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REGISTRATION and DISPLAY and SAFETY. REGISTRATION Project boards must be brought to Southland Mall between 12 noon and 7:30 pm Parents or a Teacher may.

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2 REGISTRATION Project boards must be brought to Southland Mall between 12 noon and 7:30 pm Parents or a Teacher may check in project for student. However, all problems must be resolved that night. Bridges will be checked in also from 12 noon to 7:30 pm. Students will be given a chance to modify bridge if it does not meet parameters until 7:30 pm.

3 REGISTRATION con’t Report to either Junior or Senior Registration alpha by School Name Receive: Participant ribbon Calendar of events for week 3-stickers with project number One sticker on project certification card One sticker on front, upper corner or right wing One sticker on back, center

4 REGISTRATION con’t No problem proceed to place project in appropriate position OH, OH---SRC problems Proceed to SRC table. Students will bring with them the corrections and/or the missing paperwork that were faxed or emailed to you the contact person. Students will meet and present their papers to members of district SRC committee. They may have to explain their project.

5 1 Checklist For Adult Sponsor  No problem  5 or 6 should be checked  7 should be checked  Not signed  Date conflicts with 1a #5  Adult sponsor can't sign IRB/SRC 1b 1A Research Plan  No problem  Date on line 5 does not match the other forms  Missing information on school/work site  MSDS for hazardous chemicals  Needs to check more items that apply  Adult sponsor can not sign IRB/SRC  Students cannot touch ethidium bromide Research Plan Attachment  No problem  Missing/incomplete Question being addressed  Missing/incomplete Hypothesis/Problem/Engineering Goals  Missing/incomplete Description in detail of method or procedures  Missing/incomplete chemical concentrations and drug dosages  Missing/incomplete Potential Alternatives and justification for Vertebrate  Missing/incomplete survey or questionnaires if used  Missing/incomplete at least FIVE major references  Missing/incomplete animal reference for Vertebrate study Abstract  Missing  Must have 5 copies 1B Approval Form  No problem  Missing signature(s)  Dates conflict with 1A #5  Supervisor/Sponsor can't sign IRB/SRC  Need prior IRB/SRC approval 1C Research Institute  Form needed  Date: must be AFTER experimentation  Needs to be completed by scientist  Human subjects, vertebrate animals or rDNA need institution IRB/IACUC attached  Scientist signature missing/incomplete 2 Qualified Scientist  Form needed  Required for research involving pathogens;  Required for research involving rDNA,  Required for research involving humans  Required for research involving vertebrates/tissues  must be completed by scientist  date conflicts with 1A #5  missing/incomplete signature 3 Designated Supervisor  Form needed  Date conflicts with 1A #5  Needs to include this form  Required for projects using hazardous materials or devices,  Required for projects using tissue studies  Completed by DS not student  Missing/incomplete signature 4 Human  Form needed  Multiple problems on form(signatures/dates)  Missing/incomplete Questions 1,2,3  Missing/incomplete adult sponsor & email  Missing/incomplete all IRB signatures or dates  Missing medical signature/date  Missing teacher signature/date  IRB teacher signature may not be your teacher or sponsor  Missing administrator signature/date  Date conflict with 1A #5  Missing consent signature  Missing parents/guardian signature  NOTE: You must bring to the Fair all of your Informed Consent Forms 5A Vertebrate  Form needed  Missing/incomplete Questions 1,2,3  Missing incomplete SRC prior approval  Dates conflict with 1A #5  Behavioral or nutritional study need DS (Form 2)  Behavioral or nutritional study need DS & Vet  Behavioral or nutritional study need DS, Vet & QS (form 2)  Missing/incomplete signatures 5B Vertebrate at Institution  Form needed  Completed by Qualified Scientist (QS) or Principal Investigator  Missing/incomplete signature of QS or PI  Missing/incomplete signature of IACUC chairperson  Dates conflict with 1A #5  Missing/incomplete dates of student training 6 Vertebrate Tissues  Form needed  Required for all projects using fresh tissue, organs, primary  Required for all projects using established cell and tissue  Required for all projects using meat or meat by-products,  Required for all projects human or animal parts(i.e. blood,  If living organism is used you must also complete form 5  Missing/incomplete Questions 1,2,3  Missing/incomplete name of the research institution, the title  Missing/incomplete DS signature, info or date  Date conflicts with 1A #5 7 Continuation  Form needed  Missing/incomplete Questions 1,2  Missing 1A from previous years  Missing abstract from previous years  Missing Research plan attachment from previous years  Missing signature/date  Date conflicts with 1A #5

6 DISPLAY and SAFETY Students will walk their project to appropriate location. They must have Project Certification card with them. Look for person with the ‘stick’ D&S member will check the project in and make sure that it meets all official requirements

7 Sample of D & S NO more than 48 inches (122 cm) wide, 48 inches (122 cm) high and 30 inches (76 cm) deep SIZE OF DISPLAY -- NO more than 48 inches (122 cm) wide, 48 inches (122 cm) high and 30 inches (76 cm) deep ABSTRACT -- The Abstract MUST BE displayed vertically on the front left wing of the backboard, in the lower left corner. ORGANISMS -- NO living creatures will be displayed. SENSITIVE PHOTOGRAPHS -- NO visual presentations depicting vertebrate animals or humans in other than normal conditions. All pictures must include a credit line on board. All pictures of Humans must have a consent form. CHEMICALS/WATER -- NO chemicals including water may be displayed. MACHINERY -- NO unshielded belts, pulleys, chains, or moving parts that pose hazards may be displayed. GLASS -- NO glass, glassware, or thermometers may be displayed. EMBESSISHMENTS -- NO awards, medals, business cards, flags, etc. NO personal information may be displayed

8 D & S con’t D & S member will place a sticker on all acceptable display objects, i.e. journal Any problems must be corrected or project will not be displayed, i.e. judged. Board and Project Certification Card are left at Fair. Journal and other important/expensive items go home with student.

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