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Nathan Masek, AICP 18 th ITS World Congress, October 2011 1.

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1 Nathan Masek, AICP 18 th ITS World Congress, October 2011 1

2 I. MRCOG and the Transportation Planning Process II. ITS Subcommittee, roles, activity, products III. Convergence of Subcommittees: ITS and CMP IV. ITS and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 2

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4 An MPO is a “Transportation Policy-Making Organization” Responsible for the Continuing, Cooperative, and Comprehensive (3 C) Transportation Planning Process for a Surface Transportation System for Transportation Management Areas (TMAs) Multi-Modal Safe and Efficient Considers All Federal, State, and Local transportation funding – “Financially Constrained”, ie, matching projects to avail. funding Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) - 6 yr “Implementation” Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) - 20 yr “Planning Horizon” …the Process Shall be Consistent with Federal Rules, Including the Regional ITS Architecture Rule 940 MRCOG as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) ……What does this mean? 4

5  Federally Mandated (23 CFR) Responsibilities: Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Congestion Management Process (CMP) ITS Regional Architecture Maintenance (Rule 940) MRCOG as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) ……What does this mean? 5

6 § 940.3 Definitions. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) means electronics, communications, or information processing used singly or in combination to improve the efficiency or safety of a surface transportation system. Regional ITS architecture means a regional framework for ensuring institutional agreement and technical integration for the implementation of ITS projects or groups of projects. The Integration of These Two is the Key……… 6

7 Metropolitan Transportation Board (MTB) (MTB) Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) (TCC) Public Involvement Committee (PIC) (PIC) Transportation Program Task Group (TPTG) (TPTG) Congestion Management Process Committee (CMP) (CMP) Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee (ITS) (ITS) 7

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9 TIP Project Submittal Form: 9

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11 ITS Subcommittee Coordinates with TPTG, Reports to TCC and MTB Is well established as the Inter-Agency ITS Planning and Coordinating Body of the MPO Architecture Maintenance Keyed - in to TIP/MTP programming cycle (2 yr) “Addendum” to baseline doc, project Mkt Pkgs, deployment summaries/maps ITS as one of the Congestion Mitigation Strategies in the MTP and CMP Projects ranked on congestion mitigation criteria; V/C, delay, crashes, transit service, pedestrian accessibility, etc. Project Ranking in CMP MRCOG is Identified as the Agency to Manage the RTMC New Project - RTMC with Co-Location of Transportation and First Responders City of Albuquerque Owns Building, Stakeholders will Co-Locate, MRCOG to Operate 11

12 12  Excerpt of TIP Project Table with MPs “mapped”:

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16 Crossover Attendance Many ITS Subcommittee members are also on the CMP Committee Shared Priorities ITS is a Common Strategy CMP Points for ITS Elements CMP discussion can lead to ITS Project/Planning Considerations for agencies 16

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20  Economic Benefits of Efficient Transportation System  Expand Partners across the State ▪ Multi-Mode, Public, Private, Commercial  Technology-enabled coordination and cooperation  We Must Be Ready to Tie in to Emerging “Smart Infrastructure”  “Transport is the Lifeblood of the Economy”, Ray LaHood, US Transportation Secy  ITS Community Includes the Entire World  We Can Learn From It  The Bottom Line is this….Our Current Infrastructure Cannot Handle Our Projected Growth 20

21 21  Focus Issues in New Mexico:  Weather  Incident Management  Traveler Information - ATIS  Recurring and Non-Recurring Congestion  Make ITS a “Mission Critical Component”  Continue Exploring New Technologies  ITS New Mexico Can Showcase ITS to Districts, MPOs, Civic and Business Groups

22  Project Planning and Development Framework  MPO TIP and MTP Process Integration  RPO Integration  Data Collection - Counts, Speed, Veh Classif. Crash  Common Framework, Platforms, Formats  New Data Available – Congestion, Delay, Incident Response Times  Regional Transportation Management, RTMC 22

23 Nathan P Masek, AICP Transportation Planner Mid Region Council of Governments Albuquerque, NM 505) 724-3620 23

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