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Bell Ringer: On page 43 of your ISN, please write down the debatable question for Big Era 6. (Hint: it’s in your notebook!)

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1 Bell Ringer: On page 43 of your ISN, please write down the debatable question for Big Era 6. (Hint: it’s in your notebook!)

2 Prepare pages 43-44 of your Interactive Notebook with the heading, “Costs and Benefits of Global Systems: The Columbian Exchange”. Be sure to update your table of contents as well. Today you will be taking notes from an article about the impact of the Columbian Exchange on world history. Your notes will be checked tomorrow!. You have OPTIONS! You also have RESPONSIBILITY!

3 Today’s Objectives: I can draw logical conclusions in somewhat difficult passages I can infer a main idea in somewhat difficult passages I can analyze how one or more sentences offer reasons for or support a claim

4 What are my options? You can either… Read the text alone OR You can read the text with a buddy

5 What are my responsibilities? Be able to define the following terms: Columbian Exchange Globalization Cost Benefit Read the article, “The Real Story of Globalization” looking for both main ideas and important supporting details of changes that occurred as a result of the Columbian Exchange. Be prepared to sort those changes into costs and benefits. Produce a 3 column chart graphic organizer on pages 43-44 of your notebook that shows both the costs and the benefits of the Columbian Exchange according to the article.

6 Example Costs and Benefits of the Columbian Exchange Item that travelled: Earthworms Direction it travelled: East to West Cost or Benefit? Both. It caused some plants like wild sasparilla to die off, but allowed other plants to thrive…many of which were important food crops

7 Unit Page On the top of the next page, write Unit 1: Big Era 6 Number this page 1 Go back to your table of contents and write the same thing on the line that says “1-2”

8 Key ConceptRelated ConceptsGlobal Context Time, Place and Space Governance Globalization Orientation in Time and Space Statement of Inquiry The movement of people, trade, ideas and resources across time and space has resulted in a more interconnected and interdependent world. Inquiry questions Factual Question: What factors contributed to the creation of global systems of governance and trade? Conceptual Question: How and why did people across the world become interconnected and interdependent? Debatable Question: Do the benefits of global systems outweigh the costs?

9 Governance Governance refers to mechanisms and processes that control authority in a given organization. It can apply to state and non-state institutions. Throughout time, people have organized governments in order to meet the needs of communities and individuals. Groups have created institutions and processes that have many forms and functions. Monarchies, republics, tribes, parliaments, presidents, dictators: these and other patterns of rule express a range of human values and reflect varied understandings of history and culture. At the heart of governance are questions about the distribution of resources, the making of laws, and the balance of power between individuals and the communities in which they live. Democratic governments are accountable to the people who choose them.

10 Globalization As a related concept, globalization encompasses local, national and global repercussions and expectations for our “shrinking” world. It has been characterized by some geographers as a process of time–place convergence and it is characterized by an increasing interdependence among peoples and nations. The cultural, political and economic interconnectedness of the global economy is an undeniable trend that has been amplified by rapid improvements in technology and communication systems. Globalization can be simultaneously positive and negative for people and the natural environment depending on the range of changes that result and the perspective of the analyst. Globalization as a concept has also been questioned by some who have preferred to speak of processes of “westernization”, “glocalization” or “mundialization”.

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