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Chapter 3 Getting the Job

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1 Chapter 3 Getting the Job
MYPF Chapter 03 11-Sept-2001 Chapter 3 Getting the Job Getting an Interview Applying, Interviewing, and Following Up © South-Western Educational Publishing

2 Lesson 3.1 Getting the Interview
Describe and prepare an application letter. List the guidelines for and prepare a resume and scannable resume. Describe the reference letter and explain why it is useful to job applicants. © South-Western Educational Publishing

3 The Application Letter
Contents of the application letter Preparation of the application letter Sent by mail Sent by Parts of the application letter © South-Western Educational Publishing

4 Parts of the Application Letter
Return address Letter address Salutation Body Complimentary close © South-Western Educational Publishing

5 General Guidelines for a Resume
Keep resume to one page. Include all information pertinent to job for which you are applying. Choose a format that is attractive, professional looking, and easy to read. Proofread thoroughly. Use a high-resolution printer and good quality paper. © South-Western Educational Publishing

6 Parts of the Resume Personal information Career objective Education
Experience Additional qualifications References © South-Western Educational Publishing

7 Scannable Resumes Use the following Simple standard font
Body of resume—11 or 12 point Headings—no larger than 14 point bold or caps © South-Western Educational Publishing

8 Scannable Resumes Avoid the following
Fancy fonts, italics, underlines, condensed type, shading, shadows, and white type on black background Multiple columns Horizontal or vertical lines, boxes, and graphics © South-Western Educational Publishing

9 The Reference Letter Ask someone who can attest to your character, abilities, and experience. Provide a copy of your resume when you request a letter of reference. Make photocopies of letters of reference and keep originals. © South-Western Educational Publishing

10 Lesson 3.2 Applying, Interviewing, and Following Up
Describe and fill out an employment application form. Discuss how to prepare for a job interview. Describe and prepare a thank-you letter. © South-Western Educational Publishing

11 The Employment Application Form
Print neatly using a black or dark blue pen. Fill in all blanks appropriately. Be truthful. Have all necessary information with you. Proofread carefully. © South-Western Educational Publishing

12 Preparing for the Job Interview
Learn about the company. Be prepared to answer questions. Be prepared to ask questions. © South-Western Educational Publishing

13 Making a Good First Impression
Arrive on time. Dress appropriately. Go alone. Be prepared. Appear poised and self-confident. Be courteous. Think before you answer each question. Emphasize your strong points. Be enthusiastic and interested. © South-Western Educational Publishing

14 The Thank-You Letter Remind the interviewer of your interview.
Remind interviewer of your interest. Express your eagerness to hear from the interviewer. Keep letter short and to the point. Make sure the letter is error-free. © South-Western Educational Publishing

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