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Multilingual multimedia thesaurus for conservation and restoration collaborative networked model of construction Lucijana Leoni University of Dubrovnik.

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1 Multilingual multimedia thesaurus for conservation and restoration collaborative networked model of construction Lucijana Leoni University of Dubrovnik Department of Art and Restoration Ćira Carića 4, Dubrovnik INFuture2009: Digital Resources and Knowledge Sharing Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, 4-6 November 2009

2 Content Introduction Theoretical background Projects and initiatives
Area of research Aim of research Methodological procedures Scientific and practical contributions Conclusion INFuture2009

3 Introduction need for standardization and systematization of terminology within the area of cultural heritage preservation construction of a model of multilingual multimedia thesaurus collaborative system of a community of practice participation of different competencies through collaboration of experts controlled dynamic vocabulary with hierarchically connected concepts thesaurus will be placed on a web 3 INFuture2009

4 Theoretical background
key works in the field of thesaurus construction, international guidelines from the area of documentation of cultural heritage, relevant ISO standards and existing thesauri of cultural heritage, previous experience and achievements in establishing a unified nomenclature and classification in Croatia networks for research, dissemination and data archiving and multimedia environment make it possible to create a basis for context reflection European Commission encourages linking of certain targets with the optimal use of information technologies to overcome language barriers INFuture2009

5 Projects and initiatives
PlasterArchitecture, Argos (Art and Restoration Glossary Operating System) financed under INFO2000 Art & Architecture Thesaurus The J. Paul Getty Trust Altarpieces - illustrated basic terminology The multilingual thesaurus attached to the HEREIN project Thesaurus of Religious Objects of the Catholic Faith, a CD-rom with interface and terms in four languages (ICCD, Roma 2004: italian, french, english and portuguese) and on line version LMCR - Lessico multilingue tecnico-scientifico di conservazione e restauro / Multilingual Technical Scientific Glossary in conservation and restoration INFuture2009

6 Herein Thesaurus INFuture2009

7 Area of research Research and analysis of language of cultural heritage preservation refer to several different disciplines analysis and comparison and systematization of existing relevant specialized texts seek conceptual professional knowledge structure of a database for compiling the Thesaurus will be determined through colaboration between experts in this interdisciplinary field INFuture2009

8 Aim of research model of multilingual multimedia Thesaurus of conservation and restoration Thesaurus should support terminological uniformity and correct interpretation of professional texts and manuals online Thesaurus, although incomplete, would have the quality of practical applicability thesaurus would help to overcome communicational and intercultural obstacles within this specific context standardization of terminology for the Croatian language in the field of art conservation and restoration permanent network between institutions in the field of art conservation and restoration with the aim of developing, upgrading and homogeneous use of terminology INFuture2009

9 Research hypothesis: The terminology of art conservation and restoration for Croatian language has not been systematically studied nor standardized Collaborative network tools provide a quality interdisciplinary approach and create a more precise contextual Multilingual Thesaurus construction A construction of a Multilingual multimedia Thesaurus allows more accurate contextual understanding and lexical acquisition Multilingual multimedia database contributes to consistency of translations of specialized texts INFuture2009

10 Methodological procedures
source language for thesaurus construction will be Italian, based on relationships terms: equivalence, hierarchical and associative terms will be limited to cca. 500 preferred terms subdivided into hierarchies comparative analysis of existing sources, data collection, translation, deductive methods of collecting terms, inductive method of inclusion of new names, photographic collecting, descriptive methods for certain objects or procedures, collection of samples INFuture2009

11 Collaboration model INFuture2009

12 Collaboration model Research will be conducted with students of the Department of Arts and restoration at the University of Dubrovnik, who study both in Croatian and Italian language, and in collaboration with their teachers and mentors in the profession, from Croatian and Italian-speaking areas Lexical equivalents between the two languages will be defined through comparison and translation. Equivalents, descriptors and definitions in Croatian language will be imported in the thesaurus, and possibly, with the accompanying media and iconographic material that contribute to explanation of each term INFuture2009

13 Scientific and practical contribution
new insights into the Croatian terminology in the field of art conservation and restoration participation in future European projects of cultural heritage preservation insight into the degree of connection of collaborative tools and possibilities of creating multilingual multimedia Thesaurus role of the use of e-technologies in the process of professional lexical acquisition INFuture2009

14 Conclusion thesaurus for conservation and restoration with scientifically detailed definitions subscribed by two languages, Italian and Croatian, to decrease the terminological confusion around the subject thesaurus would be placed on a web for online browsing and upgrading benefit for the development of conservation and restoration profession, for the cultural heritage preservation and for joining future European cultural projects role in the mobility initiatives aimed at study, conservation, restoration and the appreciation of historic and artistic heritage INFuture2009

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