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Roo7-creating dynamic products using video sound and animation

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1 Roo7-creating dynamic products using video sound and animation
Using Sony Vegas Flash animation

2 Before we start Folder Handout
Create folder structure –Cambridge nationals –roo7. Go to and download this guide and the resources zip folder and legislation powerpoint guide Save all to your area Save also the roo1 theory guide into your area

3 If you have done unit 23 …. if you created a video for unit 23 copy the exported video and the sony vegas files into your cambridge nationals folder you just created Copy also the design documents for unit 23 ao2(storyboard and design statement) and the evidence of making the video as well

4 The first thing you are going to do is .
Go to legislation guide you copied at start of lesson Find out what copy right law is and how it might effect you in this task-see help sheet You should write 300 words on it You have 30 minutes to research and write in your own words then print

5 Now read the scenario…

6 scenario
The Shoulderpads are a talented band and able to play a wide range of popular music from the 1980s. They have recently appeared on local television and radio and received excellent reviews. For your special occasion the band will be pleased to meet with you to discuss songs you would like them to perform. The Shoulderpads would like to advertise themselves as an excellent evening's entertainment that can be enjoyed by all. The dynamic product you need to create will be uploaded to the band’s website and also added to the band's social networking and audio/video hosting websites. The local shopping centre has also agreed to play the product to their customers. Apart from meeting the requirements of the brief above, the product you make will need to: be between 15 and 90 seconds in length include at least one of the following: animation sound video.

7 Produce a design specification for your dynamic product.
This specification should include the following: The type of product you are going to create. This will include at least one of the following: animation video sound. Your product may contain just one or a combination of two or more of the above.

8 Task 1: Getting ready to create your dynamic product
Parts of Learning Outcomes 1 and 3 are assessed in this task It is important that before you start to make your product you have thought about what it is you are going to make, how you are going to make it and how you will decide if the product meets user requirements. 1.Write a paragraph explaining what your video is going to be about what is the purpose and who is the audience.This will be the start of your specification.It should include detail of what of the following you are going to use: animation video sound. Your product may contain just one or a combination of two or more of the above. 2.A list of success criteria. These criteria could be used at the end of this project to help decide whether or not you have created a good product that meets the needs of the client. 3.A storyboard for your product. 4.Description of the software you intend to use to create the product, the software needed by the client to run your final product, and the reasons for your choices. Any other relevant information that you think is important when designing the product.

9 1.Source your sound /images and video
1.Search internet for video/sound/images you are going to use and list out the full web addresses that you are going to select 2.Use the list of sources document to show where you got your components from 3.Save the images in your area into a folder call roo7 and make sure that each component is saved into separate folders 4.Make sure that you have provided a screenshot of your completed folders with your components in

10 2.Type of product to be made
This guide is not to be copied in any way and is just an example “I am going to make a video product that encompasses a range of video effects and animation and sound .i will export this video product in wmv format so that it is easier to post on line”

11 3.A list of success criteria
It will be 45 seconds The video will play on a range of devices The video will have good quality sound The final product will be appropriate for audience and purpose The music must be appropriate

12 4.storyboard Here is an example of a storyboard You should create your own storyboard to show the planning of your not use this as a template .

13 5.Software you intend to use
This must include reasons for choice of this software-ie “this software was chosen as it enables you to make a end product with a combination of images,sound and video clips with animation”

14 Create a before and after test plan
how you plan to test your product while you are creating it I plan to test my product by : checking to see that it works within different browsers the file format I have saved it in works the timing is it 45 seconds does the sound work/video does this fit criteria for audience peer evaluation of final video self evaluation of final video    

15 Task 2: Making your dynamic product
Import your components into Sony Vegas show that you know how to edit and enhance your dynamic product Provide screenshots of the following: Importing components Editing video clips Creating 3d animation Adding effects to video and images and sound Evidence of you exporting it -. You will need to decide which file type will be appropriate for the finished product. Explain the reasons for your choice of file type. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of exporting as different file types. Transitions Fade in and out You must explain how you did it  Link 1-help files for sony vegas Link 2-help guide sony vegas Link 3-help guide sony vegas Link 4-help guide sony vegas Link 5 –help guide sony vegas b.Evidence that you have tested your product as you develop it to make sure that it works as intended.youmust provide screenshots of your doing this

16 testing example template Test your finished product to make sure that it works as intended and meets the needs of the client. When testing your product you should: Refer to your success criteria and use the tests you created previously to test your product consider any necessary re-tests.was it successful if not what happened what could you do to rectify it



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