP Links and Resources—access to information: guide to selected Web sites for library and information science communities InformationRnet: journals on information management, information science, and information systems

22 Information about the site is provided here Links to the resources are organised by topic Simple searches can be performed

23 Multidisciplinary resources Berkeley Electronic Press: 10 journals in economics, politics, engineering, law, biology Best of Science: pre-prints and peer-reviewed articles in exact sciences, technologies, biological sciences, medical sciences, and human sciences ContentsDirect: ToC email alerts for material from Elsevier, Pergamon, North Holland, Excerpta Medica

24 Multidisciplinary resources 2 EEVL: information gateway to engineering, mathematics and computing information sources Electronic Journals Library: nearly 13 thousand journals of which ~ 3.5 thousand are full-text Electronic Journals Miner: journals, magazines, e'zines, webzines, newsletters etc

25 An outline of the information you can have emailed to you is given here Help and information for different user groups is given

26 So we can see there are many, many free resources available -this has shown just a small proportion of them

27 Thank you… Any questions?

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