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“Our Corporate Ladder Looks Different”

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1 “Our Corporate Ladder Looks Different”
Teaming for Success The AdvoCare Business Opportunity “Our Corporate Ladder Looks Different”

2 Have you ever wondered…
What life on your terms looks like? No more debt – no more worries More time with your family Retirement Funded Loving your job No more corporate stress Helping others - significance Full time income – part time hours “Play” more, “work” less Financial freedom Healthy, active lifestyle Travel the globe Independence You have the freedom to choose!

3 The Opportunity: Wellness Industry
Helping others look, feel and perform to their potential “We market health and wellness products. We run a “virtual” business and get paid well to do it.” Solutions for Health & Wellness Solutions for Financial Freedom

4 Look Good – Feel Good – Perform Good
Trim Solutions for healthy weight management Active Vibrant energy and on-the-go nutrition Well Nutrition for a healthy, balanced life Performance Elite Advanced sports nutrition Definite Difference Definitive science for beautiful skin The safest, most effective products – for over 17 years!

5 The Foundation of Our Products: SCIENCE
The AdvoCare Scientific & Medical Advisory Board is made up of eight nationally and internationally recognized experts in the fields of nutrition, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, skin care and surgery. The Products are formulated using solid science and the highest quality ingredients. They are designed to be world-class, cutting-edge, safe and effective. The Right Combination of Ingredients in the correct amounts are a hallmark of AdvoCare products.  In addition, our goal is to provide consumers with finished products that are tested to ensure that they contain the amounts stated on the label.  "We don't throw in a dash of some ingredient so insignificant that it can't yield any desirable or lasting effects.  If something is listed on our labels, rest assured it's in the appropriate quantity to have a beneficial effect on you." ~ Robert Hackman, Ph.D., University of California at Davis, Chair of the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board. 

6 Who Uses and Endorses Our Products?
Drew Brees Quarterback New Orleans Saints, 3 Time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion & MVP Carli Lloyd Sky Blue Midfielder, MVP & Olympic Gold Medalist Brad Hawpe Colorado Rockies Outfielder & All Star Michael Redd Milwaukee Bucks Guard, All Star & Olympic Gold Medalist Informed Choice Certifies each lot of Advocare products is free of 200+ banned substances – athletes can trust our products! The AdvoCare Difference – Non Paid Endorsers: Hundreds of Olympic, Professional, Collegiate and World Champion athletes and coaches use Advocare Products – and not one of our endorsers is paid to endorse our products!

7 The Business Model: Multiple Streams of Income
Retail Business Distribution Business 1. Retail Profits $’s 40% Profit Example: Customer buys $100 of products from you at full retail (0% discount) Retail Cost of Products $100 Customer Cost (Full Retail) Your 40% Discount $60 Your Profit $40 3. Override Commission 7% of sales* 3 levels of distributors down 4. Leadership Bonus 3% % for all sales* in your distribution organization “The more your distribution organization sells, the higher the total bonus % on all sales 5. Sales Bonuses $20K awarded every 2 weeks Top 7 “Rookie” producers earn $6K (1st Place) - $1K (7th Place) 6. Sales Incentives 5 Star vacations, cash prizes, other incentives 2. Wholesale Profits $’s 20% Profit Example: Customer has 20% discount, buys $100 of products Retail Cost of Products $100 Customer Cost (20% Discount) $80 Your 40% Discount $60 Your Profit $20 * Commission and Leadership bonus based on “business volume” (50% of retail value). See AdvoCare Success System Guide for the specifics around qualifying Advisors, override, leadership bonus schedule, etc.

8 Advocare pays you to build and train distribution channels
Leadership Bonus Bonus % Total Bonus on All Distribution Average Income (2010) Silver +3% 3% $12,725 Gold +2% 5% $39,027 3-Star Gold 7% $40,479 Ruby 9% $80,858 6-Star Ruby 11% $98,900 Emerald 13% $179,294 9-Star Emerald 15% $273,852 Diamond +4% 19% $697,816 Platinum +0.25% 19.25% $1,648,987 The earnings shown above are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that an AdvoCare Distributor can or will earn though his or her participation in the AdvoCare Compensation Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Success with AdoCare results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities

9 The Business Opportunity – Getting Started
Distributor Account Setup Fee: $79.95 Distributor Enrollment Fee: $79.95 Membership Kit (business materials and brochures + $50 of our Impact Products (SLAM Energy Drink, SLIM Weight Management & Spark Energy Drink) Your own AdvoCare website - for your customers to order products and “open your virtual store” Access to all training and resources Retail Value Order Discount Your Investment Profit Benefits $3,000 30%* $2,100 $900 Maximum 40% Discount ongoing Enables all 5 Income Streams Your new virtual business is now open $1,500 30% $1,050 $450 $500 25% $375 $125 $0 - $499 20% Varies * Initial Advisor Order is at 30% - all subsequent orders are always at the 40% discount level

10 In Business For Yourself – But Not By Yourself
Danny & Diane McDaniel Danny – Football Coach Diane – Mortgage Lender Issue: 90 hr work weeks, bankruptcy Started AdvoCare: 1997 Level: Diamond (1998) Platinum ( months after new level was created) Bob & Jenny Donnelly Bob – Quality Control Manager Jenny – Dietician, Aerobics Instructor, Starbucks Barista Issue: Multiple jobs, little $’s, no time together Started AdvoCare: 2000 Level: Diamond (2006), work from home parents Jon & Trish Reitan Jon – Fortune 50 VP Trish – Owner, Bookkeeping Issue: 80 – 100 hr workweeks, no time together with family Started AdvoCare: Mid 2004 Level: 9 Star Emerald (2009) Wayne & Sarah Johnson Wayne – IT Professional Sarah – Occupational Therapist Issue: Debt, no time together Started AdvoCare: Jan 2003 Level: Diamond (Feb 2008), work from home parents Committed to your Success!

11 The Foundation for Your Business
Health & Wellness – explosive growth Industry Fueled by the affluent Baby Boomers – looking for energy, weight loss and anti aging solutions 17 years in business, significant sustained growth Positioning: Highest quality, highest safety Differentiated – can only be purchased through you Consumable – reorders occur every 2 weeks Prominent non paid endorsers Leverage multiple streams of income The more sales you drive – the higher the compensation percentage! Proven leaders help get your business started Low initial investment to “open your store” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – limits your risk Limitless upside potential Industry Company Products Business Model Investment Opportunity

12 Freedom 2010 – Get It – Give It – Live It!
Key Questions Are you looking for life on your terms? Do you believe building distribution with a “residual income” business model can provide financial freedom? Are you interested in joining a team that will help you develop a “Plan B” income that can quickly become your “plan A”? How can we best help you get started? Freedom 2010 – Get It – Give It – Live It!

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