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Connecting Suppliers to Advanced Manufacturing OEMs the World Over.

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1 Connecting Suppliers to Advanced Manufacturing OEMs the World Over

2 A new era... In 2004 Canon was purchased by Apprise Media LLC, ushering in an era of aggressive growth. Spearheaded by CEO, Charles G. McCurdy. BIO.BIO Canon’s portfolio currently stands at: 18 Magazines 53 Trade Events 60+ Digital Products in the Medical Group alone Over 750,000 advanced manufacturing OEM contacts in the master database

3 Canon 2.0 – Publishing Group Ron Wall – Sr. VP, Publications Kevin O’Grady – VP Publications Publishers: Lisa Perrin, Rebecca Bermudez, Colin Martin, Matt Lally, Patricia Spinner, Patrick Lundy, James Wagner

4 Print – Still the Gold Standard “Magazines are the anchors of b-to-b media; they are the brands that executives trust, and they are the springboard to multi-media for content and advertising alike” Did You Know? Canon Communications LLC has a 70% market share in GLOBAL medical device manufacturing media. “Nearly 85% of executives act on what they read in b- to-b magazines”

5 Publishing In a New Media World Using Print to Drive Digital Commitment to Editorial Quality With the proliferation of blogs, podcasts and other new media formats, Editorial Quality is more important than ever in b-to-b media. Canon’s editorial standards are unmatched industry wide, as our loyal subscribers will attest.

6 Publisher: Lisa Perrin North American Medical

7 Publisher: Rebecca Bermudez North American Medical Con’t

8 Publisher: Colin Martin Global Medical

9 Plastics, Packaging, Pharmaceutical Groups Publisher: Patricia Spinner Publisher: James Wagner Publisher: Patrick Lundy Publisher: Matt Lally

10 Digital – The Next Generation of Canon Products Over 60 Digital Products Connecting Suppliers and Service Providers to the World’s Leading Medical Device OEMs

11 Portal Websites Medical Device Link – The Digital Foundation of Canon’s Medical Manufacturing Group Omniture Reports – Delivering R.O.I Plasticstoday – A new information source and web community for plastics processing professionals What is Drupal? Why does it matter?

12 Digital Editions Magazine Format – Endless Digital Advertising Opportunities

13 Webcasts Web Based Conferences – Over 300 Leads Generated On Average300 Leads

14 E-Newsletters Topical Industry News Delivered to OEM Inboxes Across the Globe

15 Product Showcases Brand Your Name, Drive Traffic to Your Homepage, Increase Direct Sales

16 Tradeshow Advisors Reach Both Subscribers and Show Attendees with this Unique Product

17 Technology Updates Targeted Areas of Focus deliver a Targeted Focused Audience

18 Breaking New Ground Because Cutting Edge Products & Research Deserve Cutting Edge Media

19 Blogs Where Community Meets Commerce

20 No Niche Left Unturned Diverse Products for a Diverse Audience Site Selection Digital Literature Distribution Custom Digital…Your Idea…Our Audience

21 An Industry Immune to Downturn Improvements in healthcare are needed no matter what the state of the economy. The continued steady growth of the medical device industry is proof of that fact. Europe’s Medical Device Market is Expected to Expand by 10% This Year Venture Capital Spending is up Over 60% since 2004

22 Connecting Suppliers to Advanced Manufacturing OEMs the World Over

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