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DECEMBER 17, 2009 Continuing Nursing Education Retreat.

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1 DECEMBER 17, 2009 Continuing Nursing Education Retreat

2 Agenda Role of the Primary Nurse Planner WUSM Forms 2009 Criteria Changes (effective 1/1/2010)

3 WUSM Forms Application Form – discontinued CNE Worksheet – edits Biographical data form – edits Conflict of Interest disclosure – edits Educational Documentation form – unchanged Certificate sample – edits Program evaluation – edits

4 WUSM Forms (cont.) Promotional materials – edits Co-providership agreement – unchanged Commercial support/Sponsorship agreement – edits Evaluation summary – edits Roster of participants - unchanged

5 2009 Criteria Changes Planning Committee Biographical Data Form Conflict of Interest Disclosure Contact Hours Certificate Evaluation Tool

6 2009 Criteria Changes (cont.) Promotional Materials Logo Usage Co-Providership Commercial Support/Co-Sponsorship Disclosures

7 Planning Committee Must include people who represent  Content Experts  Target Audience  Nurse Planner One person can represent more than one role

8 Nurse Planner Qualifications Be a registered nurse licensed to practice in Missouri Hold at least a baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited program Be qualified by education and experience to guide the development of each activity offered by the Approved Provider Demonstrate knowledge of the ANCC COA/MONA Approved Provider criteria

9 Nurse Planner Responsibilities Contributes oversight and must actively be involved in the entire process of planning, implementation, and evaluation for any activity awarded contact hours. Is responsible for ensuring the quality of the educational activities provided Is responsible for ensuring adherences to the educations design criteria for each activity offered

10 Biographical Data Form Must be completed by all planning committee members and presenters Valid for one year, unless changes occur Familiarity with the target audience must be described Submission of resumés and curriculum vitaes are acceptable as long as the roles are defined

11 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Must be completed for each activity by all planning committee members and presenters Should include relevant financial relationships of planning committee members and presenters, as well as their spouses/partners Completion is required for participation in educational activity planning and presentation

12 Educational Documentation Form Objectives – must be measureable and behavioral Content – describe what will be presented to meet the stated objective Time Frame – how long will the content be presented to meet the objective Presenter – who will present the content Teaching Strategy – How will the content be presented

13 Measurable behavioral objectives (Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Objectives) Area of TaxonomyDefinitionWhat the Participant Does KnowledgeRecalling of specific bits of information Define “primary care” Name the nurse who developed… List the steps in the nursing process State the reason for hospitalization ComprehensionUnderstanding of information; the ability to grasp meaning, translate and interpret information Compare Orem’s definition of nursing with Roy’s definition of nursing Interpret the lab values for the patient described in the case study ApplicationUse knowledge in new and concrete situations Demonstrate how to comfort a grieving family AnalysisExamining the parts of the whole; analyzing relationships; looking at organization Explain the impact managed care has had on health care economics Describe the order in which treatment should be instituted for a cardiac patient SynthesisPutting together the parts into a whole; use of information to create something new and different Design a new process for double checking transfusion orders EvaluationInvolves judging the value of materials and methods Evaluate the effectiveness of care

14 Contact Hours Awarding contact hours should be calculated in the hundredths (i.e., two digits past the decimal point) or round down. Do not round up. Example: 160 minutes of learning divided by the 60 minute contact hour equals 2.66666. You could obtain 2.6 or 2.66 contact hours for participants. You can not round up to 2.67 or 2.7. Awarded contact hours are contingent on return of attendance list and evaluation summary.

15 Certificate Must include:  Name of the participant learner  Name and address of the Approved Provider  Title and date of the educational activity  Number of contact hours awarded  The official approval statement adhering to requirements by:  Placing a line before and after the approval statement  The statement must stand alone, meaning that it should be listed on a separate line from any other statement. Washington University School of Medicine is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Missouri Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

16 Evaluation Tool Include disclosure completion, if verbal Must include evaluation of:  How well the speaker met the stated objectives  Expertise of the speaker  Teaching strategies used  Impact of material on daily practice

17 Promotional Materials Must include the approval statement using the same requirements as the certificate  Placing a line before and after the approval statement  The statement must stand alone, meaning that it should be listed on a separate line from any other statement Washington University School of Medicine is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Missouri Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

18 Logo Usage Our logo is acceptable Commercial advertising or logos can be present in an exhibit room, but not in the room where presentations occur Slides and handouts must be free from company logos and advertising Give-away items or handout materials furnished by commercial entities with their logos or advertisements must be picked up by participants in an areas separate from registration

19 Co-Providership Co-Providership is the planning, developing, and implementing an educational activity by two or more organizations or agencies. When co-providing, WUSM must maintain responsibility for:  Determination of the educational objectives and content  Selection of the content specialist planners and activity presenters  Awarding of contact hours, as appropriate  Record keeping of attendees  Evaluation methodology, completion, and review

20 Commercial Support/Co-Sponsorship A provider is ineligible for approval of an activity if it is a commercial interest as defined in the “Standards for Commercial Support.” Commercial support is defined as financial, or in-kind, contributions given by a commercial interest, which his used to pay all or part of the costs of a CNE activity. Sponsorship/Co-Sponsorship is defined as support (monetary or ‘in-kind) furnished to the provider of the education activity. Sponsors and co-sponsors do not participate in the planning, developing, and implementing of the educational activity.

21 Disclosures Required by providers to activity participants Items included in disclosure  Requirements for successful completion  Number of contact hours available  Sponsorship and commercial support  Any conflicts of interest, or lack thereof  Non-endorsement of commercial products  Discussion of off label use

22 Proof of disclosures If disclosures are made verbally, there must be some written proof that the disclosures were made such as adding a section on the program evaluation If disclosures are written, the written document must be included in activity forms.

23 Example of written disclosures Successful Completion: Participants must complete an evaluation form to receive a certificate of completion Contact Hours: 5.5 contact hours are available to those who meet the successful completion requirements Sponsorship & Commercial Support: This activity has received no sponsorship or commercial support Conflict of Interest: No conflicts of interest were identified Non-Endorsement: Accreditation approval refers only to MONAs continuing education activities and does not imply MONA or ANCC Commission on Accreditation endorsement of any commercial products Off Label Use: There will be no discussion of uses of products other than what is approved by the FDA.

24 Roster of Participants Must include:  Participant Name  Credentials (RN, MD, etc.)  Institution/Department  Address/Campus Box  Contact Hours Awarded, per participant if different

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