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2 I- WELL PLANNIG Operating Company. Drilling Contractor.
Drilling Service Companies.



5 2- OFF SHORE RIGS 1.Jack - up Rigs.
Those rigs drill in water depths up to 400 ft 1- Provide a fixed platform. 2- does not need a marine riser or subsea stack.

6 OFF SHORE RIGS (continue)
2. SEMI SUBMERSIBLES. 1- can work in water up to 2000 ft. 2- has a god safety records. Disadvantages: 1- need marine risers and subseastack. 2- has limited cargo capacity.

7 OFF SHORE RIGS (continue)
2. Drilling Ships. 1- can work in ultra deep water; more than 2000 ft. 2- self propelled. Disadvantages: 1- need marine risers and subseastack. 2- not as stable as jackups and semisub.

8 OFF SHORE RIGS (continue)
4. Platform Rigs. A rig installed on a fixed marine plate form. Can support several rigs.

9 Land Rig Components 1- Mast or Derrick. ((is the framework-tower type of support usually associated with oil well drilling)).


11 ((the platform which support he stands)).
Land Rig Components 1.1- Monkey Board. ((the platform which support he stands)). 1.1- V-Door. ((a triangular opening on the front of the derrick to allow drill pipes to be pick up from the cat walk)).

12 Land Rig Components 2- Crown. 2.1- Crown Sheaves. 2.2- Drilling Line.
2.3- Travelling Block. 2.4- Hook.

13 Land Rig Components 3- Elevators.
Two elevators are used in pipe lifting and not used while drilling

14 Land Rig Components 4- Substructure.
This is the support on which the derrick rest

15 Land Rig Components 5- Rotary Table.
1. Transmits the rotation to the drill string. 2. Suspend the drill string during connections & trips

16 Land Rig Components Slips
These devices are used to hold the weight of the drill string when it is not supported by the hook (during connections or tripping time).

17 Land Rig Components 5- kelly. This is the topmost joint in the drill string and is feet in length. It is commonly square or hexagonal. The kelly passes through the rotary table and transmits the table rotation to the drill string via the kelly bushing.

18 Land Rig Components 5- Rotary Table.
1. Transmits the rotation to the drill string. 2. Suspend the drill string during connections & trips

19 Land Rig Components 5- SWEVEL. The swivel supports the drill string and allows rotation at the same time. It also allows the passage of drilling fluid from the rotary hose into the drill string. The swivel performs a very tough job

20 Land Rig Components 7- TOP DRIVE. Replaced kelly and kelly bushing and it rotates the string as well 1. drilling to be carried out stand by stand instead. 2.Top drive is not removed during trips.

21 Drilling String Components
This term includes all the components used to drill below the kelly or top drive; and it can include the following components:- 1- Drill Pipe & Tool Joints . 2- Heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP. 3- Drill Collars 4- Rotary Bits

22 Drilling String Components
3. Stabilizers: of a blade type construction. Drilling fluid can pass freely between the blades while the outer edge of the blades contacts the wall of the hole and holds the drill collars firmly centered in the hole. They do exactly as their name implies, they provide stability to the bit and collars.

23 Drilling String Components
Reamers: These usually have the same diameter as the bit and are run a little distance above it Under-reamers: Used opening out a hole below a restriction such as imposed by the blow-out preventer assembly. Hole Openers: Used for drilling large diameter holes. They have replaceable cutters and serve the same function as an underreamer except they are not collapsible and can only be used when there is no restriction smaller than the hole size they drill.

24 Drilling String Components
Rotary Bits 1. Drag Bits:- no moving parts but drill by the shovelling action of their blade on the formation. 2. Roller Bits:- have rotating cones. Three cone bits (Tri-Cone) are the most widely used in the oil field.


26 Drilling String Components
3. Diamond Bits:- These are designed to drill by the scraping action of diamonds set in a steel matrix. This type of bits is normally used in hard formations where long bit life and the subsequent reduction in trip time are desirable.

27 Some Off shore Components
Heave (Motion) Compansation. 1- Drill string compensator. 2- Riser & Guideline Tensioners

28 Mud Pumps 1.Double-acting Pumps (Duplex): - This means that both sides of the piston are used for pumping. 2.Single-acting Pumps (Triplex): - These only one side of the piston is used for pumping, that is, the cylinder is then filling or discharging

29 Solid Control Equipment
1- Shale shaker. 2- Desander. 3- Desilter. 4- Degaser. 5- Mud cleaner. 6- Centrifuge.

30 Blow Out Preventor (BOP)
a means of closing-off the annular space between the drill pipe and casing 1- Annular Preventors. 2- Ram Preventors.

31 BOP’S

32 Common Rig Terms

33 Rig Personnel

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