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Welcome! Hi. This is José Luis Morales and, on behalf of my co-authors –Mady Musio and Magaly Villaroel –- I want to invite you to join me on this great.

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1 Welcome! Hi. This is José Luis Morales and, on behalf of my co-authors –Mady Musio and Magaly Villaroel –- I want to invite you to join me on this great English Adventure. My First English Adventure is our three-level program for 3 to 5-year-olds and I would like to show you how it can help your preschoolers learn to love language learning from day one.

2 My First English Adventure
My First English Adventure is unique in many creative ways. For a start, My First English Adventure is the result of a partnership of experts in Education and Motivation: Pearson Longman - the educational publisher - and Disney, the unquestioned giant of entertainment. Each expert makes a contribution to the project so that teachers of English worldwide can Motivate to Educate.

3 My First English Adventure makes learning English an enchanting, memorable experience by using the familiar, fantastic world of Disney characters that children know and love. When children encounter these characters and stories in class, they feel confident and competent as their brains are full of valuable information they can't wait to share with their teacher and their classmates. Building this sense of trust is always necessary. All the more so, with preschoolers for whom this may be their first encounter with English.

4 New language is systematically: Presented Practiced & Personalized.
This proven pedagogic sequence gives teachers and learners a sense of direction. Once we have motivated the children and activated their previous knowledge, a fabulous learning experience begins. It is very important to Mady, Magaly and I to give both teachers and learners a sense of direction as they use My First English Adventure. This is why we decided each of the 8 units would follow a proven pedagogic sequence. In every unit, new language is systematically Presented, Practiced and Personalized. Please join me for a brief walkthrough of Unit 4, Student's Book 2.

5 Lesson 1: presents language in the context of a Disney story the children know and love.
Every thematic unit is divided into 9 lessons. In Lesson 1, children meet the Disney Characters through a chant in which new vocabulary for the theme is introduced in context. Optional activities review known language, access prior knowledge and present games. In Unit 4, for example, the main theme is the human body and its parts. In this Unit, Gepetto is playing with Pinochio. Figaro, their little friend watches as the puppet moves its legs, its arms and its head. A few direct questions in the children's mother tongue will help the group understand the context and soon they’ll be ready to have fun with English. Parts of the body are now presented with a fun chant. Songs and Chants provide an ACTIVE moment that ensures maximum involvement at the start of the Unit. ACTIVE

6 Lesson 2: Children practice language by tracing and coloring.
In Lesson 2 children do fun activities, such as matching similar items, which help develop their observation and fine motor skills while practicing the target vocabulary. Optional games and activities further enrich the lesson. The sample lesson revolves around a tracing and colouring activity. While they are tracing and colouring, the teacher can visit those who need individualized attention and ask short questions to elicit the language of the unit. This is one of many opportunities during a unit for informal assessment of individual students. Use these quiet moments when children are working on their own to identify those who need you the most. QUIET

7 Lesson 3 : Children sing and move again.
ACTIVE In Lesson 3 children develop motor skills and listening comprehension by acting out the unit song. Optional activities and games in the Teacher´s Edition help make this lesson lots of fun and rich with language. Please note how we have alternated between lessons with ACTIVE and QUIET core activities. This alternation is a unique feature of My First English Adventure designed to further help you sustain motivation. The QUIET moments free the teacher so that she can spend time with those children who need individualized attention. Lesson 3 : Children sing and move again.

8 Lesson 4: Children have fun and develop motor skills with a sticker activity.
In Lesson 4, children do fun activities in the Student Book using the stickers to practice key language and develop fine motor skills. More optional activities further enrich this lesson. The size of the stickers and the clear, colorful design is particularly suited to the age group. We always recommend that the sticker activity be highly ritualized with the teacher calling out the vocabulary for the students to look for the right sticker all together. Use the first few sticker activities to demonstrate to the children how to do it. QUIET

9 Lesson 5: Children relate language to their own experience.
ACTIVE In Lesson 5 , children develop listening comprehension and oral fluency by listening and recting to an audio selection, which is tied into the student book page. Optional activities include a language focus that presents a target structure in the context of the listening selection, and a fun and lively song, which extends the target language of the unit. Again, a very Active core activity that will cheer everyone up instantly. Lesson 5: Children relate language to their own experience.

10 Lesson 6: Children draw and then talk with a friend.
QUIET + ACTIVE With Lesson 6 Children personalize their learning by completing drawings to relate new language to their own familiar world and experience. Optional activities include opportunities to use new language to share their work, as well as lively games and activities to round out the lesson. This is very important in terms of socialization for the children since they will be able to work in pairs to show each other what they have done. Lesson 6: Children draw and then talk with a friend.

11 In Lesson 7 children do a hands-on project to develop fine motor skills and practice target language in context. These projects can then be displayed in the classroom and shared with other groups. Lesson 7: Children personalize what they learned with a simple project. ACTIVE

12 Insert sound file with song
The Project Song Let’s get crayons, pens and glue. Let’s get paint, buttons, too. This is how we work and play On our special project day. Let’s pick colors, red or blue. Let’s pick shapes, drawings too. Insert sound file with song MFEA 3 TRACK 9 AUDIO CD

13 Children place a sticker here in recognition of their hard work.
In Lesson 8, children have the same assessment activity each time, so they can focus on demonstrating their vocabulary comprehension. Optional activities include Wrap-ups to assess additional language and active games to celebrate the successful completion of the unit. Unit Take-Home pages and assessment materials on pages T184-T185 round out your assessment program. Lesson 8: Assessment activities allow children to show what they have learned.

14 Lesson 9: Playtime reviews language and skills every two units.
Children learn fast and forget fast. For this reason My First English Adventure comes with many tools for review. Playtime, appears every two units so that language and skills can be reviewed in a fun way. Lesson 9: Playtime reviews language and skills every two units.

15 Pressout card games review language systematically and keep children motivated.
The pressout vocabulary cards are a unique feature of My First English Adventure and they can be used as often as you want. Children love playing bingo and this will quickly become their favorite game. We recommend that the pressout cards be torn out and kept in neet packets by the teacher. They can be given out to the children every time they are going to play. Giving out and giving back the pressout cards can become a useful ritual that will teach the children some of the most habitual teacher-student exchanges found in classrooms. This is excellent preparation for the Primary years.

16 Teachers are supported by the most comprehensive set of components ever published.
English Adventure is also unique in that it has the most comprehensive set of components ever published. My co-authors and I have been both teachers and school coordinators. We know from experience that change is necessary but it must be carried out with certain assurances. Let me introduce you to the set of components that will make you feel more sheltered and supported in your process of change than you have ever felt before.

17 Student Books 1 to 3 Contain stickers, picture dictionary, press out vocabulary cards and course certificate. Student Books 1 to 4 contain 8 units of 12 lessons plus four Review Units (one for every two main units). The fabulous artwork is sure to catch the children’s interest instantly. But there is more! They also include a set of colorful stickers for each unit, a picture dictionary and a CD with stories, songs and chants they can listen to at home. We recommend that teachers detach the stickers and keep them in envelopes with the children’s names so they become an element of surprise every time you reach that part of the lesson.

18 Activity Books can be used for additional practice in class or as homework. Its pages can be detached from the book whenever the teacher feels this would facilitate work for the children. This also makes it possible to select the student's best work to display in a portfolio or student folder. The Activity Book reinforces and extends lessons from the Student Book.

19 Take-Home pages provide a bridge between school and home.
The Activity Book also introduces a fabulous concept: the Take-home page . This page extends the work done in class and informs as well as involves the parents in showing appreciation and recognition for their children’s work. We recommend that teachers inform parents of the purpose of these pages at the parents meeting at the start of the year. Explain especially that this is supposed to be a happy activity for the child to share with them. Parents, in turn, get a chance to show interest and appreciation for their children’s efforts. Take-Home pages provide a bridge between school and home.

20 Class Audio Program (CD or Cassette)
First class recordings of lively songs, chants and listening activities will capture the children’s interest and imagination. The class Audio Program is exclusively for the teacher. It contains all listening material in the Student’s books, games, songs, chants and listening activities. Top quality recordings capture the children’s interest and imagination.

21 Teacher’s Edition Step by step teaching notes for successful lessons. (Available in English and Spanish) The Teacher's Editions of MyFirst English Adventure are our pride and joy. They contain step-by-step teaching notes for successful lessons. Additional useful teaching tools include festival lessons on Christmas, Easter and Birthdays, assessment materials, a resource bank of games and a Video Guide. I believe Mady, Magaly and I have managed to translate many years of classroom experience into a very user-friendly and comprehensive tool. There is a version in English and another one in Spanish.

22 Every unit begins with an Overview that gives teachers a bird's eye view of the objectives of the Unit and the materials needed. This is accompanied by a short Storyline of the Disney film that serves as context for the Unit. My First English Adventure must adapt to the needs of teachers with 2 to 5 hours of English per week. For those who have the most time, the Overview provides a list of Additional Vocabulary and further words connected to the theme in the Picture Dictionary. Teachers will find suggestions for working with this extra vocabulary in the Unit instructions. The cross-curricular connections and Values Curriculum are also clearly listed here so teachers can take every opportunity to teach relevant content and values depending on how much time is available to them.

23 Each page in a Unit is the core of a 35 – 50 minute lesson
Each page in a Unit is the core of a 35 – 50 minute lesson. As you can see from Teacher's Edition page T69, what you find on the Student's Book page is only a third of the material at your disposal for each lesson. This is the “must-do” part of the lesson and it stands out in a green colored box A wide selection of additional activities are suggested under Before the Page and After the Page. By choosing from this wide selection of activities teachers with different amounts of time available can further adapt the material to their needs.

24 My First English Adventure has one of the most comprehensive assessment programs available. Holistic assessment can be carried out easily with these student sheets. For each unit, we invite you to observe and not only listening comprehension and oral production but also comprehension of receptive language and especially whether the child is integrated and participates in class activities.

25 To facilitate even more the teachers’ work, we provide formative assessment forms like this one. When teachers circulate round the class giving support and observing children at work, they can record their observations on this form. Can you imagine how much better teachers can know their students with this wealth of information about their performance?

26 Insert sound file with Hello song
Mickey Mouse Puppet Hello, hello. I'm Mickey. Say hello to me! (Chorus) Hello, Hello. Hello, Mickey! Hello, hello, hello! (Repeat) Nothing compares to the charm of a puppet. Nothing can capture the children’s attention more quickly. This is why we decided to have a Mickey Mouse puppet that would help teachers present and practice the language and establish an environment where authentic communication can take place. Every lesson starts with Mickey Mouse welcoming the children back to class and singing the Hello song. The lesson comes happily to a close when the children again sing goodbye to Mickey Mouse. Insert sound file with Hello song MFEA LEVEL 3 TRACK 3 CLASS AUDIO CD

27 Video Program Videos recycle and extend new language in four episodes. Each episode has a different, exciting Disney movie clip. The Video Guide helps you creatively use the Video for more teaching opportunities. The Video Program is one of the most popular components of My First English Adventure. This is really no surprise since each episode has a different exciting Disney movie clip. Fun presenters Ted and Lucy are also a hit with children but especially with teachers. Ted and Lucy interact with the children from the screen to teach them chants and songs that practice the target language of the units. Video Guide pages are reproduced at the back of the Teacher’s Edition for easy access. Play the video and observe children as they interact with Ted and Lucy. Undoubtedly a fabulous chance to step back and assess the children without their even noticing.

28 Picture Cards 32 full-color Picture Cards present key vocabulary for the course. 24 additional cards present theme-related extra vocabulary. The Teacher's Edition uses them in a variety of motivating ways. My First English Adventure has fabulous Picture Cards. In fact, there is a pack of cards for each level of the program. These are just the right size so everyone can see clearly and no one is left behind. They also have colored frames so busy teachers can gather them quickly and easily at the end of a lesson. In the Teacher’s Edition Mady, Magaly and I have included a great variety of fun activities and games using both the Picture Cards and the student’s press out cards.

29 Posters Beautifully illustrated Posters (a pack per level) provide more practice of target language and look great in your classroom. Insert Pinochio poster from level 2. FILE NOT AVAILABLE. My First English Adventure also has beautiful posters that will help you turn your classroom into a uniquely enchanting place. They provide important visual support for storytelling in a uniquely interactive way. Each poster has a set of characters that can be cut out and placed gradually on the poster as you tell the story. That and Disney artwork by some of the most talented artists in the world, will help you engage the children’s interest and create a magical atmosphere at story time.

30 Thank you!
On behalf of Mady Musio, Magaly Villaroel and myself, I would like to thank you for allowing us to share our project with you. We hope your children’s First English Adventure will be full of learning and fun. Good luck!

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